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Energy rich Australia first with power rationing?

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Did you survive the ‘catastrophic’ heat-wave?

On Thursday we were graced with knee-trembling warnings from such august bodies as the Met Office, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and, of course, the mainstream media such as the BBC, ITV News and C4 News about the trillions who could die due to the life-threatening heat-wave about to hit the UK yesterday (Friday) – a heat-wave that only affected the south of the country and which only lasted for just one day!

Though we have to accept that the temperature did manage to reach 18 degrees in Aberdeen and I guess that counts as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ sweltering heat-wave for the downtrodden citizens of Chairperson Sturgeon’s Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Scrotland twinned with North Korea.

At the time of writing, I don’t know how many (if any) actually died in Friday’s supposedly ‘life-threatening’ heat-wave. Probably a couple of useless drunks did leave us possibly by diving into shallow water while pi*ssed out of their minds. But that’s just Darwinism – improving the human gene pool.

However, around 10,000 people in the UK die prematurely each winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes because possibly as much as a third of their energy costs are due to massive subsidies paid for useless, expensive and unreliable supposed ‘renewable energy’.

Yet as each winter approaches and another 10,000 are expected to die from the cold, there are no reports from the UKHSA and mainstream media of the fact that, if subsidies for useless, unreliable supposedly ‘renewable energy’ were scrapped and energy prices fell, perhaps 2,000 to 3,000 or more lives could be saved.

Meanwhile, while our mainstream media bleats about the high temperatures in India last week and parts of Europe this week, there is no mention of the record cold spells in Peru this week (coldest for 11 years) and parts of Australia (coldest for 114 years). It seems that when it’s either hot or dry or flooding, the media orgasms that this is proof of catastrophic Global Warming (when it’s hot or dry) or catastrophic Climate Change (when it’s a bit wetter than usual). But when somewhere is a bit colder than average, the media and climate-change gravy-train-riding ‘experts’ are curiously silent.

The UK’s Met Office decided to start giving storms names back in 2014, in the same way they do in America. The first windstorm to be named was Abigail on 10 November 2015. By naming storms, our climate-catastrophist elites and hyperventilating journalists can make ludicrous claims such as the UK has had more serious (named) storms in the last 10 years than in the last 100 years. Perhaps the worthless net-zero-obsessed Met Office will soon start naming heat-waves so they and the idiots in the mainstream media can start claiming something like we’ve had more ‘fatal’ heat-waves in the last few years than in the last 100 years?

Energy rationing in Australia?

It’s the start of winter Down Under. And it’s been the coldest start to winter there since 1908:

The good news is that Australian ski resorts are having a bonzer season:

But there’s a small problem. Australia’s exports of energy resources like coal, gas and uranium to sensible countries that want to provide electricity for their industries and homes, have never been higher:

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see in glorious, widescreen technicolour)

But crazy Greeny policies mean that Australia can’t provide enough electricity for its own people. Rationing – turning off supply to some areas – hasn’t started yet. But the Australian authorities are begging people to limit their electricity use at certain times of the day.

Here’s the wonderful but seemingly exasperated Andrew Bolt from Sky News Australia explaining the latest stupidities from our eco-crazed rulers:


7 comments to Energy rich Australia first with power rationing?

  • Paul Chambers

    Western Australia is i think unique in ring fencing some natural gas extraction for their state and hence prices are lower than the east coast.

    I think that is interesting as we could do the same with onshore exploration. Of course the UK government have just reconfirmed their refusal to permit onshore drilling despite the global shortage. A situation caused by Nato’s aggressive poking of the Russian bear who they know was the lowest cost provider of so many commodities and one must conclude this was also part of the green plans.

    The recent election downunder is pretty much a reflection of what will happen in the uk. People vote in labour who are more bonkers on all this stuff than the lot being chucked out.

    In places like Sydney the teals even got themselves elected demanding more green lunacy. So it seems this is unstoppable everywhere as you are voting green no matter what mainstream party you vote for just degrees of destruction to your wealth and lifestyle.

  • Stillreading

    Nauseating to hear the BBC carrying on during every news bulletin yesterday about the dangers of this “heat wave”, all 24 hours of it, which was “unprecedented this early in the year” etc.etc. Then they had to admit that Ladies’ Day at Ascot some years ago had actually been hotter, even if by only a fraction of one degree! I suppose none of the reporters are old enough to have experienced the glorious summers of 1975 and 76, during which we revelled in unbroken sunshine for about three months, with ne’er a raindrop in sight! I recall walking on the South Downs and everything, the grass and the distant hills, were brown. Nevertheless we went to work as usual, generally without the benfit of air conditioning. As for Australia, when I was there for an extended stay more than two decades ago, I was struck with what seemed to me then the down-to-earth common sense of the Australians. What has happened to them in the intervening years? In every respect when I read the news, I can scarcely believe I am reading about the same country. Let’s stop obsessing about jabbing people to prevent a virus which is now so mild that most people don’t even know they’ve got it and concentrate on halting instead the far more untimately civilization-destroying “woke” virus, “woke” seeming to encompass every idiotic idea wbich enters the heads of a generation who have never known the need to truly struggle or fight for anything – home comforts, food, education, peace in their own countries. I doubt the Ukrainians are terribly worried right now about “catastrophic climate change” or associated nonsense. They don’t seem to be glueing themselves to the roads either, demanding “insulation” or whatever. They’d rather not be mown down by Russian tanks! Holed up in their bunkers, women giving birth without electricity or medical assistance, seeing their children die from want of water, or queueing in desperation for transport out of their homeland, they are rather more concerned with survival, the requirement for which seems to be a rather effective antibody to the “woke” virus.

  • A Thorpe

    I’m reading Mattias Desmet’s book “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” and he has this to say about numbers – “Numbers have a unique psychological effect. They create an almost irresistible illusion of objectivity, which is further enhanced when numbers are presented visually in charts or graphs. When people see numbers, they believe them to be objects or facts.”

    The most influential graph is the ice core data showing CO2 and temperatures which Al Gore used to generate the lie that CO2 is causing climate change. Recently Tony Heller provided an effective illustration of how NASA lies about temperatures. He showed two world maps they produce. One showing the parts of the earth with the highest temperatures which included most of Africa. The next showed the locations of temperatures measurements which showed hardly any in Africa. NASA had made up most of the temperatures.

    The average temperatures are often in the news together with the highest temperatures, but as you point out never the low temperatures which are import in the average. Averages are a way to destroy information. It is just the same with Greenland ice. We are told about the melting, but never about the amount added.

    I gather that California is also having energy supply problems. The cost of energy is hitting many people now, but will they connect this with Green policies. Not from they way they worship Prince William, Attenborough and Greta.

  • Stillreading

    A county in the South of England has just been granted the equivalent of “appellation controlee” for the wine being produced, possible because of the relatively benign climate for grape growing. Well, good luck to the vignerons, but the Romans were doing the same thing 2,000 years ago, and not only in the South of England, but according to a man who was talking sense last night on GBNews, in Yorkshire as well. Having invaded Greenland in the early years AD, the Vikings were able to settle and farm, growing crops for their own and their animals’ consumption. Then around AD 800 the climate became colder (The Little Ice Age)and they could no longer sustain that life, so they left. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose! Rejoice in the hot, sunny weather friends! It won’t last long. Indeed, as I write it’s already raining.

  • Stillreading

    Great “Climate Catastrophe” debate just finished on Neil Oliver’s GBNews programme between Lembit Opik and some bearded bloke from Sheffield Hallam “Uni”. Lembit won hands down. As he pointed out more than once, “Concensus” – which we are constantly being told exists between ALL scientists on the topic of the imminent “catastrophe” – is not science. Science, as we all ought to know but many evidently don’t. is investigation or experiment, unmanipulated by personal or political bias, subject when appropriate to statistical analysis. I wasn’t impressed by the bearded prof, who stated several times that the stance of the climate change fanatics is “unequivocable”. Thought I’d misheard the first time, but he repeated it twice more. Sorry prof, no such word in the OED. It’s unequivocal. Fine example of academia today! For those interested, Neil Oliver’s introductory monologue was pretty damned good too! All available on YouTube for those who wish to see and hear the programme.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The west is only diseased by the evil People of the Lie. They use nothing but lies and terror to get their way because they are weak.

    The antidote it needs to get rid of them is evil People of Truth, Honour and Nobility taking them on. They don’t need to use lies because they are strong.

  • Stillreading

    Off topic I suppose, but indicative nevertheless of the damaging idiocy which has now gripped Western culture. I see that a number of schools have been downgraded and rated “In need of improvement” because the teachers are “failing” in their teaching of “gender fluidity”. How about reading, writing, arithmetic? I thought that’s what schools are for. My young grandchild, just 10 at the time, came home from primary school recently and informed me in all seriousness that there are a lot more than two sexes. How DARE the Government sanction, indeed evidently encourage, the perpetration to our children of such downright inaccurate and potentially propogandist information! I explained to my grandchild that although there may be people who would prefer to be other than they are, and can take steps when they are adult to appear to be other than they are, no one can alter the inerradicable chromosomes with which everyone is born, which exist in every single cell of our bodies and which indicate our sex. As I have written before, Western culture has become utterly decadent and its self-generated idiocy is rapidly bringing about its own demise. The “Catastrophic Climate Change” doctrine is just one manifestation of that idiocy and will inevitably lead to decline of almost everything we have taken for granted.

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