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Imperial College vs Kings College – “University Covid-19 Exaggeration Challenge”?

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WTF is really happening?

If you are unfortunate enough to watch either the BBC or C4 News about the spread of Xi Pingpong’s Chinese lab-manufactured plague, it’s most likely the figures you’ll see quoted will come from the (IMHO) totally discredited Imperial College in London. London’s Imperial College is where the now famous Professor Penis did his infamous modelling predicting up to 500,000 Covid-19 UK deaths. This was a model that (if I understand the situation correctly) used a computer code that went extinct more than 20 years ago.

The media love Imperial College. Why? Because Imperial College can be relied on to produce the most terrifying figures about the spread of Xi Pingpong’s plague. And the more shocking the figures, the larger will be the readership or viewership.

The Government also loves Imperial College. Why? Because the more shocking the figures the (IMHO) self-serving shysters from Imperial College produce, the easier it is for the Government to cower us into submission to its ever more oppressive diktats.

But not everyone agrees with the ‘experts’ from Imperial College.

Here are recent (last week) estimates of the number of daily cases:

As you’ll see, the priapic Professor Penis’s Imperial College – the figures preferred by the BBC and C4 News and the Government – are far above all other estimates. In fact, Imperial College’s estimates are almost double those of the other organisations tracking Xi’s plague. Yet most of the media and the Government constantly force-feed us with Imperial College’s figures as if these were scientific facts rather than guesses probably more based on political affiliations than any objective science.

In the long video below, you just need to watch the first 2 minutes to see Dr. John Campbell explaining that there is a massive gap between what the ‘experts’ at Imperial College are claiming and the figures being produced by Kings College London:

You’re all going to die! The end of the world is nigh!

The other thing you might have noticed (if you follow the supposed ‘news’) is that many of the supposed ‘experts’ interviewed about the Chinese plague come either from the (IMHO) discredited hucksters at Imperial College or (even worse) from the self-styled ‘Independent SAGE’ a bunch of (IMHO) rather crazed lefty loonies who criticise everything the Government does because they’re (IMHO) mightily pissed off that they weren’t invited to join the real SAGE. Hell hath no fury like a ‘scientist’ whose ego has been bruised.

The most (IMHO) unhinged and most frequently interviewed member of the self-styled ‘Independent SAGE’ seems to be a certain Professor Sir David King – a former chief government scientific advisor. It was Sir David King who warned us in 2004 that by the end of this century Antarctica would be the only habitable continent:

It’s interesting that nobody interviewing the venerable Sir David ever mentions this prediction and asks him whether he has been buying up real estate in Antarctica to provide his grandchildren and their children with somewhere pleasant to live while the descendants of the rest of us burn up in a global warming hell.

As we now hurtle towards yet another national lockdown and final death blow to millions of jobs and livelihoods thanks largely to the probably massively exaggerated claims from our bonking and possibly bonking mad friends at Imperial College, here’s Professor Tim Spector from Kings College giving his view of the Chinese plague situation on 29 October:

Unlike the hyperventilating journalists and Imperial College ‘experts’, Professor Spector doesn’t seem particularly panicked by the autumn Chinese plague numbers. From the little I understand, Imperial College, SAGE and the Government are claiming that Covid-19 rates are doubling every nine days whereas Kings College believe rates are only doubling every 28 days. Moreover, while the Imperial College ‘experts’ claim the ‘R’ value is 1.56, Kings College estimate it’s only 1.11.

I doubt you’ll see much of the mainstream media rushing to interview anyone from Kings College. Kings College’s figures simply aren’t shocking enough for our friends in the news-manufacturing industry.

Just as the scientifically-challenged, headline-seeking, self-promoting media mob hounded the Government into buying thousands of ventilators that weren’t ever needed, now the same media mob, brandishing the latest more than dubious figures from Imperial College, seem to be hounding the Government into a national lockdown that will be economically disastrous for millions and end up killing many more people both in the UK, and in Third-world countries which supply us with many of the products in our shops, than Xi Pingpong’s plague.

5 comments to Imperial College vs Kings College – “University Covid-19 Exaggeration Challenge”?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Millionaire Big Pharma propagandists Whitty and Valance, it seems, have now started leaking documents alleging that the Prime Minister of a duly elected government has had the effrontery to, in some small measure, ignore the advice of its un-elected advisors with regard to Lockdown.
    How Dare He! What on earth does Doris imagine he’s there for?

    Gotta keep it going until the drug companies have enough stocks of vaccine ready to make unimaginable profits from compulsory vaccine programmes. Despite the fact that flu vaccine has, oddly enough, never managed to eradicate the flu which kills many thousands every year. Oh well…..

    And just as in both World Wars, people worldwide will be queuing up to be obedient cannon/vaccine fodder, this time for the benefit of Big Pharma rather than Krupp, Vickers or Mitsubishi.

    Meanwhile we learn that the leader of the Opposition wants to re-label Lockdown with the more propaganda-friendly title of ‘Circuit-Breaker’, as he pushes to impose further curtailments of the hard-won liberties of the UK citizens even more draconian than those forced on us by Doris. Despite the feeble protests of the former lockdown-enthusiast Labour Mayors of London and Manchester.

    Doris’ much-touted C-19 Stasi were seen on my local London streets one evening last week, but haven’t put in an appearance since, so far as I’ve noticed. At least they weren’t armed. Yet.

  • A Thorpe

    It is the question we should all be asking. I have followed climate change for about 15 years and I started by reading technical papers and I have over 2000. Then I got to the stage where I started to ask why scientists are lying to us. I don’t have an answer. It might be money and the power that goes with influencing government policy, but I don’t understand why any scientist who should be committed to discovering the truth would ever behave in this way, but they do. I also don’t understand why governments follow them blindly and only look at one group – always, as you point out the ones spreading fear. It is just the same with the virus but in this case it is a new virus and we don’t know enough about it, and it is becoming clear that our knowledge on viruses and the human body is not as good as many experts would like us to believe. Physics and chemistry are based on well established laws and experiments can be carried out. Our understanding of the human body is not that advanced in comparison and not many people are willing to volunteer for experiments to be carried out on them.

    I watched a new video last night by Joseph Postma, on his website Climate of Sophistry, where he was trying to explain why we cannot change the climate. It showed the lack of understanding of basic physics. There is a failure to understand that radiation contains energy, but it does not always cause heating. There is also an incorrect assumption that the effective temperature at which the earth radiates to space is also the temperature to which the incoming radiation from the sun heats the earth. This results in missing energy which obviously must come from the atmosphere and obviously we are the only ones who can put it there by releasing CO2. It is a classic example of models being crested with incorrect assumptions and being tuned to match past observations. It just the same with the IC virus models. They depend on the assumptions. IC had a good reputation as a scientific university but no longer. I saw Prof Sella, a chemist, conduct an experiment using gun cotton and a magnifying glass on a TV documentary. It is astonishing that they even think of such ridiculous demonstrations as this one, but they get away with it because the media does not question it and the viewers soak it up. It shows the appalling low level of education in relation to our depth of knowledge and the inability to think about problems. This applies to everything we are being told about the coronavirus.

    The weekly deaths are available from the ONS. I saw an analysis and I checked the figures. The peak of deaths fell to normal levels at the end of May and there is no noticeable increase in the period to mid October. There is also no difference between this year and the previous 20 years. Yet the media has been reporting increasing daily deaths. Deaths are starting to increase now but that is normally for this time of year. It is so easy to distort the truth and most soak it all up.

    Tony Heller has posted views from the USA. There, the states have different policies and the number of reported cases are increasing but there is no difference between states that have mandated mask wearing and those that have not. This might prove masks have no effect, but it is not a scientific test. That would need mask wearers and a control group, which has never been tried anywhere. The advice is no better than guessing.

    But what is happening? Perhaps the same as always. Humans cannot deal with risk. There are views that we created the idea of a god to help us deal with this because we believe god will protect us if we follow his rules and we will have a life after death. It gives us certainty in an uncertain world, and we prefer to believe utter nonsense than accept living with risk. The same can be said of the virus policies, we accept the lockdowns and imposed mask wearing because we want to believe that action is being taken to save us.

    In both cases billions of our money are being spent on pointless zero carbon policies and lockdowns which are only destroying the civilisation and economies we have worked had to create. The human race has never been far from insanity.

  • Loppoman

    Re climate change. The media and other loonies tell us that we are responsible for climate change. Yes, the readers and viewers soak it up, as you say. If you went to school, and had a good education, you will know that our climate is never static and has been in a permanent state of change ever since the earth came into existence. It doesn’t happen overnight but over millions of years. However, we are brainwashed with “climate change” narrative as if humans are responsible, particularly over the last 100 years or so. We will not be told this because it doesn’t suit the agenda.
    Re the virus – common sense tells you that it cannot be defeated and that we need to live with it. We are fed frightening statistics to make us comply with the agenda, whatever that is. I personally know only one 78 year old who tested positive and now negative. Go figure.

  • A Thorpe

    Here is a quote from Karl Popper, it might explain everything: “Our civilization…has not yet fully recovered from the shock of its birth – the transition from the tribal or ‘closed society’, with its submission to magical forces, to the ‘open society’ which sets free the critical powers of man. The shock of this transition is one of the factors that have made possible the rise of those reactionary movements which have tried, and still try, to overthrow civilisation and return to tribalism”

  • Stillreading

    Well, here we are again, about to be locked up, locked in, locked down, whichever preposition takes your fancy to best describe the further creeping control of the UK population’s freedom of movement. We could see it coming, if only because Boris said it wasn’t and wouldn’t. We know now that we may expect the actions of Boris and his crew on any issue to be the polar opposite of what he has previously stated to be his intention. It isn’t the incarceration as such to which I object, as a means of temporarily slowing the spread of infection, although it’s my belief that there are better ways of controlling it. It is the creeping suppression of the right of the UK population to freedom of movement which I find increasingly sinister. (We alreay appear to have apathetically accepted suppression of freedom of speech.) There could and would have been better ways of controlling the plague had Boris and the Bonking Boffin et al managed to show some cojones right at the very start and close our borders totally and irreversibly to incomers, irrespective of their “immigration status” and other such nonsense, but as we subsequently learned, the Boffin was employing hs cojones elsewhere. Genuinely returning UK citizens who’d had the misfortune to be caught abroad at the time should have been permitted back into the UK and then immediately conveyed to and isolated, under Police control, in specially designated hotels during a quarantine period of, say, 14 days. But that was too much to expect of any UK Government, ineffectual as they all are now, regardless of political affiliation. As for exempting face-to-face classroom teaching in schools and colleges, how much more idiotic can whoever is deciding policies become? Teachers in my family tell me how utterly impossible it is truly to control classroom or year group “bubbles” at any level, given that in any one school there are siblings in two or more “year” bubbles who, once outside the school boundary fence, freely associate with their siblings and parents. Any infection taken to or acquired in school by any youngster will rapidly be passed to “bubble” fellow pupils, then to those pupils’ families. The teachers themselves of course have spouses or partners and probably children of their own to whom, if they acquire the infection from a pupil, they will inevitably pass the plague. Furthermore, we should not forget that because of the age to which everyone now has to work before qualifying for the State pension, there are many classroom teachers who are now well over 60 and thus at significantly increased risk of dying of the plague, so in order to protect them it can be argued that all schools should close, presumably into perpetuity! Clearly not acceptable. In short, there is no workable remedy or prevention. It is all too late. We just have to accept that the virus WILL spread inexorably, it WILL make thousands very ill, it WILL kill a lot of people, particularly those with pre-existing conditions or comorbidities. We should all be permitted to weigh up for ourselves our own personal level of acceptable risk and act accordingly. (I somehow doubt that those most at risk of severe infection, the over 60s and those with comorbidities which limit life-style, particularly crave to spend every moment of their time carousing with hordes of their fellow beings in crowded clubs and pubs, but if they do, then caveat emptor! “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” What many DO want to do is meet with and even hug their beloved children and grandchildren, and to forbid and actually prevent this is downright inhumane.)

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