May 2024

Angela Knight and Baroness Ashton – two of the most repulsive women in Britain today?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the repulsive (IMHO) Angela Knight, formerly of the British Bankers Association and now defending our rip-off energy companies. One of my (disappointingly few) readers contacted me with his opinion which I rather liked for its colourful language:

“I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the odious Ms Knight, Chief Apologist for the rapacious Energy Industry. A woman who could turn milk sour just by looking at it. Of course, to many people, Knight’s connection with both the Banking Industry and the Energy Industry is esoteric, and you are to be commended for shedding a little disinfectant sunlight on this area.”

“What I wonder did the Energy Industry think they were getting for their buck when appointing Ms Knight? Fairly obvious really, someone who is well versed in the dark arts of full frontal mendacity, someone who will stoop lower than a snakes belly to justify whatever egregious acts of skullduggery her paymasters may perform, and someone devoid of every fibre of moral rectitude.”

“Someone, incidentally, who was exposed and criticised by a Wikipedia administrator for using a British Bankers Association employee to sanitise and whitewash her biographical page. I suspect that the Energy Industry will come to rue crossing Ms Knight’s palm with silver. More to the point, and more worrying ….. why did the Energy Industry feel they needed someone of Ms Knight’s dubious ilk to fight their corner?”

While on the subject of admirable women, it’s perhaps worth mentioning our very loverly Baroness Ashton – someone who (IMHO) embodies all that is wrong with the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU. Ashton was appointed by recidivist liar, financially-incontinent, incompetent Gordon Brown.

As head of the EU’s increasingly expensive but unnecessary diplomatic service, the EEAS, Ashton gets paid about £260,000 a year – way ahead of her peer Hilary Clinton on about £124,000 a year. In addition, Ashton has £38,000 for accommodation and probably more than £100,000 a year in expenses, drivers and other creature comforts. By paying EU tax, rather than UK tax, Ashton manages to save herself a no doubt welcome £40,000 a year. If she holds her job for five years, she will probably get a taxfree golden handshake of £464,000 plus a £64,000 a year pension in addition to all the other pensions she has picked up during her many years of supposed “public service”.

Not only is Ashton overpaid, but she is also generally regarded as totally incompetent. A fellow Labour baroness described Ashton’s abilities, “she is more suited to run a parish council than a major European institution”.

I suppose tomorrow I’d better do the two most repulsive men in Britain, otherwise I’ll be accused of misogyny.

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