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Have any of our idiotic rulers understood the “Resources Powershift”?

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I realise that most of my readers are highly intelligent and well-informed. They are certainly much more intelligent and better-informed than the politicians who have somehow crawled their way into lucrative positions of power over us and the media prostitutes who regularly preach to us unwashed, pig-ignorant plebs about how we should think and what views are acceptable.

So I’ll keep this blog really really simple in case there are any dumb politicians or media prostitutes reading it.

Where does our oil and gas come from?

Here’s a simple chart. It shows the main oil-producing countries:

(left-click on chart and then left-click again to see more clearly)

This shouldn’t be too difficult for incompetent, intellectually- and morally-challenged politicians and lying, self-serving supposed ‘journalists’ to understand.

And here’s a chart showing the main natural gas producing countries:

These charts show where geo-political power currently lies – with the OPEC countries and Russia

The “Energy Transition”

But as we all know, for some incomprehensible reason, our useless, scientifically-challenged rulers and our equally useless and equally scientifically-ignorant mainstream media are convinced that humans using fossil fuels are causing the Earth to overheat with some of the more extreme climate catastrophists even suggesting that Global Warming will be so disastrous that Antarctica will be the only habitable continent by the end of this century – in 78 years time:

In vain, I have tried to demonstrate that the whole climate catastrophist cult is a load of unadulterated, foul-smelling nonsense:

I have sent copies of my book to more than 10 supposedly ‘leading’ journalists. But none of them dares question the climate catastrophists’ doomsday bunkum. I have also sent copies to 5 or 6 key Tory MPs. But given that Carrie Johnson seems to be deciding government environment policies, they too have ignored my book.

It seems that our rulers have swallowed the climate catastrophist hogwash hook, line and sinker and so are leading us into the “Energy Transition” – replacing energy from fossil fuels with energy from supposedly ‘environmentally-friendly’ sources – wind, solar, batteries etc.

But the ‘Energy Transition’ will require massive amounts of materials such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite, and manganese plus a bunch of rare earth metals whose names I can never remember.

And guess where these will come from:

This chart shows two things:

  • on the left that China currently produces abut 120,000 tonnes of rare earth metals – around 71% of global production
  • on the main map, that China holds 44 million tonnes of rare earth metals reserves. Though, as Chinese companies (controlled by the Chinese Communist Party) have bought up the mining rights to rare earth metals around the world, China probably controls more than half of the world’s rare earth metals reserves on which our rulers’ wonderful, planet-saving ‘Energy Transition’ depends.

There is apparently a little bit of lithium somewhere in Cornwall. But no doubt the eco-crazies will block any attempts to mine that as they block everything else which contributes to other people’s wellbeing.

As developed economies look to lessen their dependence on fossil fuels and, by extension, on the political goals and whims of major oil and gas resource holders such as Russia and the members of OPEC, the geopolitical influence of the petro-states will likely wane over time and the geopolitical influence of the mineral-producing countries will grow. I’ve called this the “Resources Powershift”.

I guess your children and grandchildren had better start learning how to beg in Chinese. I’m not sure what the Chinese is for “please sir, can we have a little of your rare earth minerals?”

Am I really the only person who thinks that our rulers’ cunning, Baldrickian plan to supposedly save the planet by weaning us off fossil fuels hasn’t been properly thought through?

10 comments to Have any of our idiotic rulers understood the “Resources Powershift”?

  • A Thorpe

    I watched Andrew Neil interview Jacob Rees-Mogg last night, who is not a bumbling fool like Boris, but his attitude was that the problems he was asked about were nothing to do with the government in the first place. The politicians don’t seem to have any understanding of the issues to be competent to run the country. Much of the discussion was about high energy costs but neither of them discussed the supposed climate crisis and government policies behind the problems and the two journalists didn’t mention it.

    Your blog today is excellent. Energy and materials are vital to the modern economy and it is geography/geology that determines where they are and there is nothing we can do to change that. The industrial revolution started in Britain because it was based on iron and coal, which we had in abundance and we also had the scientists and engineers to develop stream power. As an island and seafaring nation we had easy access to export what we produced. What do we have now? Effectively nothing, we cannot even produce all the food we need.

    I cannot see anything but decline because to import energy and materials we must have something to trade. What do we have? The cars we produce are foreign owned and so are most of our essential utilities. All I can see for Britain is decline and it is essentially because of geography and useless politicians who are living in the past.

  • Paul Chambers

    Energy is the key to modern life so if your plan is to collapse the western lifestyle and replace it with a global technocracy makes sense to attack sources of cheap oil. If they also happen to represent the opposition to your plans then even better hence demonisation of anything Russian.

    One interesting point is the uk has abundant resources and onshore gas could be ring-fenced to guarantee supply. The globalists like to say natural gas is a global market but look at western australia which has done exactly that and has cheaper energy prices for consumers vs the eastern states.

    If we sensibly pursued onshore gas and plan for a slow transfer to nuclear over say the next 100 years all could be well. Maybe use a sovereign wealth fund from gas revenues to fund the nuclear rollout and research.

  • Carolyn Hill

    This is exactly the problem, everything the government has done recently have been knee jerk reactions. They need to start doing some joined up thinking and develop a long term plan which would phase out fossil fuel use gradually (if indeed we need to do it at all!) and wait for solutions to present themselves.

    Look at the electric light bulb! We were forced to switch from the old incandescent light bulb to those stupid CFL bulbs which lasted no longer and gave out a pretty poor quality light. Then along comes the led bulb and voila a much better bulb and using far less electricity. I am now stuck with a drawerful of useless CPL bulbs. If they’d only waited for 5 years we wouldn’t have had to spend a fortune on CPL bulbs.

    And don’t get me started on replacing my oil heating system with a heat pump at vast expense when, for a fraction of the cost, I can convert my boiler to run on HVO. Doesn’t take the brains of a rocking horse to see that HVO is a much better solution but is the government going with it? No they are not! I can only assume the heat pump salesmen got to them first.

    These people are idiots! Clearly a PPE degree fails to teach them anything about thinking. We desperately need scientists in government and the civil service. If only …..

  • Hardcastle

    We do have natural resources.For power we still have significant reserves of coal,but apparently we are not allowed to use it,Germany however is.Why were our coal fired power stations demolished rather than kept as a strategic reserve? Folly of the highest order or deliberate.Fracked gas in abundance we are told but ignorant opposition about “earthquakes” and water supplies soon put paid to that.It is almost as if our rulers do not want to protect our interests.We still have deposits of iron ore.What were once cheaper sources overseas might not seem so now.Tin deposits in Cornwall are now rapidly becoming competitive.In times of national distress,maximising the use of one’s own resources becomes desirable if not essential.We have been fed lies about climate and sources of energy.Yes it is desirable to explore the development of alternative energy sources but this is only possible over a long time frame.Wind,batteries are basically old technology and have not convinced me that they can in any meaningful way replace the capacity of fossil fuels.The haste with which these changes are being forced upon us suggests other political factors at play.Has a lot do with the imminent collapse of the present financial system and the USA and other Western nations are in particular culpable.

  • Marc Ager

    Dave, when left clicked on twice, only the Telegraph image goes to a larger image. The other images somehow go to smaller images when clicked on twice.

    In WordPress, if I remember correctly, using most themes, you save a large image on to your site and then choose a reduced-sized option for a post that when clicked on comes up as the full size.

    If the image is small, it can’t come up any bigger.

    How it works depends on the ability of the WordPress theme you are using. Not all themes are equal.

    There is plenty of information on WordPress themes on YouTube.

  • Bad Brian

    I have never heard of HVO diesel fuel which Carolyn refers to above.perhaps I need to get out a bit more.

    However, what I do know is that if families are having to pay over 10% of their take home pay on heating their homes then that is far too much and will cause a drastic fall in our standards of living. Things are as tight as a banjo string already and I can see a lot of trouble ahead.

    I have been thinking of splashing around in the sea in an old inner tube in the hope that this could be a first step towards my new life in Rawanda which we are told is an up and coming place with fantastic potential.

    The days where the West added value to products by mass production and advanced technology are long gone and these days the West can hardly manufacture anything competetivly.

    That means we are stuffed and have nowhere to go.( Except Rawanda where you might be lucky enough to bump into the new Dr Who’s mum and dad )

    So why can’t we get fracking and start exploiting oil and gas offshore and get the coal mines open again as a matter of urgency ?

    Could it be because the politicians are so cosseted from real life that they have no idea of the tsunami of pain about to hit us ?

  • Carolyn Hill

    Hi Bad Brian

    You can read up in HVO fuel here if you’re interested. It’s already being used but is not widely available yet.

    Re fracking, coal mines and North Sea oil, there are so many things they could do but they are so fixated on the net zero agenda they can’t seem to break out of their own self inflicted paralysis/blinkered vision. You heard the rhetoric being spouted at COP26? These idiots actually believe it!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Victor Serge was an old-time Bolshevik revolutionary, an idealist who slowly began to realize what Socialism had inevitably become under Bolshevik leadership. He was one of the lucky few who got out of Stalin’s Russia alive and didn’t fall victim to an overseas NKVD assassination squad.

    His thoughts on Leftist doctrine, which in the twenties and Thirties had a powerful appeal to the Western intelligentsia because it was supposedly ‘Scientific’, bear repeating in an era when Globalist politicians are bent on imposing huge changes on our lives and on society in general because ‘Science’ –

    ‘’Whatever may be the scientific value of a doctrine, from the moment that it becomes governmental, interests of State will cease to allow it the possibility of impartial inquiry; and its scientific certitude will even lead it first to intrude into education, and then, by the methods of guided thought, which is the same as suppressed thought, to exempt itself from criticism. The relationships between error and true understanding are in any case too abstruse for anyone to presume to regulate them by authority. Our great Marxists of Russia, nurtured on Science, would not admit any doubt concerning the dialectical conception of Nature- which is, however, no more than a hypothesis, and one difficult to sustain at that.’’

    It appears that the globalist Left of today has learnt the lessons of Stalinist control very well.

  • Brenda Blessed

    We are being hit from all sides by our own bent people.

    Sewage spilled into all of our major rivers. 100,000 Hong Kong Chinese have come to live here due to the unrest that China caused in Hong Kong. Who knows how many Muslim Syrians and Afghans have done so along with Africans? Or how many Ukrainians allowed in who won’t ever be going home. While the government pursues its mindless net-zero CO2 obsession ostensibly mindlessly.

    Seven million migrant registrations with GPs in past decade –

    “A majority (approaching 400,000 per year) were in London, the South East and East of England regions.”

  • Kerledan

    A pithy, highly relevant blog post again, David.

    One aspect of the bonkers rush to stop using oil and gas is the focus so much on solar and wind. How about geothermal? Or tidal? Or wave power? These sources would be much more reliable for coping with big power demand surges.

    By the way, there was a curious incident around the development of a wave power device by a UK company, where it looks as if the Chinese Communists might have been a bit naughty. Here’s the story in The Guardian (!):

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