October 2021
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Size does matter – when it comes to pension pots

This is the retiring Bank of England boss, Sir or Lord or whatever Mervyn King. Despite the economic gloom, he’s a very very happy man:

This is because he has a massive pension paid for by us:

His two deputies, Charles Bean and Paul Tucker also have enormous ones:

And here’s the rise in our national debt while these over-paid, over-pensioned buffoons were supposedly in charge of the nation’s finances :

So, why didn’t anyone at the BoE speak out as first Labour and then the Coalition wrecked our economy? Maybe because that would have harmed their lucrative careers and massive pensions? Maybe because, like most public-sector bosses, they’re only in it for the money?

And here’s how most of us will spend the last thirty or so years of our lives:

(and as I only sell about 3 copies a week of my latest book GREED UNLIMITED – I guess my pension pot will look more like that of the poor old dear above rather than that of those great public servants – King, Bean and Tucker)

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  • Paris Claims

    One of their main functions, from what I can make out, is to manipulate interest rates to either stimulate or take the heat out of the economy. So what exactly have they been doing for their last 50 monthly meetings? Sit around with crayons and colouring books?

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