June 2023
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Bureaucracy is the new tyranny

Thomas Jefferson once said: “A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!”

If we look at Britain’s useless over-paid, over-pensioned bureaucrats, the most distinguishing thing is that they are not afraid of us, the people who pay their massive salaries and pensions.

At the Bank of England, greedy (IMHO) buffoons Mervyn King, Paul Tucker and Charles Bean said nothing and did nothing as Brown and Balls wrecked the British economy by wasting more than £1.3trn of our money. But these three suposed “economic experts” became rich and will all retire with pension pots of £4m to £5m each, thanks to our enforced generosity.

At the NHS, we have the repulsive (IMHO) Sir David Nicholson:

He was apparently resposible for over 1,200 unnecessary deaths. Nicholson also seems to have had a very fat hand involved in spending million of our money to gag anyone who has dared try to blow the whistle on appalling neglect of patients in the NHS. The NHS also gave us the utterly useless (IMHO) Cynthia Bower. Bower was head of the strategic health authority that was responsible for the mid-Staffordshire hospital where some of the worst abuses took place. Laughably, she was promoted to head of the Care Quality Commission – responsible for patient care throughout the NHS.

At the BBC, a shameless succession of bureaucrats and fools have made millions while mismanaging the organisation and presiding over several billions wasted on useless computer systems and the farcical move to Salford. Now the pathetic chairman, Chris Patten, admits there has been massive greed and waste but brazenly claims that it would be “dangerous” to cut the bloated BBC’s bloated budget. And worse of all, this (IMHO) greedy, self-serving joke is taken seriously.

Two supposed regulators – Ofgem and Ofwat – have also distinguished themselves by doing nothing at all to regulate the energy and water markets while increasing their own budgets, salaries and bonuses every year including every year since the 2008 financial meltdown.

At HMRC the former boss, Dave Hartnett, seems (IMHO) to have been excessively keen to cut “sweethart deals” with big tax-avoiding companies and then left to join Big Four accountancy Deloittes, a company most associated with helping businesses and companies avoid the tax that Hartnett was supposed to collect while being generously paid by us.

Then there’s the extraordinary Lin Homer, former chief executive of Birmingham City Council. Ms Homer ran Birmingham from 2002 to 2005, when she was responsible for 57,000 council staff. But her period at the council was marred by a postal voting scandal which led a judge to order fresh elections in two Birmingham wards. Election judge Richard Mawrey said fraud in the city “would have disgraced a banana republic”. Ms Homer ran into fresh difficulties when she became Director General of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate and allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to come to and stay in Britain. And now she is the new Permanent Secretary at the Department for Transport, earning £155,000 a year.

What do these (IMHO) sleaze-bags. self-serving fools and incompetent a**eholes have in common? They’re not afraid of us, the people they are meant to serve. They have power over us, they can do what they want, waste as much of our money as they want, steal as much of our money as they want and there are never any consequences. In fact, incompetence is always rewarded by promotion and huge wealth.

We have a new tyranny – the tyranny of the bureaucratic classes who are no longer afraid of us.

2 comments to Bureaucracy is the new tyranny

  • right_writes

    This is a well known phenomenon David… It is known by various names… Communitarianism… Common Purpose… and the earlier less accurate term PC, amongst them.

    The idea is that the most important thing is the “community”… Not as you or I would think… The individual and its family.

    BTW: In the memoirs of the recently maligned Alastair McAlpine, he commented on that odious creep Chris Patten thus:

    ‘I can remember him tucking into a plate of oysters, his blond forelock falling forward, hiding both his face and the oyster that he was eating. You can always tell the character of a man when he eats oysters, and I marked Patten down as greedy.’

  • Paris Claims

    I suspect most of these troughers are Common Purpose graduates, as is Cressida Dick who got promoted soon after that Brazilian was gunned down on a tube train.
    That’s why the extreme left get a free pass. How else could someone like Nicholson an (ex?)communist rise so high? An current or ex NF or BNP member, no matter how capable, would never scale such dizzy heights if his political views were known.

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