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Could it be a Trump landslide?

(Friday blog)

I had to switch off the BBC news this morning due to its usual hate-filled anti-Trump rant following the latest Trump vs Biden debate.

As the BBC lambasted Trump (as usual) for everything wrong in the world and especially for his handling of Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague, the BBC ‘forgot’ (as usual) that:

  • implementing measures to control Xi’s lab-produced plague is mainly the responsibility of state governors and local mayors, though the president does have some power through using national restrictions such as travel bans
  • when Trump initially responded to Xi’s plague, with acts like travel bans from China and then Europe, the Democrats – Biden, Pelosi, AOC etc – all accused him of creating a ‘fake crisis’ and of ‘racism’. Now they’re accusing him of acting too slowly
A Trump landslide?

The BBC went to town yesterday on a few speeches made by Saint Obama in support of Biden. What the BBC ‘forgot’ to mention was that there were around 200 people attending Saint Obama’s great rally. At Trump’s rallies there are usually around 20,000 attendees (see video below).

The polls run by Democrat-adoring, Trump-loathing media keep assuring us sleepy senile old Joe ‘China’ Biden is among the most admired presidential candidates in US history and that Biden will win by a landslide:

Some even breathlessly predict the end of the Republican Party.

But here’s another possible scenario – a Trump landslide:

After months of churning out anti-Trump, pro-Biden propaganda masquerading as news, what will the Trump-hating, Biden-adoring BBC’s excuses be then?

It’s time to defund the BBC.

It’s all about enthusiasm

And here’s why Trump could still win:

13 comments to Could it be a Trump landslide?

  • leila

    Don’t our mps look a dismal lot in comparison.Bunch of traitors, with our mother of all parliaments neatly defenestrating any who might oppose. No love of country found anywhere. Trump this week, has initiated help for trafficked women and given aid to a Native American tribe but got no mention in the press, despite being the only administration ever to do so. Love that man!

  • Hardcastle

    I hope you are correct David because I fear it’s the end of Western democracy if he does not.Even if he wins do you think the Democrats will accept the result? How would the BBC interpret such a result? Civil war is a real possibility I fear.Perhaps that is the only terrible solution to the situation that confronts the US and indeed the UK.Given the fact that the majority of US citizens are armed,unlike us a neutered population,again I think seriously civil conflict is highly likely.

  • Stillreading

    I mentioned the forthcomng American election to a family member only last week, an educated person of mature years but who is too occupied with essential immediate family matters and professional life to do other than absorb what the UK mainstream media pours out. This, as we know, includes unquestioning devotion to Saint Obama and relentless loathing of Trump and is probably how the majority of the UK population is thinking right now. I brought this person up short by stating my view that, little as one may want Trump as a personal friend, a Biden victory will in effect be to have elected the Communist Kamala Harris as Big Chief of the Western World, in which case we shall all be deep in the mire. I still think – and hope – that Trump may win. Pollsters don’t always get it right. They got it wrong here with the Brexit vote, to Cameron’s shock and horror!

  • A Thorpe

    I saw a comment yesterday which sums up my view – governments should have so little power over us that it should not matter who we vote for. America will still be a divided country no matter who wins, just like the UK.

  • Loppoman

    For all our sakes – Trump needs to win.
    Off topic – a different view of the virus from Dr.Roberto Petrella. I assume he’s Italian and he’s talking to Italians.
    Got this from a relative in Poland. Scary if it’s true.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I note that Pelosi has already started to investigate ways that Trump may be legally declared medically unfit for office and removed, so maybe the Democrats are not as confident of victory as they claim, even with a Tower Hamlets-style postal voting fraud.

    But if Trump wins, the Democrats and their backers will once again refuse to accept the election result. They will unleash Antifa/BLM riot squads again, and endless attempts to impeach. It is even suspected that Pelosi will declare the election fraudulent, herself caretaker President, and order the military to remove Trump from the White House.

    Trump must be aware of all this, and I admire his guts and his chutzpah in taking it on yet again. It would be interesting to know just how many assassination plots the US security services have foiled during the last four years.

  • twi5ted

    I feel Pelosi will engineer Harris to take over from Biden early if Dems win so they can execute their plan to end democracy. 1984 it will be.

    But there is apparently a game being played in the US where voters tell the media and pollsters they voted Biden. Who knows but even states like California could go red because who wants to accept communism. Live in the dark ages with corruption everywhere like China.

    This crazy elite globalist plan has failed at the ballot box time and time again, all around the world, but one thing i have noticed is all the chief proponents are in their 80s and even 90s. Hopefully a lot of them will be too old to bother us if Trump wins another terms and hands over successfully to a well chosen prodigy.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Twi5ted – I think the Dems will leave Biden in place. Any measures they take that don’t work, or are unpopular, they can blame on the old, white guy. Harris will claim authorship of whatever works or is popular.
    Harris will then take over in four years, when Creepy Joe is manifestly too old and demented.

  • bad Brian

    Yo Brudder !

    it is all too late .

    What is the point ?

    We are up to our armpits or even our top lip and the dunbfugs are still in charge,

    a black drag artist performer who calls himself le gateau Chocolat has just been handed £215k by the Art Council England that also dished out another £500 million quid to ?other creepy useless parasites of the same ilk. WTF is going on.

    just off to throw up and cut my wrists. I will be back.

  • bad Brian

    So check this out, I am trying to run a business with 60 people with a turnover that is down by a third due to corona-19 bollocks and in our best year ever, we made money which caused us to have to pay just over £200k.

    So, I pick up a newspaper and find that some unknown transvestite ******* called George Ikediashi has been handed £215K although he does f*** all but swan about like a big *** *** ****. I find this offensive.

    that the Arts Council of England has another £500 million to splash out on non productive useless vampires like this c***-s****** p**** make some even more pissed orff as that woke Prince Arry would say.

    So my personal message to you c***** in charge including you Boris you useless f** **** is that we are NOT IN THIS TOGETHER AND I REFUSE TO BE F***** IN MY A*** BY C**** LIKE YOU ANYMORE ! no offence.

  • bad Brian

    So to continue, all the work and effort that I have put in to hold together 60 jobs and work my butt off , and work double hard during the pandemic and contribute to the welfare of my country is pissed away on some b**** f** g** c*** by some nameless civil servant who also we must presume sucks c**** as a hobby , so why the f*** are we going along with this *** and putting up with it ?

    The b******** in charge are f****** idiots and need to be put against a w*** and ***. Every s**** licking one of them. This really is the time to draw a line and Boris needs to not just go but f*** off sharpish ********.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Lol, Brian.

    Sky News also had Obama on campaigning for Biden last night. I watch the BBC as little as possible due to the pukeworthy bias on the side of all of the NWO agendas for which most of us (not me) have to pay for via the TV licence fee. Only pensioners claiming pension credit are exempt, but there probably won’t be many of them left soon after the compulsory “vaccine” is released.

    The violent rioting woke brigade turn up at Tucker Carlson’s (of Fox News) house to intimidate him. Because of them, people are reluctant to be seen to support Trump. The SECRET Trump voters will be who return Trump to the White House.

    Nothing yet from Dave on the Biden family’s corruption that the mainstream and social media are avoiding or censoring as if it were the Black Death itself.

    If Biden wins and if the the Republicans hold the House of Representatives and the Senate, they can use that corruption to impeach him so that affirmative-action VP Kamala Harris becomes President, screws everything up big time by trying to turn the US into a Marxist country and then Trump can run against her in 2024.

    I hear that Trump wants to start up his own TV channel that can be used to counter the communist-like biases of mainstream and social media.

  • Here is a very interesting comment that I came across on another open website. It is true that modern research shows that viruses don’t spread any disease, they are merely what the cells of animals and even bacteria eject when they are being poisoned by something such as EMF radiation. Big Pharma has profited enormously from maintaining that ignorance. Here it is:

    These “whistleblowers” all say the “virus” is contagious.

    It just isn’t. Apart from the fact that the PCR test is a provable fraud, there is no evidence, even for the existence of the Sars-Cov2 virus. Furthermore, no experiments that demonstrate person-to-person contagion relating to this illness have been carried out. During The Spanish Flu (1918/19) four separate investigations were carried out in the USA on healthy young men, released from naval imprisonment in exchange for volunteering to be guinea-pigs. They were placed in close contact with the very sick SF victims in hospitals. They drank their sputum, were injected with their blood and inhaled deeply while SF victims coughed in their faces.

    Not one sailor got infected.


    Rudolf Steiner and many others blamed the radio antennae erected across the western world at the time for the millions of deaths. Our bodies nervous systems are entirely electrical. Any new frequency or unfamiliar EM waveform disturbs the body and causes reactions (often extreme) that manifest as flu symptoms.

    If there is no Sars-Cov2 virus, there is no person-to-person contagion. There is, however, an obvious prime suspect for the nerve damage caused during the illness we call COVID19.

    That suspect and OBVIOUS CAUSE of all the symptoms associated with COVID is a new higher frequency 4G or 5G radiation. This is clear to anyone paying close attention!


    How can these whistleblowers be so “on it” and so OFF it??

    They look like people who are to “conspiracy theorists” as Trump is to white nationalists.


    If we burn down/destroy all 5G transmitters there will be no 3rd wave. If we do it right now there will be no serious second wave.

    These people are revealing much truth but mixing that truth (about the agenda) with DISABLING DISINFORMATION that will prevent us saving ourselves … as one would expect the Intelligence Services to do via credible proxies.

    This operation is very carefully scripted. By absolute fiends.

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