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Will Britain be an Islamic republic by the end of this century?

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As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d cover a really positive and uplifting story today – an estimation of when Britain will be majority Muslim and we will all live in joy and harmony together worshipping the Prophet, peace be upon Him.

First – the numbers

Let’s start with some actual figures of the number of Muslims in Britain and the percentage growth rate of Britain’s Muslim population by decade since the 1991 census.

Year       Number of Muslims    Growth rate

1991         950,000                               –

2001       1,600,000                          +68%

2011        2,706,000                          +69%

2021        3,868,000                         +43%

Now let’s start projecting forwards. A key issue is what growth rate we should use. Should it be somewhere between 68% and 43%? Or should it be below 43% as the growth rate might be slowing? Or should it be higher as our politicians have completely given up any attempts to control immigration? I’ll just use a growth rate of 50% every decade to see what this gives us though I understand that many readers will feel this is either too high or too low.

Year       Number of Muslims       Growth rate

2031         5,802,000                          +50%

2041         8,703,000                          +50%

2051         9,138,000                           +50%

2061        13,707,000                          +50%

2071        20,560,000                         +50%

2081        30,840,000                        +50%

2091         46,261,000                         +50%

You can disagree with my logic. You can take issue with my projected growth rate of 50% every decade. Perhaps this should be lower as maybe the rate of increase is slowing from 68% to just 43%? Or, perhaps with a Labour government for the next 10 to 20 years, it should be higher as Labour will be committed to letting in the Third World as penance for Britain’s colonial past? But what these projections do hopefully show is that there is a realistic possibility of Britain becoming a majority Muslim country by the end of this century.

My memory isn’t what it used to be. So I can’t remember any of our politicians ever mentioning the possibility of the UK becoming a majority Muslim country by the end of this century as a result of their policies and I can’t remember this being in any of the main parties’ election manifestoes.

Now – the reality

However, even if you disagree with the above population projections, what is true is that once the Muslim block vote reaches say 10%-15% of the population – probably in the mid 2030s – no political party will ever win an election unless it implements pro-Islamic policies in our schools, communities and workplaces. We’re already seeing increasing hate-mob and legal attacks on our secular culture, especially in our schools and in the mass pro-Hamas-terrorism demonstrations on our streets by our friends from our favourite religion and their UK-hating, West-loathing, historically-challenged useful idiots (especially amongst the university-uneducated, social-media-indoctrinated young).

So we can expect the UK to become a country none of us will recognise and in which none of us will feel comfortable long before white indigenous British become a minority in their own country.

What fun it’s all going to be.

5 comments to Will Britain be an Islamic republic by the end of this century?

  • A Thorpe

    This is what happens in a democracy. It is time that we recognised its failings. The majority view may not be right, and even if they are, why should a majority have the right to impose their view on a minority. Take the EU referendum where a majority of those who voted wanted to leave the EU. From memory I think this “majority” was about 37% of registered electorate. It makes no sense to run a country in this way. But I don’t know what the answer is except freedom from state and religious control of our lives. Most people don’t seem to want that.

    If the muslims become a majority it is the UK political system that will produce it. We have only ourselves to blame.

    We will find out how the American Indians felt when Europeans dominated them, and how the Māoris and Aborigines felt, and they still are strangers in their lands.

  • Carolyn

    End of the century? More likely the end of the decade! We have Muslims in the cabinet, a Muslim running London a Muslim running Scotland ….

  • Stillreading

    Unless drastic action is taken by TPTB it is inevitable that by the middle of this century the UK will be under Sharia Law. Civil War is appalling, but unless the indigenous population finds the cojones to rise up against the intruder, the takeover will unquestioningly occur. There already exist in many of our major cities, London included, “no go” areas for those of us of of unspeakable white Anglo-Judean heritage. The only hope, such as it is, will be that opposing Islamic groups will decide to fight each other for predominance. In this case, the internecene slaughter will be significant. I shall be dead before the worst occurs, so it won’t be my problem. Of my grandchildren, the majority seem quite happy about the current situation. “But I have friends from that religion and they are lovely,” they tell me. Well, that’s as maybe. For now. But just wait until the waste matter hits the revolving device and then see how nice they are! Indoctrination from infancy goes deep and is ineradicable, as the Jesuits in the past knew well. My question, as always and ever recurring, is “Just WHY are ALL Western Governments apparently happy with handing their population’s territory over to an alien culture and an alien religion?” Indeed, they seem positively eager to do so. Why do not our young women in particular look to Islamic nations – Iran being an excellent example – take a good look at what is happening to women there and protest accordingly? I can only assume they are far too occupied with soshul meeja to be bovvered!

  • Carolyn

    Soshul Meeja has got a great deal to answer for.

  • cozmik

    If the people keep voting for the main parties it will be but you can’t tell the voters, just like you begged them not to take the jab. :*(

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