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Will Sajid “the destroyer” Javid wreck the NHS as well as social care?

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The background

You probably know that one of the greatest problems the NHS had long before we’d ever heard of the Wuhan lab-leaked plague was the issue of bed-blockers: “Delayed transfers of care” – often known as “bed blocking” meant hospitals were unable to discharge patients into the community. December 2019 saw 148,000 delayed days across England, 15% higher than the same month a year earlier.

Sajid ‘the destroyer’ Javid’s first big idea – wreck care homes

No problem when you have someone as smart as dome-headed Sajid ‘the destroyer’ Javid taking over as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. The dome-headed destroyer’s first significant action was to mandate that all front-line workers in care homes must be double-jabbed against the Chinese plague by November 2021.

The result? Around 40,000 care workers – about 7% of the care home workforce – lost their jobs. This will, ‘as any fule kno’, reduce the number of places in care homes and hugely increase the problem of bed-blocking in the NHS just when we face a winter hospital beds WuFlu crisis.

Well done Sajid. You’re really making your mark.

Sajid ‘the destroyer’ Javid’s next big idea – wreck the NHS

The dome-headed destroyer’s next act of genius is that all front-line NHS staff must be ‘fully vaccinated’ by April 2022 or else they get fired too. I’m not sure what ‘fully vaccinated’ now means – whether it’s just two jabs or whether it’s two jabs plus a booster or whatever.

Anyway, the result looks like the NHS losing somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 front-line staff. Perhaps Javid and the Rolls-Royce brains of his civil servants haven’t quite realised that losing 50,000 to 100,000 NHS staff might possibly reduce the NHS’s capacity to treat patients?

When the facts change, our politicians never change policy

I realise that the mandatory vaccinations policy was formulated at a time when the dominant Chinese plague variant was the Delta version which (unlike most things ‘Made in China’) was actually rather effective. It killed people by destroying their lungs. From my incredibly limited understanding of epidemiology, viruses which kill their hosts tend not to survive very long. So viruses tend to mutate into more infectious but less deadly versions. That seems to have happened with the Wuhan lab-leaked plague. The Omicron variant is now the dominant variant (over 90% of cases?) and attacks mainly the bronchial tract causing a form of (usually non-fatal) bronchitis and so is considerable less deadly than previous lung-destroying variants.

This significant change in the virus leads me to the famous quote by economist John Maynard Keynes:

Moreover, we now know that the ‘miracle vaccines’ weren’t quite so ‘miraculous’ after all as they hardly prevent people getting the Chinese plague and their effectiveness at avoiding serious illness declines after just a few months.

The facts have clearly changed. The Chinese plague is now considerably less dangerous and the vaccines’ efficacy was hugely over-hyped.

So, what will Sajid ‘the dome-headed destroyer’ Javid do?

Will he sensibly accept that the facts have changed and rescind his mandatory vaccination policies for front-line workers in social care and the NHS? Or will he press on with wrecking both social care and the NHS as he won’t want to be seen to have changed his mind?

Kakistocrats rule

Sadly for us, for social care and for the NHS, Sajid Javid comes from a different generation than people like Keynes. Previous generations of politicians and civil servants were often people with strong moral principles who were man enough (and woman enough, of course) to admit that changing circumstances might require changes in policies. But today’s generation of politicians don’t appear to have any principles and their only goal is self-advancement, self-enrichment and self-aggrandisement.

So, even though the facts have clearly changed, it would probably be naive of us to expect the dome-headed destroyer to drop his (now clearly unnecessary) mandatory vaccination policies for care workers and the NHS. After all, Javid will feel that the risk of him losing face and possibly having his career damaged over being accused of a u-turn by the howling media mob is much more important than the thousands of lives which will be lost as our care services and NHS collapse due to Javid-induced staff shortages.

Dan Dare’s arch-enemy – the Sajid-Javid-lookalike evil Mekon – never succeeded in doing as much damage as today’s dome-headed destroyer Sajid Javid. Apparently arrogance and incompetence are often more destructive than evil:

6 comments to Will Sajid “the destroyer” Javid wreck the NHS as well as social care?

  • A Thorpe

    Incompetent politicians seem to be everywhere. The USA is suffering from the same staff losses because of vaccine policies. It is not just health services or vaccine policies, the testing is also causing problems. I note that the CDC is withdrawing approval of the PCR test and replacing it with one that can detect the difference between SARS and flu.

    It is madness to test people who have no symptoms. The waves of infection that have determined lockdowns are not real. They are due to increased testing, not increased infections. Prof Norman Fenton proved this. It is just like all-cause death data. When the total numbers are considered there is an ever increasing number of people dying over the years but this is due to increases in population, and when converted to a rate there is a decline in the death rate. Fenton did the same with the case data and converted the cases to cases per 10,000 tests and found there were no peaks. The cases were there before but not identified. The government and advisers are either completely incompetent or are deliberately setting out to destroy our lives.

    Keynes is not an economist that I favour and you could say facts don’t change unless they were wrong in the first place. I happened to see a quote earlier from a far wiser economist, Thomas Sowell – “There are no solutions, there are only trade-offs.” This applies to everything we do and every government fails to look at the consequences of their policies. Sir Tony is a good example – he failed to consider the consequences of the Iraq war and he is being rewarded for it.

    I don’t understand how viruses work either but I can see different views from experts and I don’t know who is correct. This applies to most people in most areas of science. I know who is correct in the climate debate because I happen to know about physics, but importantly there is empirical evidence to show that we are not changing the climate and most people don’t even see that. Al Gore told then that CO2 is driving temperature in the ice core data and that is what the masses see.

    I have seen no evidence to support SARS being significantly more dangerous than flu. We had all the predictions from Ferguson in the initial stages. This man has a track record of failure and yet he was believed. China apparently entered a panic but was that for our benefit? They had people dropping dead in the street which has not happened anywhere else. Our own politicians failed to stick to their pandemic plans and followed the Chinese into lockdowns. Why?

    The “vaccines” are not vaccines as we know them. They are an experimental gene therapy from research that has been done for years and produced nothing but then a miracle happened. The trials were an utter disgrace and did not comply with normally accepted standards to ensure our safety. The efficacy of around 95% is a relative risk reduction used to mislead. The truth is that the risk of getting Covid is about 0.9% and the “vaccine” reduces this to 0.04%. This is the level when the risks associated with the treatment becomes important and this was not established in the trials because they did not run long enough. How quickly people forget problems with other treatments not fully tested. Prof Bhakdi claims that it is not the virus that is causing deaths, it is the spike protein from the vaccine. I have know way of knowing, but I know the trials were not adequate and that is all the information I need.

    The Royal Institution continued the brainwashing of children with their Christmas lectures on viruses delivered by Van-Tam. The audience was fully masked and tested. What was that about except generating fear in children? They used a sneeze machine to show how far particles can be transmitted. What has happened to common sense when people with coughs and sneezes stayed at home? Now apparently wearing a mask is the answer. What idiot wants a mask full of snot? Van-Tam did not explain why the healthy children needed masks and none of the children asked why. When he turned to the vaccines they were described as miracles but there was not a word about safety. He needed an audience if people born as a result of thalidomide to give him a dose of reality.

  • Brenda Blessed

    All of the mental BS and crises making the news these days is designed to create great fear, confuse, disorientate and demoralise us so that we cling to any phoney wreckage that the politicians offer up to us as a our saviour, such as the DNA-changing vaccinations.

    Exactly the same script is being enacted across the entire Anglosphere and EU.

    Migration, immigration, inflation, exploding cost of living, impoverishment, food banks, NHS failing people with real diseases and health conditions, failing education system, thousands of businesses going bankrupt, especially hospitality businesses, increasing feminisation (incompetence) as promised by Boris, protests, riots, violent riots in the EU. The list goes on and on.

    Web-search for “Mass-formation Psychosis” to find out more about it. The creator of mRNA vaccination technology, Robert Malone, explains it well.

    When you web-search for anything hard-hitting that contradicts the official lines, the links that come up first usually discredit it. Proving to me that the search engines are just as involved in the great plandemic as the mainstream media is.

    I am watching the three wise t*rds having a press conference that GB News is showing.

    It is a strategy of these “liberal” decadents to accuse those who oppose them of what they are doing themselves, such as deliberately misinforming and lying.

    They praised the two Covid tests that have now been replaced. The CDC advised last year that the lateral flow test is so unreliable that it should be binned. And we should know by now that Dr Kary Mullis, who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for the ingenious biochemical test, said: “PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.”

    As Thorpe wrote above: “I note that the CDC is withdrawing approval of the PCR test and replacing it with one that can detect the difference between SARS and flu.” – So, now we know why flu disappeared for a few years.

    But the mainstream media never discusses the validity of the tests. Apparently because Ofcom has ruled that it cannot report anything that contradicts the official pronouncements on the virus.

    Here is a list of 30 pieces of information that the MSM won’t be informing us of about Covid any time soon.

  • Bad Brian

    We appear to be stuck in a ditch.

    We have Dr Fauci handing US taxpayers money to a third rate Chinese laboratory to experiment with a virus that could not evolve in nature with the aim of increasing its functions which make it more deadly. This has been going on since the days of Obama.The USA is as guilty as China in the appearance of this virus.Even the Lancet has been involved in the cover up and false information game.

    The industries of the West have been decimated by China as they produce goods cheaper than the West, with slave labour and no development costs because they simply steal our Patents. The West has stood and watched and the City boys brag about investment opportunities. our pensions are tied up in this corrupt bubble.

    China now has a pile of money to flex its military muscles and the West has run out of cash. The west has pretended this is not happening for well over 20 years. Russia behaves the same. Europe is over a barrel regarding gas supplies. The EU and USA will not face up to the Chinese and Russian e attitudes, which simply encourages them.

    The USA is in a coma and it and the rest of the free world choses to avert its eyes and busy itself with loony woke political correctness and insane green policies which cripple what wealth creators we have left in the West. Even if the climate change hoax was real, without China’s co-operation the destruction of our economies is almost at a tipping point.This is the worst time possible to implement green policies, many of which are total nonsense.

    Africa is doing well. thanks to the white man, the population expands faster than Bob Geldof avoids soap.

    We see the Africans and Middle East peoples flood into Europe overwhelming our European culture, contributing nothing, and implementing an ethnic cleansing, all paid for by the indigeneous population who are being replaced.

    If anyone wants to know what to do about this, send a £5.00 postal order and a stamped addressed envelope, and as soon as I think of something , I will get back to you. Thanks.

  • Hardcastle

    Spot on Brian.We have been subverted from within and the future is dire.A lot of suffering in the not too distant future for the inhabitants of these Isles and the majority are so easily distracted until reality comes calling,as it most surely will.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I think that the ‘powers that be’ in the US are well aware that when the full consequences of the Green Blob and pandemic agendas strike home, the public will of necessity start to get a little restless.

    Why else would the USA continue to spend more on its armed forces than the next eleven largest militaries combined worldwide, including those of China and Russia, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute?

    It certainly isn’t to fight its alleged overseas enemies, otherwise the US wouldn’t have just got its arse comprehensively kicked by a bunch of religious students in pyjamas armed with rusty AK47’s. No, it’s to keep its own citizens in order once they start to freeze and are forced to carry Social Credit passports.

    Bunter and his chums might just live to regret cutting UK ‘Defence’ spending to the bone. Leaky aircraft carriers parked in the South China Sea and an army you could now fit into Wembley Stadium with thousands of seats to spare won’t be much help to them once sufficient numbers of the citizenry are pissed off – not because of political ideology but because their everyday lives have been deliberately made miserable.

  • Mark Ager

    The mighty US military has been defeated in Vietnam and Afghanistan by guerilla armies using small arms.

    If large parts of the US population gets itself organised in the same way, the US military will be defeated again. The US population, particularly the Republicans, are well-armed with small arms and ammo.

    Then the trials of the evil and corrupt “liberal” politicians begin.

    In my opinion, retrospective laws should be brought in so that those found guilty of mass murder should get the death penalty without the ability to have endless appeals.

    Elizabeth Holmes, who made herself a billionaire by fooling the medical world that she had developed a machine that could test blood and diagnose all sorts of diseases, used the same strategy as the Covid brigade to prevent being found out. Read about how she did it in this article:

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