December 2023
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Global Warming – probably: Man-made Global Warming – rubbish

The recent shame-faced admission by the “warmist” Met Office that there has been little to no global warming since 1998 and that there’s unlikely to be any till 2017, gave a wonderful opportunity to get some calm and reason into the man-made global warming debate. Unfortunately, that opportunity was lost due to the intransigeance of both the warmists and the global warming sceptics.

After the Met Office’s announcement – naturally not reported by the Guardian or the BBC – the warmists shouted that the earth is still warming despite the last 14 years of negligible warming. Whereas the sceptics yelled that this proved global warming was a fiction and the warmists had been fiddling their figures to all along prove something that wasn’t happening.

But the importance of the Met Office’s announcement seems to have been missed. It’s probable that the earth is warming. But the key issue is not whether it is warming, but what is causing the warming. In the 14 years since 1998, with the rise of the Chinese and Indian economies and the massive increase in greehnouse gases caused by the coal-burning power stations in China and India, more Co2 has been released into the atmosphere than at any time in human history. Yet this massive increase in Co2 has not led to any noticeable warming. Why not?

The obvious and only conclusion must be that, if there has been warming prior to 1998, it cannot have been caused by human activity. If it had been caused by human activity, then warming could not have stopped in the 14 years in which more CO2 was emitted than ever before.

So, there may be a long-term trend of warming, but it cannot be a result of mankind’s activity. More likely is that the warming is cyclical, caused by the sun’s activity and that we will soon enter a cooling phase.

Remember, in the 1970s the Met Office and other climate experts told us we were entering a new mini Ice Age and that there would be massive crop failures in the Northern hemisphere because of the cooling and a migration of people south in order to survive the cooling. That didn’t happen, yet we’re still waiting for an apology from the Met Office and other like-minded “experts”.

Conclusion, there may be a warming trend. But it cannot be caused by human activity.

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