May 2024

Should the royal baby be called Mohammed?

There are many good reasons why the royal baby should be called Mohammed:

1. Looking on Mumsnet for the 100 most popular boys name in Britain, I found that Mohammed came in at number 19, Muhammed was 22nd and Mohammad was 63rd. This probably means that a boy’s name based on the name of the Prophet is already among the most popular boy’s names in Britain today

2. The Islamophiliacs who run our national broadcaster Al-BBC, would surely approve of the baby being named Mohammed as this would reflect the kind of open, tolerant, multicultural society so loved by the panjandrums at Al-BBC

3. Here’s a lovely picture of King Mohammed of Morocco. Our future King Mohammed could be just as “cool”

4. The boy’s grandfather has spent much of his life grovelling to Muslims, while showing little liking for Christians. So, surely he’d approve of the boy being named Mohammed

5. If we speculate that the royal baby will be king in about 60 years, we have to look at the religious make-up of Britain, not today, but in 60 years time. In the last decade, the number of Christians in Britain has dropped by 11% from 37.3m to 33.2m. At the same time, the number of Muslims has gone up by 80% from 1.5m to 2.7m. Even if these trends slow down a little, by 2073 we’ll have about 10 million Christians in the UK and closer to 15 million Muslims. So, a King Mohammed would better reflect the dominant religious group than a Harry or George or Edward or Charles or something like that

6. By the time King Mohammed gets the top job, Britain will no longer exist as an independent country. It will just be the Northwestern Province of the EU superstate. So we won’t need a king any more. Then King Mohammed can just become Sheikh Mohammed of the Northwestern Province

So come on Will and Kate. Show your open-mindedness: think of your child’s future as titular head of the EU’s Northwestern Province: understand that Muslims will be in a majority when your son becomes boss: seize this great opportunity – name your son Mohammed!

(Tomorrow, I’ll take a look at what Oxfam does with our £385.5m of donations and suggest why we shouldn’t give them any of our money)

2 comments to Should the royal baby be called Mohammed?

  • Paris Claims

    The Mail was running a story about the bookies offering odds on the name of the royal baby. I posted a comment asking why mohammed, the UK’s most popular name for new born boys, wasn’t on the list.
    I didn’t bother checking to see if it had got past moderation, not many of my comments on the mail see the light of day. Haven’t been banned for a while though, unlike at Conservative Home.

  • Brillo

    So so true. At current Muslim birth rates I would say the indiginouse Christian population will be out numbered 3 to 1 by the second half of this century. Our wonderful politicians have royaly shafted us. In the end even the Etonians will end up either being stoned to death or exiled from their once cosy ivory towers.

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