May 2024

Global Warming mountains built on nothing?

As we all freeze in yet another record cold winter, here they are – the figures that are meant to terrify us all. It’s true, the level of supposed “greenhouse gas” carbon dioxide has gone from 315ppm to 395ppm in the last 50 0r so years. That’s an increase of a quite horrifying 25.4%. But hold on a minute – 395ppm means 395 parts per million. That’s 395 molecules of carbon dioxide per million molecules of air. So carbon dioxide has gone from making up 0.000315% of our air to 0.000395% – a real increase in carbon dioxide in our air of a not particularly staggering 0.00008%. Now I know it’s probably a false comparison, but if I had a job earning say £30,000 a year and my boss gave me a salary increase of 0.00008% of my gross salary then that would be about 2p and I would be less than overjoyed. When clamouring for more money, more useless windfarms, more “green” taxes, the warmists are very keen to stress the “big numbers” – the 25.4% increase in carbon dioxide, but tend not to say so much about what this means in real terms – carbon dioxide has increased by a minute 0.00008% of our air.

Then there’s a further problem – the warmists have never managed to prove cause and effect. If the earth is going through a cyclical warming phase caused by the sun’s activity, then this warming would cause more carbon dioxide to be released from the oceans. So, is the increase in carbon dioxide the cause or global warming or just the effect of warming?

And finally, the head of the IPCC comes from India, one of theworld’s most corrupt countries and has allegedly made millions from his consultancy work linked to supposed global warming or climate change or whatever it’s called today. Many of the claims made in IPCC reports have been shown to be complete rubbish taken from campaigning leaflets produced by “green” pressure groups and not based on any scientifically measured facts. And as we know the Climatic Research Unit at the University for Faked Figures (aka University of East Anglia) has been fiddling their figures for years to “prove” global warming and cover up any figures which don’t fit their story of warming.

With Britain’s ludicrous commitments to reducing carbon dioxide emissions we are closing down much-needed power stations, pushing up the price we pay for electricity, making our companies uncompetitive and destroying British jobs. The Chinese probably can’t believe their luck – as they open a new coal-fired power station every week to give them the electricity they need to make all the crap we buy from them, we are closing down our manufacturing in a pointless effort to reduce emissions of a gas that is probably not harming anybody anyway.



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