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I admit I’m a coward. I’m afraid to write today’s blog

(Friday blog)

Our friends from our favourite religion have been indulging in their usual sport in France. There’s much one could say. But I, like probably millions of others, am afraid to say anything:

Instead, I cower in fear of reprisals should I dare say what so many of us understand about the incompatibility of Western secular democracy and the world’s most tolerant, forward-looking and peaceful religion.

Apologies for my cowardice.

7 comments to I admit I’m a coward. I’m afraid to write today’s blog

  • bad brian

    Oh Well, perhaps, instead, we could have an article about Jennifer Saunders and how she struggled with family, children and millions of other very serious stuff to become “The Queen of Comedy”

    Oh, wait, I think there is something like that in the Daily
    Express this morning …………..

  • Paula

    Great Britain is an eighty-seven percent white majority country with a Judaeo-Christian heritage and distinct way of life.

    Wouldn’t it be better if the thirteen percent minority attend ‘adaption and inclusion’ courses to teach them about the culture and way of life of the country they have chosen to settle in and how to adapt and integrate into it?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Wednesday,, three dead from a knife attack in a church in Nice, allegedly perpetrated by a man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

    Wednesday as well – Egyptian President Sisi said “We also have rights. We have the right for our feelings not to be hurt and for our values not to be hurt. And if some have the freedom to express what is in their thoughts I imagine that this stops when it comes to offending the feelings of more than 1.5 billion people.”

    At the same event, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Egypt’s thousand-year-old al-Azhar mosque, said “These offensive cartoons adopted by some newspapers and some policies, constitute a violation of all international and legal norms and open hostility towards Islam and Muslims.”

    ‘Feelings’ versus human lives. Gee, that’s a tough one…. Being what is now described as a ‘Cultural Christian’, rather than a practicing or believing one, I’m still personally offended by, say, an artefact created by an artist consisting of a crucifix immersed in urine. In my culture, however, it is not considered the done thing even for a Christian believer to murder the artist, still less to murder, or even justify the murder of, other people of the same ethnicity or religious (or non-religious) identity as the artist, simply because that believer is offended.

    Nor is it acceptable, or even possible, to conduct diplomatic and trade relations between nations on such a basis. And until Islam accepts this attitude as well, it will remain what, regrettably, it presently is – a fundamental threat to the personal safety of civilised people across the world.

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t the incompatibility of the west with Islam that bothers me. It is the utter ignorance and incompetence of western governments.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It turns out that Wednesday’s church stabbing spree in Nice lasted for a full thirty minutes. That the policemen attempting to deal with the jihadist tried unsuccessfully to subdue him with a stun gun, but had to resort to their service weapons. That fourteen cartridge cases were recovered from the scene. And that the jihadist was ‘injured’ as a result.

    Either the cops in Nice need marksmanship training, or they need to take a serious look at the quality of their side-arms and ammo, asap.

    Meanwhile Macron’s Interior Minister, the equivalent of our Home Secretary, Gerald Darmanin has admitted “We are in a war against an enemy that is both inside and outside,” Well, it’s a relief to hear a mainstream politician finally admit it, for the first time ever. Perhaps now we can all start taking the danger seriously, without constant accusations of racism and an ‘agenda of hate’.

  • Tomsk

    It’s called Rotherham syndrome. Its rife in the UK. You thought that the Wuhan was bad, well this is worse. The poor young lad that worked at Manchester Arena had it. Most police forces are infested with it. Schools, councils etc. A handful of folk seem to be immune from it but generally pay heavily for their immunity by having their lives threatened or being arrested for not having it.

  • Ed P

    Paula, it seems most incomers do not want to integrate, instead they keep to their usual family groups and ways. Blame Blair: the underhand way he encouraged migration without any local planning for integration was disgraceful.

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