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The cure is worse than the disease! The cure is worse than the disease! The cure is …….

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Fury at the Palestinian-adoring BBC

The first item on the Britain-loathing Broadcasting Corporation’s news this morning was the signing of a peace treaty between the Sudan and Israel. The BBC’s supposed ‘journalist’ couldn’t hide his fury at another success for Trump and Israel. The only person interviewed by BBC News was a Sudanese ‘expert’ who claimed the whole peace treaty was worthless and should never have been agreed.

But the peace treaty might be worth something to the hundreds of thousands of Sudanese who are starving due to their own government’s incompetence and corruption:

These people might now have the chance to benefit from the little US aid that their own venal politicians don’t loot.

But the BBC’s hatred of Trump and Israel is so deeply-ingrained that I believe most BBC reporters would rather see mass starvation in the Sudan than report anything that would credit either Trump or Israel.

The cure is worse than the disease

I’m not a “lockdown denier”. I can understand why – when we saw the scenes of people gasping for breath and dying in the corridors of Italian and Spanish hospitals – many other countries imposed lockdowns. Our politicians could never allow the scenes we saw in Italy and Spain.

These lockdowns clearly slowed down the spread of Xi Pingpong’s lab-manufactured Chinese plague. Although the lockdowns had a disastrous side-effect. In their rush to clear out hospitals to make room for the expected avalanche of Covid-19 patients, political leaders in the UK, New York and Sweden and other countries sent tens of thousands of elderly patients out of hospital into care homes without testing them for Xi’s deliberately-spread virus. The result, as we now know, was an extremely effective culling of the care-home population.

But that was then. We now know a lot more about Xi’s plague. We know who will suffer serious symptoms and who will breeze through it often hardly noticing they ever had it. We know that, while the 1918 Spanish flu killed millions of mainly young people, the average age of those dying from Xi’s Kung flu is around 82.4 years. Given that the UK’s average life expectancy is (I think) 81.15 years, this sort of suggests that most of us really have little to fear from Xi’s disease.

In fact the evidence is now mounting that more people will die from results of lockdowns and ensuing poverty, joblessness, family breakdown, mental stress, failure to be treated for other conditions etc etc than will ever be killed by Xi Pingpong’s virus.

How Xi Pingpong must be laughing at our rulers’ incompetence as our rulers wreck most Western economies while China increases its dominance of the world economy:

Here’s the inimitable Tony Heller questioning our rulers’ obsession with controlling Xi’s Kung flu:

Meanwhile, as the hyperventilating media hyperventilate about the supposedly “rising number of Covid-19 deaths”, there’s some information the bait-click media don’t mention.

The death rate from flu and pneumonia fell by nearly one third in September, with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) saying people who would have ordinarily died around now may instead have lost their lives in the first coronavirus wave.

New monthly mortality figures from the ONS show that there were 2,535 fewer overall deaths in September compared to the five-year average – 34,400 compared to 36,935. Although the number of coronavirus deaths continues to rise, with 690 registered in September, the overall death rate is tracking a little below what would be expected for this time of year.

Moreover, as the Government tried to terrify us into submission to its ludicrous restrictions and rules, Coronavirus registered deaths in September accounted for just 1.7% of deaths in England, making the virus the 19th most common cause of death. The leading cause of death was dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, accounting for more than one in 10 deaths.

The ONS said the biggest change in mortality rates had been in flu and pneumonia, which are far lower than the five-year average. Around 1,500 people would be usually expected to die of flu and pneumonia in September, but that has fallen to 1,132 – a drop of 27.7% in mortality rates.

Ooops – did our politicians and media ‘forget’ to mention that?

Joe ‘China’ Biden and the Chinese connection

There have been comments asking why I haven’t addressed the corruption allegations being levelled against presidential candidate Joe ‘China’ Biden and his drug-addict son Hunter. Hunter Biden, as you’ll know, has amassed an impressive fortune from slightly dubious figures in the Ukraine and China despite having a cv that smells worse than an open sewer in Mogadishu.

So, here’s probably the most authoritative and detailed explanation of how Joe and Hunter got so incredibly rich:

6 comments to The cure is worse than the disease! The cure is worse than the disease! The cure is …….

  • twi5ted

    Interesting to hear the word denier linked to covid. I seem to recall that term being bandied around linked to climate change. Like climate change one can accept variation in climate without accepting the need to kill our economies. One can agree coronavirus exist without the need to impose a totalitarian state on the world.

    I think its important to question and review the evidence and keep context. The government are paying millions to behavioural psychologists to selectively pick through information and convince you this scam is true. I predict when this current nonsense subsides the same tactics will be used for climate change or racial equality.

    China is a filthy polluter and the west has shipped waste and rubbish but also build products using toxic processes which are then dumped in the air and seas. The west happily ignore all this as the elites become ever richer and extend their vice like grip on the world. Rumour has it the so called virus was developed there as the west was too regulated to complete the work.

  • A Thorpe

    The peace treaty has resulted in Trump lifting sanctions and that is what might benefit the Sudanese people, but there is no guarantee with a corrupt regime. Sanctions never make any difference to the powerful because there is always somebody who will break sanctions for a price, so it is always the population and the poorest who suffer. That is why Margaret Thatcher did not support them.

    I don’t understand why the hospital scenes in Italy could suggest that total lockdown was the answer. There cannot be any justification for locking down healthy people. We have known about increasing antibiotic resistance for decades and that there could be a dangerous virus at any time. What we have witnessed is a complete lack of preparation for such events. I worked for the electricity supply industry. Electricity cannot be stored, and power stations and transmission systems cannot be built quickly. It needed understanding and planning to control the risk of power cuts, but that came at a cost. Now the industry seems to have lost its way by adopting renewable energy. There is no control over the times it can generate, and storage is expensive and difficult on a large scale. California is experiencing power cuts because they are ignoring the basics physics. Health care is not planned, it is always firefighting. Plans could have been put in place to avoid the problems we have seen but it would mean empty hospitals and medical staff on standby doing nothing. I imagine the expense would not be justified but we should have been told, and not have pointless lockdowns and mask wearing imposed on us by governments too afraid to tell us the truth.

    The issue that should be examined thoroughly is why the Spanish flu killed so many, and mainly the young. There was no vaccine for it, so it is comparable with Covid19 from that point of view and both cause respiratory problems. Prof Gupta is the only one to discuss this and she claims it the death of the young was because they did not have herd immunity since there had not been severe seasonal flu for years before. Therefore, those over 30 had immunity but not the young. The implication is that flu does not discriminate by age and that it is the build-up of immunity that prevents serious illness except for the elderly who suffer because of other conditions. Slowing down the spread of the disease is not the answer, we need immunity, which the past seems to show. I am not aware any anything being done to protect the vulnerable from seasonal flu, except vaccination and we know they are not 100% effective. Seasonal flu is associated with thousands of deaths every year in the UK. Where have the Covid policies come from that have infected the world governments and why can’t they see the damage they are doing and that they are not controlling the virus?

  • Stillreading

    The seasonal ‘flu jab each year protects a vast number of the elderly against this unpleasant disease and undoubtdly saves a lot of lives. For Covid-19, aka Chinese Plague, no vaccine as yet exists, meaning that a significant number of people are likely to catch it if people are free to go where and when they wish. Those with comorbidities, particularly the elderly, are likely to become very ill indeed or die. Successive lockdowns are, it is evident, being imposed merely to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed by very ill people requiring ICU beds and being unable to cope and turning patients away. This leads to the issue of who is to be turned away and why. Age based? Pre-existing conditions? If so which? Lung disease from a lifetime of smoking? Obesity and consequent Type 11 Diabetes? Physical disability and if so, which? Dementia? I would mot want to have to make decisions as to potentially who should live and who should be left to die, based on such criteria. Whether this is a reasonable policy is open to discussion but I suppose we all have to ask ourselves how we would feel if we or, if we are younger, our parents or grandparents, were denied life-saving hospital treatment because no ICU beds were available. I suppose that in the UK we are reaping the harvest of sequential reductions in spending on the NHS. A family member, a hospital doctor, told me some years ago that where he was then working Management policy was 100% bed occupancy at all times. In other words, no slack at all in the system for unanticipated emergencies – which the plague undoubtedly is. It takes some time to reverse a tanker when it’s full speed ahead – which reductions in NHS spending has been for many years now. How I personally feel about all this I am not sure. Being unable to visit family members, above all my lovely grandchildren who are growing up so rapidly, is heartbreaking. I’ve much sympathy with the lady who has become something of a Youtube celebrity, having spoken as she did a day or so ago. Do I ACTUALLY want to die yet fromcovid-19? I suppose the answer is No. Am I therefore prepared to be reasonably sensible and avoid deliberately exposing myself to infection? Yes. Am I happy to deny myself the joy of associating with my wonderful chilren and grandchildren for the sake of avoiding questionable sources of infection? No! Definitely not! These are questions we all must ask ourselves and come to our own conclusions. Not easy is it? What I suppose I object to is that a group of over-privileged Ministers in cohorts with various advisors who cannot even agree amongst themselves as to which way to go, and one of whom needed to drive miles to test his eyesight! – should take it uppon themselves to tell me where I can go, whom I should see, and when, or even if I may see them at all.

  • bad brian

    I frantically went through all the newspapers today to try to get an update on Dawn French and find out what she has been up to in the last 48 hours.

    I had almost given up in despair when there she was , bottom RH side of the daily Express !

    The caption read ” My greatest Role has been being a mother”

    Thank fuck for that then. Now we know.
    I hope to be able to give you an update on any developments tomorrow.

  • bad brian

    Hi, a quick update.

    After a bit of a hunt I can confirm there is a new Sunday story about Dawn French which asks the question ” Does Dawn French have a son ?”

    Due to home pressures I have not had a chance to find out what the answer is, but I hope to be able to pass on the dirt soon,

  • A Thorpe

    Stillreading raises important issues but they do not get debated.

    The NHS is a health care system that has created a belief that it entitles everybody to have unlimited healthcare on demand and regardless of cost. This is not possible, and it will eventually fail, as all socialist systems do. Obamacare has done the opposite of the stated intention. It has increased costs and prevented millions having access to insurance. As Margaret Thatcher said in the no such thing as society speech – for somebody to have an entitlement, somebody else has first to meet an obligation.

    He also raises the problems we all face in how to protect ourselves from the virus without giving up our essential contacts with other people. Our freedom of choice has been taken away, but we need information to make decisions that suit us, and we are denied this and are given conflicting and confused messages.

    Both issues are part of the same problem. Freedom is essential for humanity and that means taking personal responsibility. Governments have slowly been taking away our freedoms, but it does not get noticed in small steps. We have effectively lost our freedom of speech, and now our freedom to determine how we live our lives. This is modern slavery.

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