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Chief scientific advisers? Or just lefty, freedom-hating state-control freaks?

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Scratch a liberal, find a fascist?

There’s a saying “Scratch a liberal, find a fascist”. The logic is clear. While those on the right believe in individual freedom and personal choice, the liberal left believe that the state knows best and that the state should be given total control over people’s lives.

Here’s another quote: “Liberal Fascism (Leftism) is a fascism with narcissistic appeal, universally adaptable to all people who will submit, and therefore is more dangerous than any fascism before, as it will find fewer opponents and is already accepted by millions world wide.

Britain’s chief scientific advisers

That brings us to Britain’s Chief Scientific Advisers. We’ll start with Sir David King

The Bonking Boffin’s predictions

Britain’s favourite bonking boffin, Imperial College’s Professor Ferguson was behind the disputed research that sparked the mass culling of eleven million sheep and cattle during the 2001 outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. He also predicted that up to 150,000 people could die. There were fewer than 200 deaths.

If I remember correctly, in 2002 Professor Neil Ferguson predicted that as many as 50,000 people could die from the human form of mad cow’s disease, under a “worst-case” scenario of a BSE-infected sheep epidemic:

The final human death toll from BSE was 177. The government’s Chief Scientific Adviser at the time was Sir David King – Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government and Head of the Government Office for Science from 2000 to 2007. During this time Sir David also worked to raise awareness of the need for governments to act on climate change:

Climate refugees heading to Antarctica?

Sir David King hit the news again in 2008 when he was, I believe, reported to have claimed that if global temperatures kept increasing, by the end of this century climate refugees would be fleeing to Antarctica:

There are only 72 years to go and the temperature in Antarctica is still around minus 54 degrees. So, these supposed climate refugees had better take some warm clothes with them.

‘Independent’ SAGE

More recently, Sir David has been almost constantly in the media as the founding chairperson for the self-styled “Independent SAGE”. This bunch claims on their website: “Independent SAGE is a group of scientists who are working together to provide independent scientific advice to the UK government and public on how to minimise deaths and support Britain’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.”

Though, as far as I know, there have never been any key meetings between “Independent SAGE” and government ministers. Moreover, if my fading memory serves me correctly, throughout the Wuhan lab-leaked Chinese plague, Sir David and his “Independent SAGE” colleagues continuously called for more lockdowns and more restrictions. Yet the most recent actually independent research has suggested that the economically- and societally-catastrophic lockdowns only reduced death rates by around 0.2%.

The Twins of Doom

The Covid con trick?

Now let’s briefly look at Britain’s current Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance. In my ignorant humble opinion, for two years Sir Patrick and his lookalike, Sir Chris Witty, have been scaring the public into accepting more restrictions on their freedom than were ever imposed even in WWII. The Twins of Doom have done this (IMHO) using Covid death figures that were (IMHO) grossly misleading as they didn’t distinguish between deaths from Covid and deaths with Covid.

Moreover, throughout this period, the average age of people dying from/with Covid was actually higher than the average life expectancy. I humbly suggest that this fact wasn’t made sufficiently clear by the Twins of Doom.

Then, as far as I remember, Vallance and Whitty, using the Bonking Boffin’s predictions warned of up to 6,000 deaths a day from Omicron. They achieved this by using  Omicron’s increased infectivity while at the same time keeping Delta’s death rates even though it was (if I remember correctly) blindingly obvious that Omicron was far less dangerous than Delta.

Boris’s Damascene Conversion on climate change?

Now I’ve finally reached the purpose of this blog – a meeting organised by the office of Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, in the Cabinet Room of Number 10 Downing Street on 28 January 2020. The “teach-in” consisted of 11 slides showing key aspects of climate science and its impacts and the presentation was led by Prof Stephen Belcher, the chief scientist at the Met Office:

“I got them to run through it all and, if you look at the almost vertical kink upward in the temperature graph, the anthropogenic climate change, it’s very hard to dispute. That was a very important moment for me,” Boris Johnson told journalists afterwards.

In my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I provide evidence that all the arguments presented to our scientifically-challenged PM were total climate-alarmist nonsense that will be used by the pleb-hating, freedom-loathing liberal elites to restrict our freedoms and impoverish our lives – less power for homes, rationing electricity, punishing people deemed to be using too much power, fewer people allowed cars, cutting consumption of meat, restricting flights and holidays and increasingly confining us to our insufficiently-heated homes.

Welcome to the Paradise the liberal elites are preparing for us. We accepted their fascist rules under Covid. They believe they can now get away with imposing even worse restrictions on us using the cover of supposed man-made catastrophic climate change.

You can fool me once, shame on you. If you fool me twice, shame on me.

12 comments to Chief scientific advisers? Or just lefty, freedom-hating state-control freaks?

  • twi5ted

    One small plus side of Boris is the chaotic u turns. The dream of ending democracy and creating an authoritarian world is starting to crumble amongst the chaos.

    This whole omnishambles has penetrated into the conscious of the proletariat. They may well crush the Tories at the next election unless they dump the Boris garbage pretty soon and his cabinet. This however could usher in a labour SNP coalition at which point I’m leaving the country but it is the final step to the collapse they will oversee and complete loss of confidence in all big state.

    Interesting to watch Australia with liberals behind in polls. The build back better labour party are ahead and will probably win forthcoming election.

  • A Thorpe

    Is there any real difference between the parties? Incompetence seems to be their main characteristic. Here’s another quote – A democratic socialist is just a communist with patience.

    I saw an article recently based on Eisenhower’s farewell address and the military-industrial complex which interpreted it as – when government funds science, then government controls the science. Eisenhower was specifically saying that scientists will control government policy. I doubt that Eisenhower thought that it would be fake science in control of policy.

    Climate scientists have created a new law of physics that enable heat to transfer from cold to hot and they are blind to their inadequate models and fail to see that their predictions are always wrong, Ferguson also being a good example of this. The bigger problem is why are politicians and the masses incapable of seeing this? There is ample empirical evidence in the case of climate to show that we are not influencing the climate through the release of CO2. Tony Heller regularly shows how past information is being ignored to present an incorrect interpretation. The climate scientists show graphs with a recent starting date that show increases in variables and eliminate the past which shows an entirely different picture. How can politicians fail to see this simple trick? What about the masses who accept it? It is, as Douglas Murray says, educated imbecility.

    People do not have to understand any science to see that every prediction about temperatures and polar ice has been wrong. They just listen to MSM giving them new predictions and their memories are too short to remember the failed predictions. The MSM of course does not point this out. Eisenhower did not see the part the media would play in this and it is because he could not know that social media would turn opinions into facts without needing evidence. In the past the elites prevented the masses from being educated and now they are using it to create imbeciles.

    Scientists make mistakes but now we seem to have scientists who have turned into liars. Is that because it is easier to get a constant flow of government money? Lies about the climate and now about viruses and vaccines have turned into big money for them, but they cannot get away with lies forever. The majority of people seem oblivious to this and support the nonsense but ultimately we will suffer the consequences.

    The elites in control are creating chaos and they can do this because we allow it. I would like to know which country twi5ted thinks is immune from this.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    In fairness to BloJo (always assuming that he deserves any), a Prime Minister has so many problems to deal with on a daily basis (many of them, in Johnson’s case, self-inflicted) that the time available to do any detailed research for himself is very limited.

    Gone are the days when a PM such as Gladstone could spend several hours each day reading something from his extensive library. Politicians are now forced to trust specialist advisers, and it’s often a matter of luck as to whether or not such advisers have agendas of their own.

    Indeed, even Churchill’s own chief scientific adviser, Lindemann (Lord Cherwell) was far from infallible, and was unfortunately prone to sending the UK’s wartime weapons research up wrong alleys.

    However, empirical observation should never be disregarded in the way that it is now. We have not had a ‘new Ice Age’. We have not been wiped out due to ‘The Hole In The Ozone Layer’, or ‘Acid Rain’. The North and South Poles are not ‘Ice Free’. New York, and even Venice and the Maldives, are not underwater – indeed the Chinese and Saudis have just signed a multi-million-dollar contract to build a new airport in the Maldives capable of taking the world’s largest passenger aircraft, and a fuel depot for it.

    Just how many predictions do ‘scientists’ have to get wrong, before it begins to dawn on politicians that ‘scientists’ are not infallible?

  • Stillreading

    Repelled as I am by Boris’s blatant lies, denials and failure to do much of what he said before the Election that he would do, at least he remains essentially a libertarian, as evidenced by his pronouncement today that he will shortly formally do away with all restrictive covid measures. Personally, what he got up to during the lockdowns doesn’t much affect me personally. For me the restrictions were no more than an inconvenience. I can, though, understand the rage of spouses who could not be with their dying partners of decades, parents who could not be with their dying children, families who could not gather together to bury their dead with dignity and appropriate collective mourning, the self-employed who lost out from furlough dosh because of their tax dates and who will spend many years into the future in debt in consequence. But at least, possibly due to Boris having been “found out” and his refusal to step down from his present position, we are, at last, to enjoy complete freedom. Just think of how we would currently be placed were we to have the likes of the wretched mini-dictator Macron or the ghastly Ardern woman as prime minister! As for the media relishing in blowing up Boris Johnson’s jibe at Keir Starmer about Jimmy Savile out of all proportion, as GBNews showed last evening, Starmer has been ready enough to take credit for each and every notable (and some not so notable) prosecution which took place while he was Director of Public Prosecutions, prosecutions of which I doubt very much he had any knowledge at the time. Can’t have your cake and eat it Mr Starmer! The notion of Starmer as PM and the even more appalling Angela Raynor as his deputy fills me with horror on a personal level and terror for the future of our nation. Just promise, Boris, that we’ll never again be incarcerated (save, perhaps, for an outbreak of Ebola or Bubonic Plague) drop all this Green zero-carbon nonsense, open up a few coal mines, increase steel production, fired by our own coal, get fracking, start building small nuclear-power atations to secure our future power supply, and you might just still be in with a chance!
    Oh! And fire the Bonking Boffin and the SAGE lot while you’re at it!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Stillreading – Starmer’s acolytes inform us that the noble Knight was not in fact responsible for the decision not to prosecute the BBC’s very own in-house sexual abuser, Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile OBE KCSG, while he was Blair’s Director of Public Prosecutions. Because Sir Kneel was ’’not the reviewing lawyer for the case.’’

    The famous Mandy Rice-Davies rejoinder is probably the appropriate response to this.

    I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually believes that Starmer, as DPP, didn’t sign off a final decision not to prosecute one of THE most famous personalities in the UK, a knight of the realm, an OBE, a long-term pillar of the BBC’s establishment, and someone who both leading politicians (including Starmer’s own party leader and PM) and royalty were delighted to regularly associate with and bask in his reflected ‘glory’ with photo-opportunities over many years. Starmer can try to pass the buck as much as he likes, but it doesn’t wash. Keir ‘fixed it’.

    But even if anyone accepts at face value Starmer’s excuse of – ‘’Wasn’t me, sir; a big boy did it and ran away’’,
    and that such a high-profile and politically charged case never went anywhere near the DPP’s own desk, ever, then this begs the question of just what Starmer – a heavy-duty lawyer one notes, not a professional bureaucrat or manager – actually did at the DPP after turning up for work in the mornings.

    Apart from presiding, in some nebulous way, over a government legal department that was clearly, from the available evidence, unfit for purpose?

  • Stillreading

    I have little doubt that you’re correct, Jeffrey, in your comment about the unlikelihood of the Savile file never having crossed the Noble Knight’s desk. I think we can all assume it most certainly did. My comments about having his cake and eating eat were relevant only to his spoken comments in the House over the months since he became Labour Leader when he has santimoniously boasted of the various prosecutions which took place “under his watch” as DPP but of which it’s probable he had no direct involvement or even knowledge at the time. Same goes for Savile – although as you rightly say, it is scarcely likely that Starmer could not have been aware of any sort of meangingful investigation of Savile’s activities. The princple remains the same for both sides. The buck stops at the top. Starmer when DPP failed to prosecute Savile. Boris Johnson as PM failed to control inappropriate Downing Street gatherings. The fact that he was evidently complicit in them is analagous with Starmer in all probability signing off on not prosecuting Savile. Overall, how little, though, it says for the honour and integrity of either man!

  • Hardcastle

    Do not rush to the conclusion that it is all over and we are suddenly free.Look at Europe.Boris has taken his foot off the accelerator because he perceived a danger that enough of the electorates were waking up to the covid and net zero scams.Too many vague promises and possibles litter his statements and the whole lot can be reintroduced at the drop of a hat,or new variant.What about the bill passing quietly through Westminster that threatens all opposition,like this blog,if it is deemed to be misinformation,by you know who.The whole proje ct is still moving forward,this is just a lull before restoring the pressure.I,as an unvaccinated yet fit and healthy individual ,on no medication for any health condition,am unable to travel freely outside the UK.This is not freedom,it is tyranny.It is far from over and I predict worse is to come.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Stillreading – It’s been a long time since I associated the qualities of honour or integrity with any professional politician.

    All we can hope for nowadays, probably in vain, is some degree of competence. During the brief years before they glide off to the lucrative after-dinner speech circuit, non-executive banking directorships, or a cosy EU or NATO sinecure.

    Boris’s offence was not so much that he and his boozy team had parties. It was the clear fact that these government apparatchiks, with access to the most confidential, up-to-date, comprehensive statistics regarding the real C-19 situation, obviously knew that having over a dozen unmasked, non-socially-distanced parties actually posed no risk at all to either themselves or their families. Yet they still went ahead and locked the rest of us down anyway.

    Starmer’s main offence was not the Savile cover-up – by the time the DPP was involved, Savile was eighty years old, two years from death, and the appalling harm the scumbag had caused during his long career was probably no longer ongoing.
    The biggest scandal during Starmer’s time as DPP came right at the beginning of his tenure.

    A victim of the Rochdale Grooming gang had reported to Greater Manchester Police the sexual exploitation she’d been experiencing since the age of 15, including becoming pregnant by one of the men abusing her. When referred to the CPS, they decided that the victim was ‘not credible’ and that due to ‘insufficient evidence’ there was an ‘unrealistic prospect of conviction’.

    Victims continued to be plied with alcohol, drugs and gifts and were prostituted out to multiple men a night, multiple times a week for a further five years.

    In 2011, Nazir Afzal, who was then the chief prosecutor in the North West, reopened the case. The evidence previously deemed ‘insufficient’ by Starmer’s CPS — evidence which included DNA and eventually led to 47 other victims allegations — proved vital to securing the convictions of ten men.
    One of the victims was still not seen as ‘credible’ enough by the CPS because, despite being abused herself, she had later assisted in recruiting other girls to be groomed. The CPS did not want to call her as a witness and had ruled it was not in the public interest to prosecute the men who had abused her, but they needed to use the victim’s evidence. The CPS chose to name this victim as a co-conspirator without informing her that she had been named on the indictment along with the men who had trafficked and raped her.
    This resulted in social services attempting to remove her child from her custody, and the resignation of the Detective Constable overseeing the case resigning from the force — so that he could publicly criticise the CPS’s treatment of victims.

    Starmer presided over this shit-show between 2008 and 2013.

  • Stillreading

    Thanks very much Jeffrey for that information – the grooming gangs etc. and Starmer’s involvement in the entire affair. I had no idea. As you rightly say, it’s been a long time since honour or integrity were associated with any politician.

  • Loppoman

    @Hardcastle – my thoughts entirely. Covid has just about ran its course but we can, certainly, look forward to the ‘net zero’ scam which will be much more oppressive and ever lasting for us.

  • Bad Brian

    Dear David,

    I have just read that Cressida Dick has been booted out.

    Might I be the first to congradulate you for all your efforts in drawing attention to her antics which have been an affront to any decent thinking person in the UK.

    Well done. Thousands to go………you will not have to look far for another worthy target.

  • A Thorpe

    Have you seen the latest proposal – the batteries in parked electric vehicles should be used to supply the National Grid when necessary? One supporter is Claire Miller, director of technology and innovation at Octopus. Only last week Octopus was saying the UK could supply renewable energy to the EU to help them out.

    Who is going to save us from this nonsense?

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