December 2023
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Why is the useless EU so desperate to get its hands on an “ineffective” vaccine?

I’m slightly confused. For the last week EU bigwigs and France’s diminutive gerontophiliac president have been slamming the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for being useless and “ineffective” and dangerous. And they’ve vilified British medical regulators for allegedly rushing through approval for the supposedly “ineffective” and dangerous Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

Yet, at the same time, the EU has been flailing around launching broadside after broadside against AstraZeneca in a desperate attempt to get hold of more supplies of a vaccine the Krauts and Frogs claim is useless.

It’s all very odd!

5 comments to Why is the useless EU so desperate to get its hands on an “ineffective” vaccine?

  • A Thorpe

    Even more important is this morning Oxford is boasting about their vaccine, but the NHS will not tell us which vaccine we are being given. They don’t even guarantee that the second dose will be the same as the first. At the end of this vaccination programme how will they work out the effectiveness of each vaccine?

  • Ed P

    I’m sure these jabs will have some effects, just not the one people expect: protecting against covid.
    Now reports are emerging about reduced fertility and other detrimental results, as predicted by sensible medics.
    All these rushed and inadequately trialed concoctions may cause other (presently less-obvious) long-term damage to health – no-one knows yet…
    When do we get back to normal? Is it months, years, or never?

  • Brenda Blessed

    In my opinion, the EU is trying to ramp up demand to get vaccinated by its contradictory attitude to vaccines, because the EU has a very high level of people who are refusing to receive vaccination. France in particular has a very high refusal rate of nearly 50%.

    If you can’t read the graph of countries with the most hospital beds, even with a magnifying glass, have a look at:

    List of countries by hospital beds –

    The objective of getting the entire human population of the planet vaccinated with mRNA DNA-changing vaccines at the cost of destroying the world’s economy, ostensibly to save less than 1% of that population, most of whom are very old and/or very ill, must be to gain control of that population’s DNA.

    The “elite” will then have the ultimate control over us. Choosing when we die, if we can have children or not, change undesirable character traits, such as being courageous and individualistic, which conditions creativity, criminally inclined, etc.

    I hate to think what that population will be like after 10 years of being updated with vaccinations, much as Windows 10 gets updated. Probably like a species of insects that has workers who don’t live into disabling old age that the elite can use as their servants, etc.

  • Quote: “I ain’t no psychologist. But I would have thought that going through the first 30 years of your working life with a debt that starts at around £40,000 to £50,000 and then keeps increasing every year [due to the accumulation of extortionate interest] would be a fairly strong disincentive to many people thinking of entering nursing.”

    The government clearly prefers importing nurses from Africa and the Philippines, who are able to finance a mortgage instead of student debt, in order to dilute and counter British nationalism with immigrants.

    As my grandmother used to say: there is demented method in all institutionalised madness.


    It’s sad to see the rubbish once more being churned out on these pages about ‘DNA changing vaccines’. Although the use of mRNA for vaccines is novel, it does not and cannot change your DNA!! There is no mechanism within the cell to reverse transcribe mRNA to DNA. If you don’t understand the science please do not regurgitate illiterate scientific garbage on a site that normally I find alternative and informative !!

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