February 2023
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Are you enjoying your “Global Warming” winter? “Your children will never know what snow is!” Oooops

1 comment to Are you enjoying your “Global Warming” winter? “Your children will never know what snow is!” Oooops

  • A Thorpe

    It is good to see some sanity from Sky News Australia, but he is completely wrong at the end to refer to the models matching the theory. The models are the theory and the models have to match the evidence. The evidence does not come from our own eyes, experience or feelings as he says. It comes from experiments or observations. If science was that easy we could all be Einstein or more likely Prof “Pantsdown” Ferguson. It was just over 100 years ago that Einstein conducted experiments during a solar eclipse to verify that gravity bends light. He also did not rely on one team, he had two independent teams making observations.

    It is going to take more than a cooler summer in Australia and a cooler winter here to change minds. Climate change left science behind years ago when it became a belief, just like religion, which still has many followers after 1000s of years of waiting for god to make himself known. Attenborough’s latest propaganda, The Perfect Planet, is appropriately named, since that was god’s message to Adam and Eve – here is a perfect world that I have created for you. Then they sinned and god punished them and the rest of humanity.

    The message from the climate brigade is not even about the climate anymore. It is about returning to living with nature as god intended, but with sexual perversion allowed. This sums of the major flaw with humanity. We have always expected to live without problems and when they appear somebody must be at fault and must be punished. Life is never like that. Boris and his crew are punishing us all because we have allowed a virus to spread. Humanity is crazy with the occasional Einstein that a few more manage to understand.

    After watching this video on the YouTube app the next one was another famous spreader of fake science, Brian Cox. I haven’t watched it yet. I might end up throwing my iPad out of the window and into the snow.

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