July 2024

Boris Johnson brain scan reveals horrifying truth

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Boris Johnson’s terrifying brain scan results

Sometimes the stupidity of politicians amazes even a cynic like me.

In the last election, the Tories won a stonking 80-seat majority by breaking through Labour’s ‘Red Wall’. While Labour were pushing woke greeny crap and identity politics and globalist anti-British propaganda, the Tories (guided by Cummings and Caine) appealed to voters with a practical patriotic message of “get Brexit done” and make Britain into a free sovereign nation again.

Unfortunately, in the last few days the Tories and bonking Boris ‘Bluffer’ Johnson in particular, seem to have forgotten why and how they won the last election. Allegedly under the influence of his latest  f**k-buddy (Princess Nut Nut) and her chums, our priapic PM has expelled the two people who guided his EU Referendum and election victories and has started blethering about precisely the same woke, greeny rubbish that helped Labour lose in the 2019 election.

Most Brits want our government to focus on finalising the Brexit negotiations and getting us out of the seemingly endless and pointless Chinese plague lockdowns. So, what does Bonking Boris do? He starts waffling about Britain’s supposed ‘green new deal’ and brings forward the ban on selling petrol and diesel cars to 2030.

This is total madness. Crappy greeny flatulence from our blustering excuse for a prime minister is not why voters in Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ constituencies abandoned Labour and voted Tory.

Why has Johnson become a crazed eco-idiot when there are real practical problems like Brexit and Xi’s Kung-Flu to be managed? Part of the reason is that there’s some big environmental conference in Glasgow (I think) in 2021 which will be chaired by Johnson. He hopes that by being the first country to ban petrol and diesel cars he’ll be able to grandstand what a wonderful person he is in front of all the other world leaders. This will be adoringly reported as a tremendous ‘triumph for Britain’ by the BBC and C4 News while the Chinese and other Asian countries, busy building ever more coal-fired power stations, will just be laughing at our stupidity as Johnson, encouraged by his latest bed-fellow and the British mainstream media wrecks what little is left of the British economy by pushing up energy prices thus making British companies uncompetitive.

But I can also reveal that Boris Johnson has recently had a brain scan and I have exclusively been given access to the results of Johnson’s brain scan (see image below)

A few facts for our incompetent rulers

But the banning of sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2030 is just part of the economic suicide our country is committing due to over 90% of our useless, greedy, expense-fiddling, self-serving MPs voting for the (IMHO) cretinous Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act.

The banning of gas cookers and central heating from 2025 is the start of the roll out of the Climate Change Act which decrees that ALL households must cook and heat by electricity by 2035.

The trouble, as we all know, is that 99% of our political masters can’t do even simple arithmetic:

Around 18,000,000 homes in the UK are currently heated by gas. In 2025 (and no later than 2035, 10 years being the lifetime of an average gas boiler) these will all be replaced by electrical heating. An average gas boiler is 25KW. An average person comes home from work at, say, 6pm and turns on the heating (25KW), plugs in his Electric Vehicle (8KW), turns on the oven (5KW) and takes a shower (7KW) – all at peak demand time.

Thus each household will be consuming electricity at the rate of 43KW at peak. Let‘s call that 40KW to make the sums simpler for our worthless PM and equally worthless MPs to understand.

Thus at peak time the UK will need: 18,000,000 x 40KW = 720GW. THIS IS MORE THAN *TEN TIMES* THE UK‘S CURRENT PEAK REQUIREMENT of 60GW.

It is the equivalent of 180 Drax sized power stations. Oh, and then there is the replacement cabling required to carry ten times the current! Every street in every village, town and city must be dug up and cables replaced with ones that are ten times thicker!!

As they say, ”Go figure!”• But our useless MPs can’t manage that.

Our government’s scientific knowledge would fit on the back of a postage stamp, which is partly why it comes up with these stupid ideas about banning gas central heating and banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars and, similarly, makes a spectacular hash of handling the coronavirus ‘crisis’. The other problem is that the PM simply seems to bow down to the (IMHO) bird-brained urgings of a 32-year-old art history and theatre studies graduate referred to by some (former?) Downing Street insiders as “Princess Nut Nut” for reasons I’ll leave to your imagination.

Boris may get lots more sex by his apparent grovelling subservience to his latest fancy. But this doesn’t end well for Britain!

The Great Reset

If you’ve got loads of time on your hands, here’s a longish (more than 30 minutes) video in which Paul Joseph Watson interviews Breitbart’s James Delingpole about “The Great Reset”. They do waffle on a bit. But still they do make some interesting points:

9 comments to Boris Johnson brain scan reveals horrifying truth

  • A Thorpe

    It is hardly surprising that we have stupid politicians because most of the voting population is also stupid – educated imbecility as Douglas Murray describes it. The Spanish philosopher Ortega described the specialist of today as a learned ignoramus. There are lots of experts but very few today seem to know how to think beyond their speciality and they don’t even get their speciality correct.

    The population takes less and less responsibility for themselves because democracy inevitably moves us to increasing state dependence. We do not have to think for ourselves and therefore the politicians don’t have to think either. Mediocrity rules, and this is because the education system has become mediocre. Only politically correct views are taught even though they are nonsense. Children are not taught to think, just to accept, and they have not been corrected by parents, who ultimately should be responsible for them. It is hardly surprising since we now have several generation infected with environmental nonsense and now gender issues. All the messages from the media and our national treasure Attenborough reinforce the belief in utter nonsense.

    The human race has a fundamental weakness in that it cannot deal with uncertainty. This has developed with advancing civilisation. Our early ancestors would not have survived without dealing with risk. Science which has given us our advanced lifestyle is now being used against us by experts. Mediocrity has taken over science and experts are now delivering what the population wants – the promise of control over everything that threatens us. Religion was created to give us certainty in the past and to have somebody to blame when it all went wrong. Now we have the new religion of fake science. Physics has been perverted to convince people we can control the climate.

    We are seeing exactly the same attitude with Covid. We have not been able to control viruses, the common cold and flu being examples in spite of years of research. But our experts and politicians believe Covid can be controlled and vaccines without sufficient testing are being forced on us.

    David’s calculation illustrates the problem with Boris I doubt we will all be doing the same thing at the same time but even so it illustrates the vast amount of electricity that will have to be generated and National Grid has recently issued warnings of insufficient generating capacity. The generating companies are also advertising their ability to provide zero carbon electricity. Prospect, the union for the industry, is also promoting environmental nonsense.

    I can see nothing to indicate that we will turn away from the abyss. We will only wake up when the problems start to impact us. By then it will be too late. It is easy to shut down a power station but it takes years to build one. Even if the climate is warming naturally, thousands will die in winter if we cannot heat our homes.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    We don’t have to guess at what’s coming. We only have to look at the state (In both senses of the word) of California. Constantly recurring blackouts, and disabled California customers complaining about the extreme difficulty caused to those who rely on electrically-powered equipment of many kinds, at home, for their continued well-being and in some cases, survival.

    A friend who lives in the wilds of Shropshire told me last week that everyone in his village has already invested in emergency ICE-powered generators, because they’ve figured out what the inevitable consequences will be of this aspect of the Green agenda.

    However, I’m reassured by the well-known utter incompetence of the UK LibLabCon Uniparty, with their well-documented total inability to deliver any national project on time or even at all. I suspect that the 2030 deadline for national suicide is merely an imaginary product of of a Globalist wet dream. It is very unlikely to actually happen.

  • Roy Hartwell

    These latest idiotic pronouncements only confirm to me that our current bunch of useless woke politicians never leave the comfort of the London Bubble. Anyone who lives anywhere remotely rural knows that the power ‘infrastructure’ is pretty fragile and, as you say, would need massive upgrading. The outcome will be to effectively price many people, particularly in rural areas, out of personal transport but there will still be no effective public transport to support them. Perhaps Boris and his cohort would like to visit my rural village which is a reasonable size with a good mixed community but the nearest bus stop is a one mile walk down a narrow and busy main road !!

  • William Boreham

    I saw a graph the other day detailing the loss of GNP of the various advanced economies due to Covid and predictably, the UK is faring the worst. One county has actually increased its GNP and that is, again predictably, China. The difference in attitude to creating wealth and prosperity and stuff the rest of the world as far as the so-called man made ‘climate change’ fraud is concerned was encapsulated when we shut down a perfectly good coal power station, Didcot, to save three and a half million tonnes of coal being burnt annually. Meanwhile, China has the equivalent of 180 Didcots under development on top of the ‘690 Didcots’ coal burning capacity China already possesses. Last year China consumed just on 3644 million tonnes of coal and considering it is the epicentre of the Covid pandemic (according to them) they supposedly only have had 4742 deaths from that bug. They may be truthful when we look at another country in that part of the world, Japan. An island like us with twice our population, they have recorded only 1917 deaths from that virus so far, compared to us, a country governed by the Three Stooges, at 53,368, the fifth worst in the world.

  • Stillreading

    I agree Jeffrey that it’s very unlikely actually to happen, but the pain which will be inflicted on us all in terms of escalating power bills, inability to replace a gas boiler, ever more taxes and probable mileage limits imposed on drivers of non-electric cars, while we are waiting for the inevitable failure, will be real enough. As for the incompetence of the scientists, whose prognostications Boris tells us we must follow, only today we learn that when forecasting covid-19 mortality at the start of the outbreak, scientists failed entirely to take into account the capacity for rapid spread caused by care workers going from care home to care home. Had the scientists absolutely NO idea that a large proportion of those working in care are employed by agencies, who send them wherever the need happens to be at any one time? Care home managers are, like NHS managers, cutting costs in every way they can and one of the ways of reducing costs going forward is to not take on full time staff, with all that implies in terms of subsequently “letting them go” because of incompetence or because they become genuinely redundant. “Letting go” – sacking – has now become horrendously expensive, so far better to take on agency staff when they are needed, even though hourly costs are higher. That scientists, existing in their computer modelling ivory towers, secure, salaried, with excellent pension pots, were unaware of modern employment practice is, I suppose, not altogether surprising, but the truly alarming fact is that on people such as these depends our entire future, nationally, personally and industrially. Rishi Sunak, having been scattering billions into a bottomless pit as casually as a medieval farmer might have scattered seed on a field of thistles (except that he’d have had more sense!) is now starting to make noises about the cost of it all. Softening us up for horrendous tax hikes no doubt!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Stillreading – if nobody is going to work, or has a job, it’s difficult to see where Chancellor Rishi is going to get his taxes from.

    Doubtless that’s the reason why it’s being put about that Rishi wants BoJo/Carrie to retire asap – he doesn’t still want to be the occupant of No.11 when the chickens come home to roost.

  • Stillreading

    You could well be right Jeffrey. However, I reckon he’s probably got law-abiding, retired, of-fixed-address, home-owning, State Pension consuming oldies in his sights! Wait for the generations war to kick off, when all those of working age who have been robbed of their jobs, all those just out of “uni” who were promised decent employment, all the parents wondering where their kids’ next meal is coming from or how they are to meet their mortgage repayments, take a good look at those of us fortunate enough to be drawing the State and often private pensions. Resentment is likely to seethe and boil over and Sunak will be not unwilling to take tax-raising steps on the pretence of quelling it. I intended to leave what I worked hard for and now own, my own small house, currently way below inheritance tax level, to my children. Now I reckon it is already being eyed up speculatively by the Chancellor, together with every other residence in the country where the mortgage has been paid off and the occupant is old. That’s likely to be just for starters. Withdrawal of the free bus pass? We are already experiencing withdrawal of the free TV licence for the over 75s. Maintenance of the “Triple Lock” on the State pension? I doubt it! Perhaps those in power (it might be libellous to mention names!) are not actually as distressed by the recent accelerated activity of the Grim Reaper with respect to the old as we are lead to believe. Just think of all those State pensions no longer being paid out!

  • Good one!

    Maybe a huge reduction in our population, made possible by something like a lethal virus, is the undeclared part of the calculations involved in powering everything by electricity.

    The transcript of Boris Johnson’s remarks at the UN General Assembly [Sept. 2019] –

    Here are a few telling quotes from Boris Johnson’s speech to the UN in September 2019, before Covid:

    “Will nanotechnology help us to beat disease, or will it leave tiny robots to replicate in the crevices of our cells?”

    “Today, nanotechnology – as I mentioned earlier – is revolutionising medicine by designing robots a fraction of the size of a red blood cell, capable of swimming through our bodies, dispensing medicine and attacking malignant cells like some Star Wars armada.”

    “At stake is whether we bequeath an Orwellian world, designed for censorship, repression and control,
    or a world of emancipation, debate and learning, where technology threatens famine and disease, but not our freedoms.”

    In my opinion, Covid is showing which of the two ways is being applied. – Anti-conservative media censorship, hidden government, all of these crazy woke agendas, etc. The sheep being herded into taking Covid vaccines (for a disease that affects less than 1% of the population badly) that almost certainly apply DNA-modifying nanotechnology.

  • Brenda Blessed

    You can tell that this is not a lamestream media blog because the cock depicted sticking out of the pants would have been black had that been the case.

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