June 2024

The Burka Broadcasting Corporation is furious over events in Egypt

The BBC, once known as the “British Broadcasting Corporation” which then became the “Blair Broadcasting Corporation” and has now turned into the “Burka Broadcasting Corporation”, has worked itself up to a state of absolute apoplexy over the military takeover in Egypt. This seemed to culminate on Newsnight last night when Kirsty Wark (a favourite of Guardian journalists) tried to defend the Muslim Brotherhood and almost screamed at a former US Secretary of State she was meant to be interviewing “but this was a democratically elected government”.

Clearly the Islamophiliacs who run the Burka Broadcasting Corporation are furious that anyone should dare make any criticism of their beloved Islamic friends around the world.

Now, I don’t know much about Egyptian politics. But my understanding of the situation is as follows:

1. After Mubarak was thrown out, the Muslim Brotherhood was the only party with the resources and organisation to run an effective election campaign and managed to win about 51% of the vote

2. Morsi and his band of Muslim brothers had an historic opportunity to show the world that an Islamic government could work for the good of the country as a whole and promote tolerance, good governance and economic growth

3. But Morsi and his wild-eyed fanatical followers spent their first year in power promoting corruption, stupidity, managerial incompetence and the murder of Coptic Christians while changing the law and the constitution and the courts system to give themselves an absolute grip on power

4. There have been huge protests against Morsi’s Islamist government with about 22 million people signing a petition demanding Morsi’s resignation.

5. The army demanded that the Muslim Brotherhood meet with the protesters to restore some kind of order. Morsi, of course, refused to compromise

6. The army was forced to intervene to calm the situation and prepare the way for new elections.

This, of course, is not the Burka Broadcasting Corporation’s version of events. For them, the benign, highly competent, pristine-clean, tolerant, peace-loving, democratic Muslim Brotherhood government was the best thing since sliced bread and it’s a crime that anyone dared question what their Islamic friends were actually up to.

When will the world learn the lessons of history and realise that, unfortunately, Islamic governments will always work on the principle of “one man, one vote, one time” and then when elected will use any tricks they can to keep power?

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3 comments to The Burka Broadcasting Corporation is furious over events in Egypt

  • Rod

    Morsi’s mob are no different to the Shi’ite troublemakers in Bahrain. It seems that whenever the loony left (Brussels Brainwashing Corporation, Indy, Grauniad) hear the magic dog-whistle words “yuman rites” and “democracy”, they believe the people spouting them without question. Even when the people are terrorist scum. I didn’t see much evidence of “yuman rites” or “democracy” when the Muslim brotherhood took power in Algeria or more recently in Libya.

  • shortchanged

    David my dear chap, you do go on about ‘the book’, so I shall buy one.
    As for meddling in other country’s affairs, that to me is a no no, we have no right to tell other countrys and their people what to do. We should ‘butt out’ as our American cousins would say, and stay out. If they want to live in perpetual tribal warfare, thats their business, not ours.

  • Philip Arlington

    You have fallen straight into the trap of assuming that if one side is bad the other must be good. The Muslim Brotherhood is bad, but so is military government. It was decades of military rule which made the Brotherhood seem appealing to so many Egyptians.

    The West shouldn’t be supporting either side, and we should make it clear to the Egyptians and everyone else that we are non-participants in Egypt’s problems, with the aim of depriving them of the opportunity to blame the west for their own future failings.

    Look at your statement that the Egyptian Army was “forced” to intervene. That just isn’t true. Intervention may have been the best option, but it was a free choice.

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