June 2024

How low will the lying, progressive, libtard, Trump-hating media go?

(weekend blog)

Australia’s fascist biased BLM-loving police?

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how the Australian state of Victoria sent its police to arrest a pregnant woman for supposed “incitement”. Her ‘crime’ was to write something on Facebook encouraging people to take part in a protest about Victoria premier Daniel ‘China’ Andrews’s draconian State of Emergency lockdown laws.

But it seems to me that Daniel ‘China’ Andrews and his police are a bunch of lying, fascist, hypocritical scum. Here are two photos from the State of Victoria:

The first shows Daniel Andrews’s police taking the knee to a BLM protest. About 10,000 protestors took part to voice their outrage about the US killing of worthless, dangerous, drug-addict and career criminal George Floyd whose death hugely improved the human gene pool. Only three of the 10,000 or so BLM protestors were arrested for public order offences.

The second photo shows the woman who was arrested just for making a comment on Facebook about possibly attending a protest against (IMHO) lefty fascist Daniel Andrews’s Nazi-like clampdown of people’s freedoms.

I think these photos show clearly the bias of (IMHO) total scumbag Daniel ‘China’ Andrews and his politicised police.

As for the Australian police – it seems they’re becoming just as much a laughing stock as the Asian-rapist-ignoring, BLM-knee-taking, face-mask-Nazi, utterly useless British police. But on a more serious note – we’ve given our police so much power over our freedoms during Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague pandemic that one could wonder if they will ever give us our freedoms back again

Lying mainstream media liars’ lies to slander Trump

As the US election hots up, the Democrat-loving, Trump-loathing establishment in the US and the UK is really pulling out all the stops to discredit Trump with any lies they can think of.

This week the two biggest lies were probably the mainstream media claiming:

  • Trump was encouraging voters to vote twice thus breaking the law
  • Trump called dead US soldiers “losers”

The “vote twice” lie

Here’s just one of the many reports claiming Trump encouraged voters to break the law by voting twice:

And here’s what Trump really said:

What Trump actually suggested was that voters using a postal vote should also go down to their local polling station to check whether their vote had actually been counted or had been lost/delayed by the post or destroyed by Democrat-loving, Trump-loathing local election officials. Trump went on to suggest that if the postal vote had been delayed or had mysteriously ‘disappeared’, the voter should vote again to ensure their vote was included. At no time did Trump propose that anyone should break the law by voting twice.

Yet CNN and MSNBC and the BBC and C4 News and many other media carried the blatant lie that Trump was telling people to vote twice.

Blatant liars’ blatant lies!!!!!

Trump calling dead soldiers “losers”

Apparently there was an article in a magazine called “The Atlantic” which quoted unnamed sources to claim that Trump had called dead US soldiers “losers”. Just like the “Trump told voters to vote twice” lie, the Atlantic story was quickly picked up and repeated by most of the Trump-loathing mainstream media.

Here’s the brilliant White House press spokesperson Kayleigh McCenany rubbishing that pack of mainstream media lies:


8 comments to How low will the lying, progressive, libtard, Trump-hating media go?

  • Brenda Blessed

    Fortunately, Trump’s voters have had five years’ experience of the mainstream media’s lying and falsifying Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    It started as soon as Trump announced that he was standing for the presidency in 2015. The only way that the liberal losers stand a chance of winning is by constantly lying, falsifying via the media that they have under their control – and by vote-rigging.

    The postal votes are going to be giving the liberal Decadents some chances of vote-rigging in the swing states that have split Republican/Democrat administrations in the form of their governors and their judiciary. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court is dominated by Republican judges.

  • chris

    Lies again. Q.Why did Navalny get sent to Germany? A. To pressure Merkel to cancel Nordstream 2. So, logically Putin is a complete idiot!

  • chris

    Lies again! Headline “Polio vaccine has wiped out ‘wild’ polio in Sudan”. Truth is that the vaccine is giving children polio, UN admitted this 4 days ago.

  • A Thorpe

    Is it Trump that they hate, or is it really that they hate anybody who values freedom, the right to take responsibility for themselves, and seeks to preserve established traditional values that we know result in a stable and decent society?

  • twi5ted

    The huge flaw with lefty liberalism is it seems to rely on feelings rather than facts. Critical race theory takes this further and does away with all evidence and rests on stories and anecdotes for support.

    When the BLM rioters pulled down the statue in Bristol they were quick to erect their own replacement which is typical of revolutionaries. But few in the real world buy this shit. More and more realise how dangerous these people and policies are to freedom and the western way of life.

    When Farage debated Clegg this was exposed for all to see. Clegg had nothing and relied on others agreeing it would seem nicer if we all agreed whilst not holding government to account. Lies are accepted as furthering the cause and for the greater good.

    Unless the dems have something then as per all the previous elections when woke leftism goes up against more traditional liberals Biden is going to lose. I think Trump may gain both houses at this rate.

  • William Boreham

    Our police are just as bad. Article in the Telegraph yesterday by Leo McKinstry pointing out there is no longer equality before the law, letting the likes of Extinction Rebellion and BLM thugs get away with murder, while cracking down on legitimate peaceful protests. And as Delingpole wrote: A couple of weekends ago, you’ll remember, I got threatened by a policeman with a fine, and with arrest, simply for the crime of attending a small, peaceful, anti-lockdown protest in London’s Hyde Park. The police came in mob handed: there were almost as many coppers as there were protestors. There were also a number of arrests for offences as trivial as holding a banner. One of my friends went on the Countryside Alliance protest outside Parliament about 15 years ago and the state of him when I met him on the way home. He had blood all over after being attacked by the police thugs who went into a peaceful march by law-abiding middle-class folk smashing their heads right left and centre with their truncheons. Before the BLM rabble, they grovel on their knees before them

  • Deep down, the “People of the Lie” liberals know that instead of being morally superior to everyone else they are really lower than a snake’s belly. Consequently, instead of concentrating on overcoming their own baseness, they cultivate pathological resentment for anyone who is capable of framing things truthfully, such as Tony Abbott, the ex-Australian PM. They are painting him as a man with a flawed and undesirable character for the following reasons when in reality none of them are fit to tie his shoe laces.

    1.) Homosexuality is ‘threatening’

    In 2010, when asked about his views on homosexuality, Mr Abbott said: ‘I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do.’

    He also campaigned against same-sex marriage.

    In his campaign against gay marriage he said: ‘If you’re worried about religious freedom and freedom of speech, vote no, and if you don’t like political correctness, vote no because voting no will help to stop political correctness in its tracks.’

    2.) Abortion ‘the easy way out’

    When discussing abortion rates in Australia in 2004, he described a woman’s choice to end a pregnancy as ‘the easy way out’.

    3.) Men are more suited for leadership roles

    He said that men are suited to leadership roles as they are ‘by physiology or temperament more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command’.

    4.) Climate change is ‘probably doing good’

    Speaking in 2009 he said he is ‘hugely unconvinced’ by the science on climate change.

    He previously said global warming is ‘probably doing good’ and likened environmental policies to ‘primitive people once killing goats to appease the volcano gods’.

    5.) ‘Nature should take its course’ with elderly COVID victims

    Mr Abbott said people should be allowed to choose to ‘let nature take its course’ if their elderly relatives get COVID-19.

    6.) Female candidate’s ‘sex appeal’

    During the 2014 election campaign, he described a female opposition candidate as ‘feisty’ and said she had ‘a bit of sex appeal’.

  • Loppoman

    I don’t know much about Tony Abbot but, we’re told he’s good at trade, and that’s why he’s been employed.
    I don’t care what his views are elsewhere. What Eric says about Tony proves that he tells it as it is but, of course, his outlook on life is far removed from the MSM fascists.
    We need more people like Tony and two fingers to the fascists.

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