February 2024
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Who are the most repulsive men in Britain?

By far the most repulsive man in Britain must be Ed Balls. At no time has he ever accepted that he and the useless, financially-incontinent liar Brown were responsible for bankrupting Britain by wasting over £1.5trn of our money. Every PM’s Question Time, Balls sits smirking and grinning with self-satisfaction as he and his equally ghastly wife become rich at the expense of taxpayers whose financial futures he has ruined.

But who is the second most repulsive man? It could be Michael Parkinson. He’s got plenty of money and yet he uses his position as a once trusted TV personality to whore himself out to some crappy insurance company flogging highly dubious financial products to suckers.

Then there’s the vomit-inducing duo – Cameron and Miliband. Every PM’s Question Time, these two liars and hypocrites cry crocodile tears as they read the names of troops killed that week in Afghanistan, claiming that “their courage and sacrifice will never be forgotten”. Yet both must be aware that the Afghan conflict is a lost cause trying to protect a corrupt, drug-dealing, aid-thieving puppet government who will all scarper to Dubai with their stolen billions the day after foreign troops leave.

Or there are the heads of the FSA, Ofgem, Ofwat, IPSA, the Bank of England and all our other useless supposed regulators – all filling their pockets with our money while not lifting a finger to regulate those they are meant to regulate.

Or the execrable Tony Blair – preening and puffing himself up as he tries to make a political comeback, perhaps as the elected president of the corrupt, undemocratic, wasteful EU. Or Blair’s former puppet-masters Mandelson and Campbell? Or worthless lump of lard (IMHO) John Prescott, already wealthy beyond most people’s wildest dreams, but still hoping to grab one more lucrative sinecure as an elected police and crime commissioner before he has a heart attack after decades of gorging himself to excess at our expense?

Or the many sycophantic, greasy-pole-climbing, overpaid, overpensioned bosses at the BBC, all squirming and fighting like ferrets in a sack as they try to protect their own lousy careers from the Jimmy Savile affair. Or the former “stars” who claim they never met Jimmy Savile, until film emerges of them on TV grinning delightedly alongside Britain’s most famous paedophile? Or many of our former military officers, who, in spite of getting massive pensions paid for by us, would whore themselves out to arms companies as long as there was enough cash available.

In fact, there’s hardly any institution in Britain today that has not been sullied by the greed, incompetence and stupidity of those fortunate or ambitious enough to have reached positions of power where they can endlessly enrich themselves at our expense. Repulsive, greedy, self-serving, corrupt and incompetent – is there anyone in a position of power in Britain today who would not deserve this description? 


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