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Are our rulers about to ban the sale of new gas cookers?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Today’s blog may look fairly trivial. But it may be indicating something quite serious.

Fake journalists peddling fake news?

We saw how our supposed ‘journalists’ all fell into line during the Chinese lab-leaked plague. All of them obediently spouted the same government narrative about the need for lockdowns, our obligation to get the ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ fake miracle vaccines to ‘save granny’ and the importance of wearing completely ineffective masks. And all of them ignored the economic and social damage being caused by the policies they so enthusiastically advocated.

The way the Government and cowardly, compliant, self-serving media browbeat and manipulated us is perhaps best described in Laura Dodsworth’s 2021 book – A STATE OF FEAR:

The electric versus gas debate

Recently I’ve noticed a slew of articles telling us how wonderful supposedly ‘environmentally-friendly’ electric (induction) cookers are compared to horrible, planet-destroying, potentially family-poisoning gas cookers.

Here’s the Guardian:

Here’s the Daily Telegraph:

And here’s the Daily Mail:

What’s going on?

It could be that our brave, wonderfully independent-minded journalists are all just writing about a subject they feel is of interest to their readers. Or it could be that our rulers are up to their old tricks of using the media to manipulate public opinion to soften us up for when our rulers decide that they need to ban the sale of gas cookers in order for Britain to hit its ludicrously-stupid and economically-suicidal 2050 Net Zero targets to save the planet from the completely imaginary Climate Crisis.

The sale of efficient and affordable petrol cars has been banned so we’ll be forced to buy expensive and largely useless electric vehicles. The sale of efficient and affordable gas central heating has also been banned so we’ll all have to heat our homes with incredibly expensive and totally useless heat pumps.

Does anyone see a pattern here as our rulers have decided that Britain is to become a world leader in what they have called “the race to Net Zero”?

So we shouldn’t be surprised if, in their Greta-worshipping madness, our rulers decide that we plebs should also be prevented from buying efficient and affordable gas cookers and be forced to buy more expensive and less efficient electric ones.

4 comments to Are our rulers about to ban the sale of new gas cookers?

  • Paul Chambers

    This presumably is inevitable. So innovation and investment is misdirected into a government selected sector. But history teaches us government is not good at choosing winners and Adam Smith invisible hand works.

    When you realise how detached from reality the government and state has become as revealed in the mancock messages. Its easy to understand how such poor decisions are made often in a vacuum fed by biased politicised advisors like Sue Gray working for the opposition.

    Lots of fun with Carrie Antoinette spoofing money everywhere and trolling the taxpayers who subsided their flamboyant lifestyle. But really the entire state has lost the plot led by the PM who secretly flies by helicopter to his Yorkshire estate. All kept hush hush by the complicit press who most definitely are not interested in his blind trust or relationship with moderna.

  • A Thorpe

    I recently read about a German philosopher, Gunther Anders, but not much of his work seems to be translated. I found one article where he talks about the influence of radio and TV, written before the internet arrived. He talked about their influence in relation to family life and it being centred around the table before these influences arrived. The table brings people face to face in discussion which he described as a centripetal force. Radio and TV he described as a centrifugal force driving people apart and bringing the world to their homes rather than them discovering the world. We are being driven apart and our face to face discussions replaced by a continual electronic feed of external influences.

    Their influence is huge, not just presenting “facts”, but telling us how we should interpret facts, showing us visual evidence to support their claims. How can any of it not be true? If we question anything we are now on the side of Hitler.

    What is going on? We are being forced to follow rules that will make us poor and the elites rich from our efforts. We won’t have to pay for expensive heating because it won’t work. We will be going back to the dark ages. Electronic technology is the means used to ensure that a majority comply. Civilisation has made us more specialised and dependent on each other but at the same time it has made the majority accepting and reliant on authority. In the past authority also brought certainty to people’s lives. Now uncertainty and fear is being used to drive people to accepting an authoritarian world government where we are all controlled through a digital identity.

  • Carolyn

    I watched a Netflix documentary last night called “Social Dilemma” it boils down to social media is manipulating how and what people think. Different groups are steered in different directions. Very alarming and goes a long way to explain why so many issues are so divisive. Worth a watch as it explains much. I feel vindicated as I am firmly of the opinion that social media is a force for evil!

  • Eric Legge

    Great Quote – “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. – On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    By the way, there are no mountains of lies, just holes. Christendom is now suffering from a blizzard of lies. Its great down-going. Often called The Great Reset. It is going to be one helluva beech to overcome.

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