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This week’s most blatant lie?

Thursday/Friday blog

The totally trustworthy Independent newspaper informs us that the catastrophic fire in a Luton Airport multi-storey car park was caused by a diesel car exploding.

So it must be true??????

Given the wreck that was left of the car park after the fire, it’s amazing that our normally utterless useless, DIE-obsessed public services have been able to identify the culprit vehicle being a diesel car so quickly. There are, of course, huge political and economic interests in convincing us that the devastating fire couldn’t possibly have been caused by an EV (Electric Vehicle), or an ‘Exploding Vehicle’ as they are fondly referred to by those of us who are slightly cynical about what the authorities claim.

Though I do find the explanation peddled by the ever-so-trustworthy Independent supposed ‘newspaper’ and most of the mainstream media somewhat questionable. After all, diesel is much less combustible than petrol and both are much less combustible than an EV battery experiencing ‘thermal runaway’. But I understand our rulers’ desperation to blame a diesel car, rather than an EV as, were the fire and car park collapse caused by an EV, then that would kill EVs dead in the water. And how would we save the planet from the ludicrous myth of anthropogenic global warming if we’re not all willing to replace our safe, economical petrol and diesel cars with expensive, range-limited, useful-life-limited and dangerous EVs?

I suspect there will be a furious battle waged behind closed doors between on the one side insurers and car park owners and on the other side our Net-zero-obsessed political, prostitute-scientific and prostitute-media elites. The insurers and car park owners will probably try to ban or at least restrict EVs from multi-storey car parks while the Greta-worshipping political, bought-scientific and say-anything-for-money media elites will fight this as they know that even the most limited ban will destroy their EV dreams. After all, who will want to buy a car that could explode and cause thousands or even millions of pounds of damage at any moment?

Here, for your enlightenment and entertainment are some EVs spontaneously combusting. There are many many more such videos available on YouTube:

8 comments to This week’s most blatant lie?

  • loppoman

    Spot on David,
    Loose diesel does not explode. To be of any use in a car, it is highly compressed in the engine and then ignited to power the pistons.

  • Paul Chambers

    The mog on gb news last night said it was an ev charging point and presumably then a load of evs on fire.

    It takes an enormous heat source to burn the whole car park, I suggest a number of electric vehicles parked close together to charge is such a source. These also cannot be extinguished so the fire progresses rapidly, just like this one.

    Sadly this story appears to have been classified as a threat to clown world so is being swiftly forgotten about. That seems to happen a lot these days when reality penetrates the ideology.

  • A Thorpe

    From what I have read the Indy is reporting what the Bedfordshire Fire Chief has said, along with others doing the same But he didn’t seem to have specific information. Isn’t this typical of today that the media cannot wait for definitive information and there are always people who will try to satisfy them. No questions asked about why there wasn’t adequate fire protection in the building.

  • Ian J

    You are supported by this from breitbart this AM.
    ‘A fire crew commander said “lots of electric vehicles potentially involved” in the early stages of a major fire that has destroyed a parking garage at one of Britain’s major airports, disrupting travel.

    How will this affect the net zero, 15 min, loons? (if at all, they just don’t accept reality)

  • Stillreading

    Clown world or not Paul, the truth is out there and owners of EVs will soon find that they are unable to take their vehicles on to ferries, the Channel Tunnel, or even to park them in municipal or airport or other public car parks. Personally, having watched the video of this vehicle undergoing the nearest I have ever seen to spontaneous combustion, plus the video (which has been around for some time) of the row of mini-buses being consumed, I am not eager to travel in any EV, be it a private car or a bus. As insurers come fully to realise the risks these diabolical vehicles present, either they will become uninsurable (in which case sales will rapidly fall off) or, as David wrote recently, premiums for every driver will increase, in the interests of equality, and in order to cover their potential liabilities. (Young women drivers are already paying for the irresponsibility of their young male counterparts.) Just consider the enormous liability incurred when (not if!) the spontaneous combustion of this EV parked at Luton Airport is deemed to have been responsible not only for the total destruction a large number of innocently parked vehicles, but also of more or less the entire multi-storey car park! The MSM reporting of the Luton incident is deplorable. A “diesel fuelled vehicle” indeed! At best – or worst, depending on your view – a diesel-fuelled hybrid.

  • Carolyn

    It would seem the media think we all came up the Clyde on a banana skin and of course the climate fanatics will swallow the diesel story hook, line and sinker as it suits their narrative. How predictable.

  • Ed P

    Apart from the fire hazard, the increased weight of EVs over similarly sized ICEs could exceed the loading limits of some older multi-storey car parks (if filled with EVs). If a fllor should collapse, the EVs would be damaged and probably catch fire!
    I have queried a local supermarket’s decision to site fast (120kW) EV chargers WITHIN its two-level car park, which is directly below the store, with restricted access for the Fire Brigade. So when, not if, an EV ignites there, I’ll be publishing the warning emails I gave…

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