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Are Australia’s fascist police out of control?

(Friday blog)

Australia’s fascist police crack down on dissent?

I apologise if you’ve already seen the short video below. I wrote this blog on Wednesday, but since then this story has gone round the world. However, the video is so shocking, that I believe it’s important to highlight it to anyone who hasn’t yet seen it.

The video shows three Australian Melbourne police arresting a pregnant woman in her pyjamas, handcuffing her in front of her children and husband and dragging her off to the police station. What was her crime? Incitement. Apparently she wrote something on Facebook encouraging people to protest against the state of Victoria’s (in which Melbourne is situated) draconian Covid-19 State of Emergency laws.

No worries mate no longer?

Mention ‘Australia’ to anyone and they’ll probably think of great weather, wonderful beaches, cold beer and a laid-back ‘no worries’ attitude to life.

But that was before a gentleman named Daniel Andrews became the Australian Labour Party Premier of the Australian state of Victoria. Daniel Andrews is managing to make himself rather famous internationally – for all the wrong reasons.

China colonises Australia?

In October 2018, Daniel Andrews’s government was the only Australian state to sign a memo of understanding with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pledging Victoria’s support for the CCP’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI). Here’s Daniel Andrews signing the deal with Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye:

And here’s Daniel Andrews enjoying a trip to China:

This was just one of over 25 trips made by Australian Labour Party MPs to China – apparently the Australian Labour Party’s new best friend for life.

I imagine this means that Chinese construction companies employing Chinese workers and using Chinese materials will be allowed to build some infrastructure – roads, bridges, power plants etc – in Victoria all to be paid for by Victoria’s taxpayers. And I imagine that, like everything built by the corrupt, thieving, disease-ridden Chinese, all this infrastructure will be falling apart within a couple of years of being built.

In exchange for this BRI supposed ‘investment’, I suspect Daniel Andrews’s government will support the CCP’s efforts using Chinese front companies to buy up Australian agricultural land, food companies, water resources, raw material mines and all sorts of other useful stuff – useful for the CCP gaining control of Australia.

There are now over 1,200,000 Chinese in Australia – around 5% of the population, But these Chinese are concentrated in the main cities where they now make up over 10% of ‘Australians’.  Most of these Chinese still have relatives back in China and so do whatever the CCP commands. For example, at the start of January 2020, before we really knew about the Chinese plague, Chinese companies in Australia were buying up PPE originally made in China and sold to Australia and shipping all this PPE back to China leaving Australian stocks depleted.

The total population of Australia is about 25 million. The current population of just Shanghai is estimated at 26 million and Beijing is around 22 million. Australia’s 25 million people occupy an area of about 7.7 million km2 whereas China’s 1.5 billion population only have around 9.6 million km2. Moreover, Australia is full of the natural resources China wants. If you Google something like ‘what does China own in Australia?’, you might be surprised at how much of Australia the CCP using Chinese companies already owns.

As the CCP buys ever more of Australia, I’m reminded of a line from the first paragraph of H.G. Wells’s 1897 novel War of the Worlds:

Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.

Asia is a crowded place – except for huge, resource-rich, sparsely-populated Australia. The CCP now looks at Australia in the same way as the Germans under Hitler looked at huge, resource-rich, sparsely-populated Russia – a place to be taken over for its land and resources.

That is the CCP’s attitude to Australia.

Boom! Boom! Emergency! Emergency!

The Australian state of Victoria has been having a bit of a problem with the Chinese plague. If I remember correctly Victoria had Covid-19 pretty much under control until an outbreak of over 200 cases linked to a hotel being used to quarantine Australians arriving back from abroad.

The Australian military offered to run the quarantine hotel. But with Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, being a progressive, military-hating lefty, he refused the military’s help and employed three private security companies instead. It appears some of the security personnel were having boom boom with some of the quarantined arrivals and they then spread the Chinese plague out into the wider community.

So, now to try to control the Chinese plague, Daniel  Andrews has imposed some of the harshest lockdown rules anywhere in the world.

However, some of Daniel Andrews’s subjects (like the lady being arrested) have questioned the severity of the lockdown. On Wednesday fifteen Victorians died from/with Covid-19. But given that seven were over 90 years old and the other eight were over 80 years old, there might seem to be good reason to believe that the outbreak wasn’t too serious and that the (IMHO) lefty fascist Daniel Andrews was abusing his power – he could have just protected the vulnerable while letting everyone else get on with their lives.

Anyway, here’s what happens to one of Daniel Andrews’s long-suffering subjects when they dare cast doubt on Daniel Andrews’s draconian lockdown policies. This is the kind of scene one might have expected in Daniel Andrews’s best friend for life Xi Pingpong’s China and not in previously laid-back, freedom-loving Australia.

Perhaps, once a vaccine against the Chinese plague is developed, we’ll see Daniel Andrews’s police smashing their way into people’s homes and arresting anyone who can’t prove they’ve been vaccinated?

5 comments to Are Australia’s fascist police out of control?

  • Hardcastle

    Melbourne is the Australian equivalent of London in the UK,the centre of left wing “woke”.The one advantage Australia has over us is Sky Australia which consistently challenges the absurdities we are witnessing.I still have some faith in the average Australian to resist this nonsense,not so sure here though.In addition,the Australian military is still tough,well trained and very patriotic.I know this from two of my serving nephews.Australia seems to have woken up to the threat from China,again something I am not sure about here.

  • twi5ted

    Australia is over governed and runs more like Scotland. When i worked there the establishment was full of Mcleans, McCays, McPhersons etc. And as we know our Scottish brethren are very vocal, very authoritarian and prone to illusions of grandeur requiring bailouts by larger more prosperous level headed neighbours.

    One of the deals i worked on was a japanese golf resort that was purchased at the peak of the boom. The tide went out and was left abandoned for many years. Then finally a property developer purchased it for roughly a 50th of the original purchase price.

    Australia needs the chinese to keep the ponzi property market afloat. The locals hate it however the size of government and corruption in politics means unless china goes the way of the japanese in the 80s, and there is evidence to suggest that is happening, the outcome is inevitable.

  • A Thorpe

    I wonder what the Australian Head of State and her family think of this? Isolated in their grand homes with their servants, I imagine they know nothing about it. Time for Meghan to get on the case.

    Regarding the reference to Hitler, Tony Heller pointed out that Hitler first confiscated all the weapons from the Jews and then he came for them when they could not defend themselves. Katie Hopkins claims that guns are selling out in the USA as citizens protect themselves against the state.

    Here we meekly obey and Boris and his bully boys are walking all over us. When they come for us I think anybody posting here will be first on the list.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The average Australians that I’ve met over the years seem to have a chip on their shoulder the size of a house about the ‘Poms’. Personally, I wish them joy of their new masters.

    I’m more concerned about what’s going to happen in the USA in November and afterwards. There, unlike here, the Left seems much more united, and even more committed to violence to achieve their ends. And just like in Victoria, they have friends in high places (Pelosi and the ‘Squad’) perfectly prepared to attempt to hijack the powers of the State to enforce their agenda.

    It will be interesting to see whether the ‘Woke’ virus has infiltrated the US police and military to the extent that it appears to have ours.

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