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The real reason they hate Israel so much?

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Here we go again. Another attack by our friends from the religion of absolute peacefulness (RAP) on Israel. As the members of RAP pour into Israel slaughtering everyone they come across and then kicking and beating the dead bodies while screaming about their favourite snackbar, it might be worth spending a couple of minutes examining why the members of the RAP hate Israel so much.

‘Israel has stolen our land’

Here’s a map of the Arab lands including Israel:

As you’ll see, Israel is rather small compared to the land occupied by our Arabian friends. The surface area of Israel is a mere 22,145 km² compared to a massive 13,132,327 km² for the Arabian world. Arab countries are 593 times the size of tiny Israel. So it’s difficult to claim that the small area occupied by Israel really has any effect on its Arab neighbours.

Of course, we must accept that Israelis have taken some land – about 0.16% of Arab lands – lands that many of our Arabian friends consider as their homeland. So they are naturally somewhat peeved about that. But it’s not as if there was nowhere else in the Arabian world for them to go. Throughout history many other populations have been forced to migrate away from their homelands and have successfully and peacefully established themselves in their new locations.

‘There are too many Israelis’

Some of those, who wave Palestinian flags at every Labour Party conference, will probably claim that there are so many Israelis living in the Middle East that this is adversely affecting the Arab populations. The population of Israel is just 9.4 million including 1.7 million Arabs. The Arab world population is over 456 million. There are 48 times as many Arabs as Israelis. So one can hardly say that Arabs risk being crowded out of their homelands by huge numbers of Israelis. Moreover, the population density of Israel is 424 people per km² compared to just 30 people per km² in the Arab world.

Another small issue is that Arabs in Israel are allowed to vote and ive in a country where freedom of expression is allowed. In fact, Israeli Arabs have a rather better life that Arabs in any Arab country.

The ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’?

So, what else could cause our RAP friends to have such loathing for Israel?

The ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ occurs when people are attacked, resented, disliked, criticised, or cut down because of their achievements and/or success.

Could it be that in just 70 years Israel has shown that you can take a tiny piece of arid scrubland and through talent and hard work turn it into a successful, technically advanced, democratic country in the Middle East whereas most Arab countries – apart from oil-rich Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states – are poverty-stricken, miserable, backwards, despotic, corrupt hell-holes?

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

The GDP per capita for Israel is 4 to 5 times that of its Arabian neighbours who loathe Israel so much.

Then we could look at the contribution Israel’s 9.4 million population has made to human advancement compared to the Arab world’s 456 million. Israel’s 9.4 million inhabitants have won 13 Nobel Prizes – that’s about 13 Nobel Prizes for every 10 million people. The Arab world ‘s 456 million population have won just 4 or 5 Nobel Prizes  – around one for every 100 million people.

Moreover, Israel serves as a very useful distraction for the Arab world’s corrupt, incompetent, kelptocrat, self-serving, worthless rulers. By constantly whipping up mob hatred against successful Israel, they can distract their populations’ attention from their own utter uselessness:

RAP will rule the world

Of course, lefty, West-hating progressives are rejoicing at the current slaughter of Israelis and claim the Israelis deserve it due to their supposed ‘oppression’ of the wonderful peace-loving Palestinians. These ‘progressives’ apparently believe that if only the Palestinians would be given their own land, where they could install an Iranian-style theocracy which would brutally oppress women and gays and anyone from any other religion, then there would be peace in the Middle East

But perhaps these Israel-loathing ‘progressives’ should talk to the 1,500,000+ Christian Armenians slaughtered in 1915 by the peace-loving RAP Turks, or the 120,000 Christian Armenians who have just fled Nagorno-Karabakh to avoid massacre by the peace-loving RAP Azeris, or the Buddhist Thais fighting a 20-year civil war in the South of Thailand against their peace-loving RAP population, or the many Hindu Indians who have been killed in wars between India and peace-loving RAP Pakistan, or the Indian Hindus and Sikhs killed by peace-loving RAP adherents in inter-communal violence in India, or the members of the RAP religion shot, beheaded and burned alive by the wonderful peace-loving members of ISIL

Someone much more intelligent than myself has said that if the Arabs laid down their arms, there would be peace. If the Israelis laid down their arms, they would all be slaughtered.

A Hamas motto is “from the river to the sea”. This means that they intend to kill all Israeli Jews (and Christians?) from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. After all:


So sadly there can never be peace in the Middle East. All we can hope for is that the hatreds there can be contained.

3 comments to The real reason they hate Israel so much?

  • Carolyn

    FWIW, I have always thought that the British government has a lot to answer for. The cunning plan of parking all those Jews in the Middle East was worthy of Baldrick! How would we have felt if they’d decided to hand over Birmingham and environs to a group of Muslims on a like it or lump it basis. (As it happens this is how life has turned out but that’s another story)

    Yes Israel may have been jewish 2000 years ago but that was then and this was 1948. Of course the Arabs were going to be up in arms about having this mini invasion inflicted on them. It’s probably one of the worst examples of British colonialism – dictating to the Middle East that they should just accept this.

    Ok I have no answers to the original problem but the solution they came up with was madness and was never going to end well. Israel will forevermore be looking over its shoulder.

  • A Thorpe

    My thoughts are similar to Carolyn. There are some views that are difficult to believe and are best not repeated in a time when free speech is prevented. But it seems clear that the Zionists got a promise from the British government before WWII to do their best to establish Israel in Palestine, which they then did without any consultation in the region.

    Let’s not forget that in 1946 a Zionist group blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem with 91 deaths. There was also a civil war in the region after that. It was hardly a peaceful start to the establishment of Israel.

    Earlier today I read the view that it is unlikely that Israeli intelligence did not know about the planned attack. It also claimed that Israel wants to wipe out Gaza and allowing the attack is part of their plan.

    Who knows what the truth is?

    It is a strange world that in the days of pagan gods that religion didn’t cause any problems. One of the reasons the Roman empire was successful is apparently because they recognised the same gods in regions they conquered, only the names were different, so they didn’t change anything. It was only when the idea of one god was established and we had different religious groups apparently worshipping this same god that the troubles started and they still exist today.

  • tomsk

    So Europe Occupies Israel/Judea and then destroys the Jewish Temple, expels the Jews into the nations and renames the land Philistina to insult them. Jews wander the nations being persecuted here and there in various pogroms eventually the holocaust, so the Jews go home to their land, a land that has never been an actual land but just part of various empires, mainly the Ottoman, not the Arabs. It was always their land as long as one Jew remained it it. When they go home the descendants of the nations that persecuted them moan about it. What exactly do they do? The land they returned to was empty, check the census, check the records, they tilled it and builk an economy, built cities, Arabs came in en masse following, when the 48 war started Arabs were invited to remain by the Jews and advised to leave by their fellow Arabs until the Jews were exterminated, alas that didn’t happen and we have 1.5 million Israeli Arabs with all the right that Jews and sabras have who do not want to live under Hamarse or PLO rule as they know how corrupt and barbaric it is. Why do you think they have ignored calls to rise up blaring from their mosques. If Israel goes down Europe is finished sooner than the current trajectory, they are the front line and we should be supporting them. They aint perfect but have we looked in the mirror at the death and destruction we have inflicted directly or via our foreign policy. We destabalised the middle east and north africa, how many deaths and injustices there? The world holds Israel to a higher standard than we hold ourselves, they show restraint constantly and only hot back when they need to. Carolyn says it was their land 2000 years ago, it never stopped being their land, it was taken from them which is th esame line she uses for the Palestiians who are Arabs, where do Arabs come from? Arabia not Israel, how do you think they got the land in 637AD, lets not forget Gaza was given back to the Arabs and Israel ethnically cleansed it of Jews leaving behind a prosperous region, the Arabs trashed the place and created a ghetto, even Egypt that borders it in the south knows this and cages them in more severely than israel does. There are so many good books on the matter but the best comprehensive one and easy to read is Ramon Bennett titled Philistine. The people doing what Hamas did in Sderot and surrounding areas are also queuing up to get into Europe, chanting their slogans at borders and in camps and already in our streets, if you want more of this without a buffer, then oppose israel, if you have a brain and want future of sorts for your kids, support israel. with regard to the ‘zionist’ blowing up th eKing david hotel. maybe look at how the Brits were hanging jews and treating them, and take into consideration a clear warning was given but the British hierarchy didnt consider it something to take a warnign from Jews and as a result what happened, happened.Dont get on your high horse about a hotel bombing when you have bombed and flattened countless civillians throughout the middle east th elast few years. Apologies for grammatical errors, typing fast as have things to do.

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