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The ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’ exposes our useless politicians’ uselessness

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The ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’ is a wonderful phenomenon for exposing just how stupid and worthless most of our politicians are.

When we ordinary people do something which has unintended results – the opposite of what we were intending – if we can swallow our pride, we can correct our errors. But politicians (and the bureaucrats who help develop and implement their impractical and often idiotic ideas) can never admit they have made a mistake. Moreover, rather than changing track when things go t*ts up, they usually double down on their stupidity.

Here are a few examples. I’m sure readers can think of many more:

Increasing/decreasing the number of GPs

If I remember correctly, Blair’s New Labour were worried about a decline in the number of GPs. So they gave GPs new contracts by which the GPs got about 40% increase in pay for doing much less work. So the average GP salary shot up from around £70,000 to well over £100,000 with some pocketing over £200,000. For a while, this seemed to solve the shortage of GPs problem.

But gradually GPs began to realise that they were paying an awful lot of tax at the higher rate. Moreover, their increased pension contributions meant many would go above the maximum untaxed limit. So, an awful lot of GPs in the middle of their careers decided to cut back their work to 4 or even 3 days a week to spend more time on their yachts or the golf course. As for those nearing retirement age, many took early retirement to avoid the horrendous tax implications of exceeding the lifetime pension allowance.

Result: Politicians’ policies to increase the number of GPs ends up reducing the number of GPs.

Saving/wrecking the environment

Our EU politicians had a great idea for saving the planet from the supposed devastation of global warming or climate change or climate crisis or climate emergency or climate breakdown or whatever it’s called this week. In order to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used, they mandated that 5% of all petrol must come from supposedly renewable biofuels (E5 petrol) rising to 10% in September this year (E10 petrol).

There were only two small problems with this genius idea. Firstly, E5 and then E10 petrol give 10% to 15% fewer miles/km per litre. So, motorists have to use more petrol than before to drive the same distances. Secondly, this created a massive demand for crops to be expensively converted into biofuels resulting in possibly 5%+ of the world’s agricultural land being converted from food production to producing crops for biofuels. This increased food prices killing hundreds of thousands of the 700 million or so people who suffer from undernourishment and all the associated diseases. In addition, the need for biofuel crops led to massive deforestation, particularly in the Amazon and Indonesia, thus devastating the rain forests that are meant to save us from CO2-driven global overheating.

Result: Politicians’ brilliant plan to save lives and protect the planet ends up killing lots of people and wrecking the planet

Preventing/causing a deadly pandemic

The greatest American president who ever graced our planet, Nobel Prize-winning Saint Obama, found out that dangerous ‘gain of function’ research on viruses was being carried out at several US universities and research institutes. Realising the danger this research posed to mankind if one of these viruses were to be accidentally leaked from a lab, Saint Obama imposed a moratorium on all such research.

But it seems that the scientific community, in particular a certain Dr Frankenstein Fauci, considered Saint Obama’s block on this dangerous research to be just a minor inconvenience to be circumvented rather than complied to. So, millions of US taxpayers’ dollars appear to have been diverted through an indirect route (EcoHealth Alliance) to the labs at the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology to continue the potentially dangerous research which Obama had banned. This meant that the research was moved from relatively safe US labs to filthy, unhygienic labs run by the Chinese military and staffed by incompetent, slovenly, corrupt spitting and hawking and nose-picking Chinese workers.

Result: Obama’s brilliant ban to prevent a dangerous pandemic ended up causing a dangerous pandemic that has already killed over 5 million innocents and will probably end up killing 20 to 30 million as more die both directly from (IMHO) Fauci’s Wuhan plague and indirectly from their lives being ruined or from not receiving medical treatment for other conditions.

What damage will ecolunatic Boris cause?

The three examples above may provide some mild amusement. But the real fun is just starting. The real fun will be when we begin to see the unintended consequences of our priapic PM’s recent conversion to crazed ecofascist climate catastrophist nonsense.

What can we expect?

  • thousands more deaths in the winter because many elderly cannot afford to heat their homes?
  • mass unemployment as what little is left of UK industry moves to countries where energy prices are a tenth of the level of the UK?
  • a massive increase in demand for new gas boilers just before the ban on new gas boilers comes into effect?
  • huge traffic jams as useless electric milk floats pretending to be cars run out of electricity?
  • and much more chaos that I haven’t the imagination to foresee

If only our penis-fixated PM, whose brain appears to be located south of his navel, had found a girlfriend with a degree in science rather than a girlfriend who did some crap like theatre studies, then we wouldn’t be committing economic and societal suicide to supposedly save the planet from something which is only happening in the deranged minds of Greta and the self-obsessed, virtue-signalling, woke, West-hating, freedom-loathing, psychologically-unbalanced Greta-worshipping cultists.

8 comments to The ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’ exposes our useless politicians’ uselessness

  • twi5ted

    Insightful blog. To a globalist exporting jobs overseas is irrelevant as they are representing the whole world not the uk. I think it says everything that these people are surrounded by sycophant arts grads who are allowed to push on the open door provided they also dish out huge numbers of blow jobs.

    Boris is Blair 2 and closely advised by the former. Say whatever whilst secretly pulling levers to further the globalist cause of communism. Collapse is part of the plan.

  • A Thorpe

    Politicians and experts only get away with this because we allow it. You are correct to say we should learn from our mistakes but the essential difference is that what we do for ourselves is on a different scale to politicians imposing their mistakes on an entire country. This is why I believe in freedom from state control, talking responsibility for everything we can do for ourselves and severely restricting what politicians are allowed to do. I believe this was the intention of the American Constitution but politicians always want more power and they have taken it in America with disastrous results and it is difficult to stop them. That is the first problem we have to deal with and the only solution seems to be civil disobedience.

    The other major problem is that people do not want freedom from the state. We have problems with healthcare because it viewed as a free service. As a result it is a bad service and we would not pay for it directly out of our own pockets. Even if we use private health care it is not much better because there isn’t enough competition. People want holidays, entertainment and adult toys in preference to making provision for their health. Trivia rules.

    I am convinced the coronavirus was man made in the USA but where is the media investigation of this? The media is no longer doing their job and this is another major problem. Fauci probably had good intentions of creating better vaccines for more diseases. It got out of control somehow. The government responses show how fear can be used to impose restrictions on people and none of these responses were in any plans for dealing with a pandemic and nobody has explained why. I think that democratically elected governments now see themselves as responsible for all aspects of our safety and they use fear to make the masses accept more control for imagined safety in return for giving up freedoms. The unintended consequences of more state control are never considered by the masses when they are afraid.

    Climate change has also turned into fear of destroying the planet when there is no evidence of that happening. Forecasts of vanishing polar ice and rising sea levels have not happened, but why can’t the masses see this? Because they have been blinded with fear. We have had a flood of environmental TV programmes recently all about how the environment should be improved, all showing films of perfect environments that exist now. There is no balance showing the relative scale of the damage, which I suspect is not that great. Importantly, none of the damage is related to climate change caused by us and this is what is driving the demand to change. Any changes should be based on the real causes, which is why it will all go wrong. Obama is also at the centre of this because he agreed to the carbon trading when he refused a deal about reducing carbon. This turned it into a huge money transfer system from rich to poor countries and achieving nothing else.

    Meanwhile, we have Kamikaze Johnson intent on destroying our energy supplies. Soon instead of cheap electricity at the flick of a switch, we will have unaffordable electricity only when it happens to be available. No country can survive the nonsense that Johnson and his idiotic cabinet proposes.

  • David Brown

    Outstanding article readers please post comments with links to this on the websites of the Daily Mail The Times Telegraph.
    Boris has become a threat of the greatest magnitude to our economy.

    Better Starmer as PM than deranged Boris.
    BJ gets a BJ and our economy gets screwed

  • Loppoman

    Good stuff again from everyone here.
    The other day I came across some info regarding another greenhouse gas called Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), a potent and persistent greenhouse gas that is primarily used in the electricity generation industry, e.g.switchgear, wind turbines, etc..
    SF6 is the most potent greenhouse gas in existence with a global warming potential of 24 thousand times of CO2. It means that one tonne of SF6 in the atmosphere equals 24,000 tonnes of CO2.
    It can last 3000 years in the atmosphere as against 200 years for CO2.
    SF6 emissions are equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions produced by approximately 100 million cars.
    This gas is not getting much publicity. It’s needed now and in the future to service BoJo’s grand scheme so its bad credentials need to be hushed up. Google SF6.
    I’ve no reason to think this info is incorrect but please comment/change details as needed.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The other day someone perceptively pointed out that there are no such things as problems and solutions in UK politics nowadays; only agendas.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Talking about incompetence, apparently there is a third shot and a booster shot for the mRNA vaccines – Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. The AstraZeneca vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine.

    Unfortunately, even the staff of the NHS are mistaking one for the other, being under the impression that they are the same jab or they are different but they don’t know the order in which they have to be administered, which is a very important consideration.

    Apparently, while both kinds of shots are additional doses of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, they have different purposes and are intended for different groups of people.

    Q&A: The Differences Between a COVID-19 Vaccine Third Dose and Booster Shot

    Unfortunately, there is a further unwelcome development. Little-known Conservative MP Maggie Throup is the new minister for vaccine deployment after Nadhim Zahawi’s promotion to the Cabinet. She is a qualified biochemist but is coming across as being incompetent.

    In the six weeks since Ms Throup took over the top posting, she has not spoken to the media once and has only appeared in the Commons three times – 21st of October 2021 and the 20th and 21st of September – though Parliament was in recess from 23 September to 18 October for the party conferences.

    This looks to me as if the deliberately slow roll-out of the booster shot is going to be used as an excuse for yet another lockdown. Who better to help out than an incompetent vaccine minister.

    Incompetence seems to be an unavoidable requirement to get political jobs these days.

    Thankfully, my intuition and research told me to rely wholly on my own immune system for protection.

    The western politicians in the USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, have access to the best advisors in the world. But they are only using or listening to the advisors who agree with their “liberal” agendas.

    A large part of what they are making their governments get up to is an insult to common sense never mind what requires a high level of education or intelligence.

    Frauds or crooks such as Anthony Fauci and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are allowed to keep on trucking but anyone who dares to tell the truth, such as Julian Assange, is stitched up and imprisoned.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns that Anthony Fauci is a fraud, and has “poisoned an entire generation of Americans” –

  • William Boreham

    Who said?
    “Ignore the doom merchants, Britain should get fracking.”
    “It’s green, it’s cheap and it’s plentiful! So why are opponents of shale gas making such a fuss??”
    Answer – Boris Johnson09 December 2012 • 8:22pm

    So, what’s changed since 2012 Boris? Apart from the fact that having our own source of energy supply is even more vitally important in 2021 than back in 2012. I see Shell have been stopped from extracting gas from a new field in the North Sea.

    Meanwhile in the real world I see Xi Jinping, (whose country generates more carbon dioxide than the U.S. and EU combined) won’t be at that laughable Glasgow conference. He’s a leader that realises that a policy of cutting carbon emissions that ‘may’ be theoretically better for mankind in some indeterminate future, can stall a county’s economic progress in the present. Ironic that we who exalt living in a free ‘democracy’ are left with the choice in leadership between the buffoon Johnson and the Frank Spencer on the Labour ranks, whereas in the dictatorships, Putin and Xi Jinpimg put the economic interests of their own people first and foremost.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The following video is worth watching. It explains that the PCR test is not a set quantitative test. It uses amplification techniques that can make the results vary. The higher the amplification is set, the more positive results and vice versa.

    The PCR Testing Scam: The Technique Cannot Be Used to Detect Viruses, According to Its Inventor –

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