February 2023
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Do our hopeless overpaid, over-pensioned military leaders know their ars*s from their elbows?

Here are the cuts being planned for our armed forces:

The army is planning to get rid of 20,000 going from 102,000 to 82,000. As up to 5,000 leave voluntarily each year, this 20,000 reduction in strength by 2020 should have meant no forced redundancies.

But our military top brass have a cunning plan. They have just launched a big, expensive, TV recruitment drive to hire about 10,000 new troops. So, to reach the targeted 20,000 troops reduction, there will have to be lots of redundancies as about 10,000 new soldiers are being recruited. These new troops will, of course, have no experience and have to be trained at great cost to British taxpayers. The 5,000 who have recently been made redundant and the thousands more still to be made redundant will mostly have lots of experience.

Make sense?

Here’s the last head of the British armed forces:

And here’s the new one who is just taking over:

And here’s a clown:

Though, given the ability of our military leaders to make a total cock-up of everything they do, you might have difficulty distinguishing between the head of the armed forces and the clown.

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