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Our increasingly diverse world is enriched every day

(Wednesday blog)

It’s always spiritually uplifting to celebrate the tremendous contributions diversity and the Religion of Peacefulness make to our world every day:

Those Lesbos lies

There has been great bleating and moaning and howling in the UK mainstream media for the last few days about the supposedly dreadful conditions being endured by the poor supposed ‘refugees’ (Religion of Peacefulness invaders) on the Greek island of Lesbos:

We are repeatedly being told that they are all now living in appalling conditions, often sleeping by the side of the road, because the refugee camp there “burnt down”. But we’re never told how and why the camp “burnt down”. Instead it’s presented to us by the media as some kind of cataclysmic natural event beyond human control. Our media never mentions that it was the rapemigrants themselves who burnt the camp down for some or all of the following reasons – they:

  • weren’t getting decent Halal food
  • wanted better free mobile phones
  • wanted homes and more money
  • thought that burning their camp down was the easiest way to blackmail the EU into letting them into other richer (with lots more benefits) EU countries
Snackbar attacks nothing to do with Izlum?

In Stoltberg Germany) a German was critically injured by a knifeman shouting something about his snackbar. As usual, the police are keeping an open mind about the motive for the attack. No doubt, it will be blamed on “mental illness”.

Also in Germany, a store owner was attacked by six Syrians using clubs, planks and stones. A police spokesperson said “No information can be given at this time of the police investigations about possible weapons being used or individual criminal involvement of certain persons”. Mental illness again?

Murder most honourable in Crapistan?

For most people in the West, murdering someone is generally considered a rather nasty thing to do – especially if the person being murdered is a member of your own family. But for our friends from our most favourite religion, murdering female members of the family seems to be the most popular sport available.

In Pakistan last week a 22-year-old man was arrested for killing his sister, Nighat Parveen. Parveen’s 22-year-old brother Abdullah Hashim allegedly confessed to murdering his sister during the investigation.

Abdullah allegedly told police that his sister had become “a source of disgrace” for his family for the past eight years. He added that people in the village had also started questioning the family’s honour due to Parveen’s “character”.

Nighat Parveen was just one of the thousand or so females honour-killed in Pakistan each year – about three every day. The murderers are seldom punished as honour-killings of female family members are considered quite a natural reaction when a female dares disobey the male members of her family.

And in Europe

But it’s not only in hell-holes like Crapistan where “honour” killings seem to be the favourite national sport. In Denmark, a Bosnian Muzlim man had been looking for his ex-wife and mother of his five children. Eventually he found her  behind a supermarket and killed her by stabbing her and cutting her throat with a knife in such a violent manner that the knife broke. He then smashed her skull crushing it with seven blows with the hammer.

Meanwhile in Britain, even the BBC admits that there are over twelve honour killings a year and that “They usually occur within South Asian and Middle Eastern families”.

One of the most well-known cases is that of Banaz Mahmod, from Surrey:

Her murder was allegedly organised by her father and uncle who reportedly had some innocent, old-fashioned fun raping and torturing her before killing her and stuffing her body in a suitcase and burying it because she wouldn’t accept them controlling who she saw and who she married.

And in the USA

And, we should not forget the two beautiful sisters Amina and Sarah:

They were just two of the estimated two dozen or so honour killings in the USA every year by our friends from the bestest religion in the world. Their murderer – their father – has just been caught after 10 years on the run. Despite being on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, it seems he managed to escape capture for so long because he was protected by members of his own community who, naturally, couldn’t see anything wrong with him murdering his own daughters because they dared dress in Western clothes and talk to Western boys. (Though there are suspicions that the real reason their father shot them to death in the back of his taxi was that he had raped one or both of them and so killed them to cover up his own crimes)

Diversity and multi-cultural enrichment make life so much better and more interesting.

Here’s a song one horrified musician wrote about Amina and Sarah’s honour-murders and about the hypocrisy and cynicism of Western ‘progressives’ who refuse to even mention the subject of honour-killings because it doesn’t fit their narrative that white men are responsible for all the ills in the world:


6 comments to Our increasingly diverse world is enriched every day

  • A Thorpe

    Yesterday, I asked the question – “what do the protesters want?” – today prompts the other question – “what can we do about this?”. No answers are found anywhere.

  • William Boreham

    I recorded a comment I came across recently following an article about the ‘Death of the West and how ironic it is that we have recently been celebrating the heroism of the Battle of Britain pilots while we cannot put an end to the successful invasion of our country by third world refuse every day of the week and Englishmen go down on their knees to commemorate the deaths of a few low-life, small-time career criminals in a country 3000 miles away.

    “This culture we live in isn’t the West. Its looks like the west . It talks like the west. But it isn’t the West. It’s something that has grown in the corpse of the old West and wears its flesh. It is a parasitic zombie that stands in opposition to the old west, feeding on its flesh to fuel its own growth. It is the Anti-West .The old West was Christian, masculine, white and monogamous. The Anti-West is gnostic and effeminate. It is openly hostile to the children of Europe and sexually degenerate. The old West was creative and vigorous. The Anti-West is imitative and stagnant. The old West was fertile and brave. The anti-west is barren and cowardly.

    The real West is dead. It died on the battlefields of Europe in the twentieth century. Everything after that has been the twitching of its corpse. It is only when you realize this that you can see things as they truly are. And once you can see clearly, you can begin understand the magnitude of our defeat and its consequences.

    Our ancestors, informed by the ideals of the old west, would never have tolerated this state of affairs. They would have barred the colonist from arriving and driven the globalists into the sea. The response to Pakistani rape gangs or desert savages screaming to impose their collection of tribal superstitions would not have been government studies and handwringing, but riots and violence. The streets would have run red. But the parasite is sapping our will to stand up for our culture. This makes us weak and contemptible in eyes of our foes and in the eyes of a growing cohort of our own peoples. Seeing our passivity in the face of their provocations, our would be conquerors grow bolder.

    We in the West are proceeding into a new dark age. We got here through our own cowardice and stupidity. We are going to face a century of turmoil and subjugation at the hands of the colonists and the white political catamites who are their enablers. It will be an age of humiliation and defeat. Our generation will live to feel the boot of oppression and conquest on our necks.

    It is not we who will throw down the Anti-west and liberate ourselves from the technocrats, globalists and colonists. But we can dream and work towards something better. We must bear what is to come in bitter strength and prepare the way for those who will have the courage we lacked. Then they will throw down the enemy, reconquer what is theirs and build a new West.”

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It is truly scary.

    I find myself constantly at a loss. Why and how did the concepts of patriotism and public service disappear so suddenly – within the space of twenty years – and so completely from the circles of society that we generally describe as ‘the political classes’?

    Is it the fact of the old generation of politicians who had lived and/or served through WW2 dying off?

    Is it the lure of very big money? I have noticed that while most people seem to be reasonably content with what they have, there is a type of already well-off person who always wants more and more money, far more than they can ever spend, seemingly just as an indicator of status.

    And the two professions that nowadays totally dominate the political leadership of society, Banking and the Law, have themselves become increasingly and visibly corrupt as regulation of both has slackened.

    Is it a genuine belief in the virtues of of alien political systems and alien religions? I find it difficult to understand how so many white, middle-class people fail to understand just how suicidal this is for themselves and their families.

    Although in the case of religion, the C of E has been on a relentless downward spiral for at least thirty years, determined as they have been to install only atheists and deviants in the ranks of the priesthood, and to abandon entirely all pretensions to the moral and spiritual leadership of the nation.

    Or is it the fact, something that really ought to be investigated, that the British education system has been so thoroughly infiltrated by the Left, at all levels? A possible factor here – when I was at school, most of my teachers were male, and were nearly all capable of instilling discipline in a class. It seems to me that nowadays any desire by a man to be a teacher can subtly imply an ‘unhealthy’ interest in young persons. Which is why the teaching profession at least in schools is nowadays dominated instead by the ‘monstrous regiment’. And which possibly matches the fact that in some sections of our society nowadays, the majority of pupils come from single-parent families.

    As A Thorpe implies, the rot has now gone so far that there appears to be nothing anyone can immediately do about it. But as a lifelong student of history I have come to believe in the ‘pendulum’ of politics in determining the path of politics and society – often driven quite simply by the fact that children tend to instinctively reject the mores of their parents as boring and old-fashioned. Periods of social licence and political turmoil are usually followed by eras of puritanism and political self-discipline, and vice-versa.

    It is inevitable that the coming era of Leftist and Globalist repression will eventually provoke the renewal of the basic human desire for freedom, as happened in the Soviet Bloc despite the ruthless efforts of the entire apparatus of a relentlessly repressive State.

    But it will be a long and painful process, and there will be a great many casualties.

  • A Thorpe

    Two outstanding contributions above. Thanks to both of them.

  • Hardcastle

    Superb analysis by those above,nothing I could possibly add.

  • Stillreading

    I too endorse everything stated in the blog and all the above comments.

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