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Why our healthcare regulator no longer regulates

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Hopefully you all know what the MHRA is –  the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom which is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe.

A reader sent me a link to a video (link below) in which Professor Norman Fenton analyses and gives a critical appraisal of a speech given by June Raine, head of the MRHA in November 2022.

I haven’t watched the whole 17-minute video. But a key part of the video for me comes between 1 minute 29 seconds and 1 minute 50 seconds. In this part, Ms Raine explains that the role of the MHRA, which is 86% funded by pharmaceutical companies, is changing from being a ‘policeman’ to being an ‘enabler’. I may seem to be quibbling over semantics (what the Finns call ‘point-f*cking’), but I believe this is actually quite important:

  • If the MHRA is a ‘policeman’, then it is essentially working for us – the general public – as its employer to ensure that pharmaceutical companies don’t launch dangerous or unsafe products.
  • If the MHRA is an ‘enabler’, then it is working for pharmaceutical companies helping them bring their products to market

We often hear of people like burglars or hackers moving from illegal activities to helping police and other organisations protect themselves against people like burglars and hackers. The cliché being that these burglars or hackers have moved from being poachers to gamekeepers. But with the MHRA moving from being a ‘policeman’ working for the public to being an ‘enabler’ working for the interests of pharmaceutical companies, we have a case of the gamekeeper becoming a poacher.

This is important because we have moved into a new era in which governments have taken the power to demand that we must accept certain medical products – in this case the supposedly ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ Chinese lab-leaked plague vaccines which weren’t safe and weren’t effective. And if we refuse these medical products, we are banned from going to school, university or work, are not allowed to travel and have many other limitations placed on our lives.

And now our useless government is about to sign us up to a new international treaty which will allow the corrupt, unelected and unaccountable, pharmaceutical-industry- and billionaire-funded World Health Organisation (WHO) to decide what new untested and probably unsafe (but extremely profitable for Big Pharma) medical treatments we must subject ourselves to in order to be permitted to live a normal life.

Since the outbreak of the Chinese lab-leaked plague, our rulers enthusiastically egged on by clickbait-hungry mainstream media have tried to start at least two more supposed health emergencies – monkey pox and avian flu. Remember them? Fortunately for us, both seem to have sputtered out before the WHO could demand we all get new and exciting (and very profitable) vaccines. But it surely won’t be long before the WHO does find something – perhaps a new Covid variant or maybe Ebola – that it can declare to be an international health crisis and, rather than being a ‘policeman’ protecting us from dangerous and ineffective medical products like the fake Covid vaccines, our MHRA will leap into action as an ‘enabler’ focused on helping Big Pharma force us to undergo untested new medical interventions.

As Ms Raine changes the MHRA from being a ‘policeman’ to being an ‘enabler’, it would be more honest if the MHRA was to change its name from the ‘Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’ to something like the ‘Medicines and Healthcare products Promotions Agency’. Then at least we would know where the organisation’s loyalties lie – not with our safety but with Big Pharma’s profitability.

Here’s the Professor Norman Fenton video:

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  • A Thorpe

    Thanks for picking up on this. I suspect the same can be said about health regulators in the USA and EU. It probably all links to the WHO, and who funds it.

    Professor Fenton has been cancelled for his views and cannot get papers reviewed and published in the medical journals. I noticed this morning that Patrick Moore of Greenpeace was fact checked by Instagram for talking about carbon dioxide. The video is still there but there are warning that what he says is not true. I saw a comment about fact checkers saying what they are doing is hiding the truth. Andrew Bridgen has now been thrown out of the Tory Party for his views on vaccine. Parliament is no longer a place for free speech and debate.

    A key issue that Prof Fenton raises is also the poor quality of data and how statistical illusions occur. He uses a theoretical example doing a trial with an unvaccinated control group and giving the others a placebo which can have no effect. He has shown that the placebo group have a lower death rate and with women that it reduces the risk of a miscarriage. Both statistical illusions. But the real data used to asses this is inadequate and also produces the same illusions. How is it possible that the required data is not being collected? It can only be that the people responsible for the data haven’t got a clue about statistics and what the data is used for. There probably hasn’t been such intensive use of data in the past and now those who understand the issue can see the shortcomings. The government doesn’t see the problems and this must also call the effectiveness of the civil service into question.

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