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US mainstream media’s unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome

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First let me say that I’m no fan of Russell Brand. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever watched any of his videos. However, this one came up when I accessed YouTube a couple of days ago. I only watched the first 10 minutes. But it opened my eyes to how totally deranged the US mainstream media has become over the possibility of the return of Donald Trump as the next president.

At around 2 minutes 30 secs into the video Brand features an interview Trump gave when he jokingly said that he would become a dicstator only on Day 1 of being relected. It’s a joke. OK?

Then from about 5 minutes 30 secs till around the 10 minute point we see po-faced mainstream media ‘pundits’ seriously discussing how re-electing Trump will destroy American democracy and turn the country into a discatorship. Just to help viewers understand what a threat Trump is to democracy one channel even had pictures of Mao and Mussolini in the background.

I realise our own BBC hates Britain and despises most ordinary British people. But our biased BBC seems to be a beacon of balance and moderation compared to the hysterically deranged anti-Trump American media:


3 comments to US mainstream media’s unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome

  • paul chambers

    Brand has his past demons but there is no doubt he is trying to use his social media following to raise awareness. This at no small cost given he was established in Hollywood roles and presumably immune at that point from past allegations. And rather like Alex Jones and Tate both were taken down because they had too much reach and influence. Watch out David as your following continues to grow and star shines brighter as you move into their target zone!

    I think Trump is the outsider and he got played with covid scamdemic which allowed for the dodgy election so he is furious and hence a threat to the establishment these media companies represent. The final year of the last Trump presidency they were starting to get legislation in place to challenge the uni-party establishment. There is a lot of unfinished business although imagine those with all the skeletons will be working hard to create a fresh emergency to ensure whatever continuity of government supervision they can put in place to stop him. Its going to be a lot harder this time to stop him so wish him well if he makes it.

  • A Thorpe

    Look at the choices they had. Trump v Hilary, Trump v Biden and the concern over voting. We have Sunak and Starmer. Where is the vision with any of them?

    It is because they are all controlled and bought by the bankers and the big corporations. Not one of them understands the fake science of climate alarmism and they had no idea about the way a pandemic was created by models rather than evidence and no idea about how vaccine safety is determined. They get away with it because the masses don’t understand either, and of course most of them are making money from the policies they force on us.

    I have seen two quotes by Nietzsche recently: “Do you want to have an easy life? Then always stay with the herd, and lose yourself in the herd.” and “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

    All we are seeing is what has been apparent throughout history and occasionally it comes to a head. Technology is driving the present crisis in western civilisation and we have no choice but to watch the chaos unfolding.

  • A Thorpe

    I recommend reading this short book – Joseph T. Salerno, “The Progressive Road to Socialism”. It is only 20 pages and available free from

    It is mostly about Murray Rothbard and in 1954 he was writing about the problems we are discussing today. He said we need a charismatic leader who could “appeal to the masses over the heads of the State and its intellectual bodyguard. And this appeal can be made most effectively by the demagogue—the rough, unpolished man of the people, who can present the truth in simple, effective, yet emotional, language. The intellectuals see this clearly, and this is why they constantly attack every indication of libertarian demagoguery as part of a “rising tide of anti-intellectualism”.

    Any suggestions about who this leader could be?

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