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SAGE lied and lied and lied and lied and lied …….

Last blog of 2021

Some readers might find this amusing. This link features some charts showing the useless liars’ at SAGE’s predictions for the effects of the Chinese lab-leaked plague and what actually happened.

The supposed ‘experts’ at SAGE lied and lied and lied and lied to keep us cowering terrified in our homes and to bludgeon us into taking their largely untested supposed ‘vaccines’ while they destroyed the economy just to get more power for themselves to boost their own positions and their worthless egos.

Would you buy a second-hand car from any of these three?

6 comments to SAGE lied and lied and lied and lied and lied …….

  • twi5ted

    But did SAGE lie or just present the worst case scenarios as instructed by the government. That is what the Frasor Nelson exchange with the modeller revealed and SAGE were instructed to only present the most extreme unlikely scenarios so the government could impose lockdowns.

    The question is why were the government so keen to pursue lockdowns. Boris has defended lockdown even placing it above vaccination as having saved the most lives. Yet history told us, government own plans told us, common sense told us that locking down global economy would cause more death and destruction than a flu virus could ever cause.

    Not only were the government dogmatic about lockdowns they unleashed unprecedented levels of fear propaganda against an already compliant population. But why did they do this?

    Advisors advise and ministers decide – do not let these corrupt murderers get away with it.

  • A Thorpe

    It is exactly the same with the predictions made by climate models. None of them have predictions that show there isn’t a problem. The modellers are paid by governments and if they said there isn’t a problem they would not have a job. It isn’t SAGE or climate scientists that are the problem, it is the politicians who we elect in the belief that they will look after our interests. It is time we said NO to all of this nonsense but of course we have the media constantly pounding out government propaganda and fear, so it will go on.

    I would like to know why we never hear anything about flu variants. In the case of flu a variant does not escape the vaccines. A flu strain is a mutation that needs a different vaccine which is why flu vaccines include vaccines for the expected strains. The flu strains come and go and I expect flu variants come and go but are not important. Why are the covid variants different and dangerous when flu variants are not, and why do they apparently appear and vanish? We need answers.

    Why is there no indication of a pandemic in the all cause mortality rates for the UK in the data for 2020 published by the ONS. It is exactly the same in Canada and the USA. I have not seen studies for other countries, but as the Canadian report said, a virus in every country does not cause a pandemic in some and not others. The world policies to control us have been justified by lies in every aspect of both the pandemic and the climate.

    I saw an article claiming this was entirely about the failing western economies. I couldn’t follow the detail at first reading, but the message seemed to be that the central banks have been printing worthless money for years. It is appearing on the balance sheets of corporations and the super rich and what we are seeing with government policies is the transfer of this debt to taxpayers and we will not be able to pay it off. When the collapse happens we will suffer the consequences.

  • A Thorpe

    The Mises Institute newsletter today says this:

    “The rise of socialism is bad enough, but there are other dangers as well.

    The political elites in both major parties are using every excuse to build up the welfare-warfare-police-surveillance state.
    The Fed is opening the money spigot, more than it ever has.
    The pandemic is still with us, yet another misbegotten excuse for vast spending.
    Among the general public, many people are too confused or frightened to resist.
    In academia, there is passivity or even celebration at the demise of essential rights.
    Almost no national politician will tell the truth about where we’re headed.”

    The virus is not our enemy, the climate is not our enemy. The enemies of freedom are politicians, academics, media and corporations that benefit from favourable regulations allowed by their political mates and preventing free trade. The effort we put into understanding the climate, viruses and vaccines just distracts us from what we should be doing. 2022 should be a year to bring down the politicians.

  • Tomsk

    If you wanted to avoid the politics of Jeremy Corbyn, then please read this, before we have hundreds of Jeremy Corbyns ensconced in our political system.
    We’re not following the science, were following the behavioural scientists.

    Susan Michie a SAGE board adviser a behavioural scientist, she is communist royalty. A fully paid up member of the extreme left Communist Party of Great Britain.
    Another SAGE board member is her far left husband Robert West, also a behavioural scientist. Both paid up member of the same party .
    The CP of GB is a small but powerful outfit, their 1200 members are ensconced in all our major institutions and unions.

    If you tie in the dates of the Lockdowns you will note just how influential the communist arm of the unions were in orchestrating these Lockdowns.
    The Lockdowns have never been about health, but let’s take a look at the SAGE communist members.

    Your first thought I’m sure is, what on earth are paid up hard line Communists doing anywhere near a Tory Government in an advisory roll.. just what I thought.

    Susan Michie and her communist husband have insisted and lobbied the government for Lockdowns, with the back up threats of closures and strikes from the education unions.
    Her brother is a communist and very influential in some powerful arms of the unions.
    If you close schools’re country is locked down anyway because the parents can’t work.

    The unions planned to close the schools. (Listen to Ben Irvine’s Utube podcast about it. The dates are all there.)
    It sounds weird I know to talk of communist and take overs, but believe it or not it is all very much in the mix.

    The problem we have is all the well off Communists that live here work here and are in positions of Influence have never actually lived under totalitarian regimes.

    They haven’t a clue what Communism is like once it’s interpreted by the boots on the ground . The jobsworth police,army, virus wardens. Wer seeing it now across Europe as law abiding citizens are stopped and asked for papers ..
    The Champaign Communists are in love with the idea of a universal equality. The trouble is its an equality that evens things out in a downward way. It’s basically the spread of poverty controlled by fanatics you cannot criticise. Have you notice free speech disappearing?

    Look which businesses are currently affected by Lockdowns, small entrepreneurs, pubs, restaurants, budget airlines, and that is just the beginning.
    They’ll eliminate small estate agents, beauticians, hairdressers builders plumbers.
    They want to anialate the self employed and free thinkers.
    There’s no place for them in a two tier society.
    Yes the WEF is playing it’s part but the billionaires are so preoccupied with their own importance they haven’t woken up to the fact they face extinction too, they’ll just be last.

    Zukaberg’s wife in Chinese and controls a billion dollar enterprise. Jeremy Hunt who was a stone’s throw from being PM, has a Chinese wife and he has often admired Chinese life, his wife recently heavily critised in the press for whitewashing Chinese human rights abuse.
    Hunt even pretended his wife was Japanese once throw you off the scent, there were many newspaper stories about it at the time.

    Australia owes so much to The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) their debts could wipe out their sovereignty.
    Plus lots of speculation on how various socialist politicians have grown so wealthy in Australia since their hard line Lockdowns have occurred and continue, even using quarantine camps for people who have been pinged because another had tested positive.

    .China has infiltrated the world through trade and basically cheap quotes on huge international building projects which it wins on price.
    .the WEF is the warm up act, The CCP have people in every relevant country in the world.

    The Long March( Google it) began decades ago, Chief bas love of capitalism is just a means to an end to destroy it.
    It will be replaced with Corporatism, which needs hard line socialism to survive.

    Thee is another option. Accept that what ever this outbreak was or is, it’s been politically hijacked used and manipulated to recreate the world we live in.
    The option is to resist. Use the content of this post as part of your emails to MPs inform your colleagues in the NHS just how pilitical the organisation is same with teaching, which is actually worse.

    We talk we post we inform and we save what we have built up..or we ignore the signs and let it happen. You will loose all you have eventually if you don’t fight now. It doesn’t involve weapons it involves information which is a powerful tool, that’s why they want to shut it down.

    Email, post chat, talk we’re stronger together.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Tomsk – I have long thought that modern Chinese society resembles what National Socialist Germany would now look like if there had been no WW2.

    The ‘Crazies’ removed or died off, enemies quietly eliminated, a Corporate state evolving with the purse strings and overall objectives controlled by the sole political party but innovation allowed in business and manufacturing, with the aid of a docile, controlled workforce.

    I clocked Michie as a SAGE apparatchik over a year ago, finding it incomprehensible at the time that such a person would be appointed by the UK’s ‘Conservative’ party to such a position.
    With the benefit of experience of the subsequent behaviour of Johnson’s government and SAGE, I don’t find it incomprehensible at all, now.

    I had sometimes vaguely wondered about what happened to all the Soviet and Warsaw Pact countries’ idealogues after the fall of the Soviet Bloc – where did they all go? Why weren’t they on trial? There must have been hundreds of thousands of people working for the Party all over Eastern Europe, charged with the task of indoctrinating the masses; experts in manipulating human behaviour by every means from state-controlled media propaganda through to brutal repression by the ‘security’ services.
    It seems clear to me that our leaders have been learning a great deal from such people.

  • A Thorpe

    Two interesting observations from Tomsk and Jeffrey. If we believe in freedom of speech then we must accept that the people mentioned are entitled to their views. It reminds me of the stated objectives of the Frankfurt School. They all appear to have been implemented, but is this because of communist activists or because the masses welcome the changes.

    There is a suggestion that Technocracy is taking over and both the left and right are embracing this and some say it applies to China. We are told we will own nothing and be happy. It rather looks as though all the wealth created in the 20th century which a majority in the west are enjoying could have been an abnormal period in our history and we are heading back to feudalism.

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