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Poor Cressida, she ticks all the right boxes – yet the lefties still hate her

(Tuesday blog)

Poor Cressida, she ticks all the right boxes

You could be forgiven for feeling ever so slightly sorry for the head of the Met Police – Dame Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick.

She ticks almost all the required diversity boxes – woman, lesbian, incompetent, woke, ugly. And yet the radical left is still unhappy with her. I write “almost all the required diversity boxes” because Dame Cressida misses three of the key diversity boxes – she’s not a person of colour, she’s not a Moozlim and she’s not obscenely gravitationally-challenged.

On Saturday, approximately 100 BLM demonstrators alongside activists from the 4Front Project and Tottenham Rights gathered outside the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to denounce alleged cases of racial profiling against black people carried out by the Cressida Dick-led police force. Black Lives Matter protesters called for the resignation of Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick and chanted “f*ck the police” outside force HQ Scotland Yard in London.

But the more Cressida and her ever-so-woke sidekick, Neil Basu, kneel and grovel to the BLM fascists, the more concessions the BLM fascists will demand.

Maybe it’s time to get rid of Cressida and Neil and get some real police running the Met?

If they don’t like it here, why don’t they leave?

As far as I know, virtually no ‘people of colour’ were brought to the UK as slaves. In my limited understanding, they or their ancestors came to Britain willingly to escape backwardness, ignorance, disease, poverty, violence and a life lived in excrement-filled hell-holes in order to benefit from the decent civilisation we had created in the UK.

We have given them opportunities they would never have had in the hell-holes they have left. Yet they demand ever more from us:

and we submit to their demands.

Why doesn’t someone dare say “if you don’t like it here, just leave”? After all, with the free education they have had in the UK thanks to the  enforced generosity of British taxpayers, surely their countries of origin would welcome them back to help rebuild those countries?

If you don’t like it here – just leave. Goodbye!

Did fat Beccy eat all the birds?

Cressida Dickless may not be gravitationally-challenged. But here’s the CEO of the RSPB, Beccy Speight, on C4 News yesterday evening:

Beccy was complaining to a suitably outraged John Snow about how human over-consumption was destroying many birds’ natural environments as increasing amounts of land were being converted to agricultural use. Here’s another picture of Beccy:

Dear Beccy, if anyone is consuming too much, maybe it’s you. Or did you just eat all the birds?

The RSPB accounts don’t tell us how much Beccy is being paid from our donations. I suspect it’s close to £100,000 a year, but I can’t be sure. However, clearly it’s quite enough for Beccy Speight to enjoy some excellent meals from some fine restaurants.

Next time you donate to the RSPB, remember you’re helping to feed fat Beccy.

3 comments to Poor Cressida, she ticks all the right boxes – yet the lefties still hate her

  • A Thorpe

    The protesters can all be asked the same question “What do you want to happen?”, which Katie Hopkins pointed out when the BLM protests started. They never give an answer. It was exactly the same with the BBC Extinction programme. More importantly they cannot describe the sort of world we would live in if the natural world could be protected from humans. The protesters all live with a dream of a fantasy world which will never exist. The same ideals that Marx thought could apply to society are now being applied to the environment to protect Mother Earth. Thomas Sowell was a Marxist in his younger days and he still says he can see that the ideas all sound wonderful, but they have a fundamental problem in that they do not work for humanity.

    I am convinced we are entering a period of declining prosperity and it is only when it starts to have a real impact that the masses will wake up to reality but by then it will be too late. I cannot see that, as some people think, that China is orchestrating this because they need a prosperous west to ensure their own prosperity.

  • Brenda Blessed

    I am convinced that the stage is being set to bring millions of Africans and other third-world people into this country.

    The freed-up vacant offices created by Covid will be converted into accommodation. for them.

    You can hardly watch a TV programme or commercial without them in it. Blacks in particular. The social settings – groups of people, families at home, etc., are being depicted as being multi-racial, In the real Britain that state of affairs is rare. The ethnic groups tend to stick to their own kind.

    That said, we can see all too clearly that the 3% or so of the black population is making demands because they can sense the pathetic ostensible weakness of our governments and authorities, who are obviously intent on ruining this country by using immigration and migration to nullify the national identities..Now that the EU immigrants are not coming in large enough numbers, they will be replaced with third-world alternatives and Covid and “climate change” devastation will be used as the excuse.

    Here is a thought-provoking video on the problems. Dr Lynn says that Russia, China and Japan will survive as bastions of advancing civilization while the west keeps sinking into a waste of its space.

    Dr Richard Lynn On The Dysgenic Effects Of Non White Immigration –

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Cressida and her ‘Woke’ colleagues and acolytes haven’t ‘woke’ up to the fact that no matter how much and how often you give concessions to the Left, personified in this particular case by the ‘Klan with a Tan’, BLM, it is never enough – the left will always demand more. It’s their standard modus operandi
    Doubtless Dame Dick is surprised to discover that she’s now been ‘Cancelled’, despite all the knee-taking, face-painting and ethnic dancing of her pathetic Plods, grovelling before the lunatic white middle-class Left and the drug gangs’ front-men.

    Now the only option open for Prime Minister Cummings is to order Priti Vacant to replace Dame Dick with the Marxist-politician-in-a-uniform, Assistant Commissioner Anil Kanti (‘Neil’) Basu, who definitely ticks by far the most important box of the LibLabCon Uniparty’s agenda. As well as hating and despising white people.

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