April 2024

I don’t know what to make of this

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Apologies to those of you who already follow Dr John Campbell’s videos.

Here’s a recent one in which he questions a funeral director about a new type of white blood clots which are being found in corpses – especially those of younger people who have died prematurely.

If what is discused in the video is true – and I’ve no reason to believe it isn’t – this asks some serious questions about the honesty and credibility of our political and medical establishment.

This is just one of three videos Dr Campbell has made about these white blood clots.

Here’s the video:

4 comments to I don’t know what to make of this

  • Stillreading

    “Conspiracy theorists” will maintain that this is – well – just another conspiracy dreamed up and carefully constructed by “anti vaxxers” to frighten the masses who trot off at the behest of their Governments (plural – UK, Germany, France, USA and the rest)to submit themselves to yet another shot of the “safe and effective” Big Pharma juice. As a scientist with a medical background, I have no hesitation in accepting the veracity of Dr. Campbell’s videos. These sinister, rubber-textured protein clots were first identified by, if I recall correctly, an undertaker and embalmer in Germany some months ago. For Dr. Campbell and his medically qualified supporters and invited interviewees jointly to decide to design and perpetrate on their viewing audience some sort of fraud in this regard is just not credible. I guess it will require a courageous embalmer who encounters this new phenomenon during his work to cease mid-procedure and invite (with the permission of the relatives of the deceased) a group of reputable journalists of integrity, plus a film crew, to come and witness, record, and film, for the benefit of the future of the human race, what is being found. For beyond doubt, Big Pharma, aided and supported by Nations’ leaders, intend to inject ever more mRNA so-called “vaccines” into the world’s populations.

  • stuincornwall

    This has been known about for some time, see Stew Peters’ film died suddenly, on bit chute and rumble

  • A Thorpe

    I have only briefly listened to this. I just want to know the facts not endless discussion we get on videos. What this undertaker needs to do is keep a record of the causes of death and try to relate this to finding the clots. I don’t even understand why they are called blood clots when they obviously don’t even fit the description of a blood clot which they discussed. Is the undertaker informing the families about this?

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