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V*ccin*tions? Or crimes against humanity

Monday/Tuesday blog

(I’m afraid it’s vaccines again)

We’re now more than two years into the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague and so can start to look at what effect, if any, the miracle vaccines have had.

There are various figures we could use – overall infections, hospitalisations, ICU numbers, Covid deaths etc etc. To simplify things, I have chosen hospitalisations per million of the population.


Let’s start with Israel. If I remember correctly, Israel struck a deal with Pfizer giving the country early access to the vaccines in return for the country providing Pfizer with continuous statistics on things like infections, hospitalisations, ICU numbers and deaths.

Here are the weekly hospitalisations per million of the population for Israel:

(As usual, to see more clearly left-click on the image and then left-click again)

Israel + UK + US

To put the Israeli results into some context, here is Israel compared to the UK and US:

While Israel, now into its fourth dose, is probably the most vaccinated of these three countries, the UK’s booster (third dose) programme is struggling and the US is probably the least vaccinated of these three countries.

Looking at this chart, it seems that the hospitalisation rates are similar for the most vaccinated country (Israel) and the least vaccinated (US) and much lower for the UK

Israel + France + Germany + Netherlands

Now let’s look at Israel compared to three Northern European countries – France, Germany and the Netherlands:

This may be telling us that Germany and the Netherlands are just behind the curve and will soon go the same way as France and Israel – a massive rise in Covid hospitalisations. Or it may be telling us that France and Israel have become too reliant on vaccination as the solution to Covid whereas Germany and the Netherlands have found better ways to cope with the Chinese plague.

Israel + Italy + Spain

Now let’s try Israel compared to two large southern European countries – Italy and Spain:

Both Spain and Italy had fairly disastrous starts to the pandemic. But despite being less vaccinated than Israel, they now seem to be performing better than highly-vaccinated Israel.


Vaccinophiliacs have tried to explain away the Israeli situation by claiming that the rise in hospitalisations is due to insufficient take-up of the fourth shot by vulnerable people. And there was a truly dreadful article in the Sunday Telegraph about what lessons the UK could learn from Israel. The conclusion was that it was important for people to keep getting booster shots.

But there are quite different conclusions which could be drawn from Israel’s situation. These include:

  • Insufficient natural immunity – it’s possible that those countries, which were slower to vaccinate, initially had higher hospitalisation and death rates. But that the delay allowed many people to build up natural immunity which lasts much longer than vaccine-induced immunity
  • Pathogenic priming, known as Antibody Mediated Enhanced Disease (ADE)  in the scientific community. “ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as ‘Trojan horse,’ allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.” This was well documented with a vaccine used in the 1960s
  • Damaged immune systems – there are theories that excessive vaccination may be damaging people’s immune systems giving them short-term protection against serious illness from Covid but making them more vulnerable once the vaccine-acquired protection fades. Canadian stats suggest the immune systems of the fully vaccinated have lost 80% of their potency, and that the fully vaccinated are 5x more likely to catch Omicron than the unvaccinated.

What is this telling us? Obviously we can’t draw any clear conclusions in a short blog showing just a few charts using just one indicator – hospitalisations. But it does seem that Israel’s heavy reliance on vaccines has not given the country fewer hospitalisations per million of the population than countries which have done many fewer vaccinations. Moreover, Israel’s death rates are also shooting up. But I’ll spare you from more charts.

All this suggests that those branded vaccine sceptics and anti-vaxxers may have some valid arguments for questioning the “no jab, no normal life” policies of countries like Austria and France and even for halting the vaccine roll-outs in other countries.

My achy breaky heart

In my weekend blog, I suggested without any strong evidence that healthy people under forty years old shouldn’t be vaccinated against Covid as the risks from the vaccinations outweighed the benefits.

During the weekend I stumbled across this TalkRadio interview with a cardiologist who had come to exactly the same conclusion. If this cardiologist is correct – and I’m sure there are many cardiologists who would disagree with him – then governments like France and Austria, which are making vaccinations mandatory, may be committing crimes against humanity rather than protecting their populations’ health. The same accusation could even be levelled against governments like the UK which have put heavy pressure on people of all ages to get the vaccines.

I wonder if the families of people killed by the vaccines will start to bring court cases against their  governments? That would be interesting:

5 comments to V*ccin*tions? Or crimes against humanity

  • Brenda Blessed

    The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MD

    Below is a link to the entire three-hour interview that the world’s most popular podcaster, Joe Rogan, had on Spotify with the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr Robert Malone. It was banned on YouTube, as is anything else that might cause “vaccination hesitancy”.

  • twi5ted

    My view is the way conscience objection, religious exemptions and personal consent has been trampled on are crimes against humanity.

    How a politician could force people to be vaccinated, authorise setting up concentration camps for unvaccinated and treating unvaccinated as outside society are all crimes against humanity. The ignorance of history is sickening.

    Boris and his cabinet should be on trial. Likewise the Scottish & welsh amateurs too. Also senior civil servants who guided and supported these decisions need to be examined and all information investigated before deciding to put them on trial but it seems they probably should be too.

    The shocking truth is whilst this was going on a group of posh kids in 10 Downing Street were planning ever more draconian restrictions whilst partying the night away. They no doubt believed old people didn’t matter and probably had contempt for brexit voters and deserved to die alone and afraid. That decision alone justifies their trial and exposure and make them explain why they thought that level of cruelty was ever required.

  • A Thorpe

    I’m going back to Prof Norman Fenton and bias in data. He wrote a paper about this mainly in relation to testing saying the differences could be due to how countries determine a case. In the UK it is said that a significant number of the hospitalisation are not due to Covid but some people have Covid and so they end up in the covid data. I can’t remember the percentage but I think it was over 50%. Fenton specifically commented on Israel when it was blaming the unvaccinated for the new cases and he established that only 1 in 6 of the vaccinated were tested but every unvaccinated person was tested twice, so they wrongly found all the cases in the unvaccinated. The data cannot be trusted.

    You point out that there are various factors that can be considered and you selected hospitalisations. If people recover it may have been unpleasant but what is the significance? This is why Fenton looks at all-cause mortality to assess the vaccines. Hospitalisation is important because of the cost and availability of beds but that is not a factor in this comparison. Fenton is clear that the UK data shows the benefits of the vaccines do not outweigh the risks and it is difficult to say more because the data is corrupted (my words). He did a simulation that showed an increase in the non-covid mortality rate of the unvaccinated which makes no sense and again he puts this down to utterly unreliable data.

    The problem now is that some of the deaths could be from the vaccines and the vaccine manufacturers, health services and politicians are not going to admit this. If there are deaths from vaccines wrongly attributed to Covid then it is an indication that the vaccines are not doing their most important job, saving lives. What concerns me about video interviews such as the one above is that it is mostly anecdotal evidence, which is not the way to establish the truth. It is the same everywhere with celebrities and journalists giving views with no evidence. The same applies with climate change and Attenborough was at it again last night. Sainsbury’s are doing the same with their food advertising.

    The bigger issue with climate alarmism and the covid fear is how has humanity arrived at this point. I can understand issues with understanding the details of physics and biology, but there is empirical evidence that disproves our influence on climate, as covered in your book and elsewhere. Why don’t people see this? We have seen endless cases of harmful drugs over the years and Pfizer has paid out over $10bn in compensation. Why did people readily accept an experimental genetic therapy with no rigorous testing? The trials did not cover hospitalisation or deaths. They did not even establish that the vaccine could preventing catching covid or reduce the severity and, importantly nothing about long term risks. What is the point of a vaccine that does not prevent disease?

    A bit off topic, last night I watched a BBC programme that I thought was going to be about the Queen but it was endless propaganda using celebrities, not ordinary people like us. It glossed over everything with a theme of constant improvement in our lives. No mention of the working class job losses to China, no mention of terrorist attacks, no mention of increasing crime and rapist gangs, but of course the threat of climate change was there. We had celebrity women talking about having careers. One of my cousins had a career to support her family – as a spot welder – no globe trotting travel programme for her. The Queen and the monarchy have done nothing over the last 70 years to improve our lives and now they support climate alarmism and ever increasing energy prices and unreliable supplies. Yesterday I read that Britain will become an exporter of renewable energy to the EU. How did we get to this ridiculous and dangerous situation?

  • A Thorpe

    I forget to say that I suspect the hospitalisation data has to be age categorised to make sense of it, just as deaths have to be broken down as in the previous post.

  • Eric Legge

    The “pandemic” proves that great and cowardly evil has been hiding in plain sight, building itself up for the last 60 years, posing as the good and the just to make everything as low, weak and equal as possible. Ever-weakening institutions and falsifying states of affairs enough to enable its ever-lying effeteness to spring into tyrannical action. Cowardice and stupidity are its great and exploitable weaknesses.

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