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How the Biden-adoring, Trump-loathing UK media never mention the new US civil war

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Day after day after day the UK mainstream media bombards us with two main stories from the USA:

  • the appalling infection and death rates from the Chinese Covid-19 plague (though, of course, the UK media never mentions China and always blames Trump and not state and city politicians)
  • how son of Saint Obama, Joe Biden, is leading Trump in the polls to be the next president. Naturally, no mention is ever made of Biden’s increasingly obvious mental decline and how Biden’s handlers are desperately trying to find a way of avoiding candidates’ debates between Trump and Biden

But the UK media carefully avoids mentioning the virtual civil war that is raging in the Democrat-controlled cities of Seattle, Chicago, Louisville, Portland and New York.

In Seattle, the lefty City Council banned the use of non-lethal crowd control measures. In response, the head of the police department – Carmen Best, a black woman – issued a letter explaining that the police would not be able to protect citizens from anarchist, US-hating rioters pretending to be BLM supporters:

(left click on letter once and then left click again to get a legible version)

Here is Carmen Best – she’s hardly a male white supremacist of the kind that the BLM rioters claim run America and oppress Blacks with their supposed ‘institutional racism’:

In Chicago, hundreds of protesters called for abolishing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and defunding the police, while chants of “Black women matter” and “Latino lives matter” could be heard. Meanwhile, black on black shootings reached record levels with over 500 people, including children and teenagers, being shot in the last four weeks.

Probably the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to mention this?

In Louisville, tensions almost spilled over into violence as two opposing and heavily armed militia groups faced off within yards of each other downtown. More than 300 members of the Atlanta-based Black militia NFAC, or “Not F**king Around Coalition” came to Louisville demanding justice for 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, an ER technician who was fatally shot by officers in March:

Three people were injured. Fortunately they were all NFAC members accidentally shot by other NFAC members.

The group came close to 50 far-right “Three Percenter” militia members, who were also heavily armed. Police kept the sides apart and tensions eventually dissipated. Both militias had said they wanted to avoid violence.

Probably the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to mention this?

In Portland, there have now been around 50 days of riots:

This has forced Trump to send in federal police to try to take control of the situation. So far, several federal agents have been injured with three being permanently blinded:

(The burning the American flag looks more like Tehran than a US city)

But instead of trying to support the police and establish law and order, the Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler joined the rioters showing where his loyalties lay: “I want to thank the thousands of you who have come out to oppose the Trump administration’s occupation of this city,” Wheeler told people gathered downtown near the federal courthouse, according to the Associated Press. “The reason this is important is it is not just happening in Portland … we’re on the front line here in Portland.” Meanwhile the Portland-based Pacific Northwest (PNW) Youth Liberation Front – which describes itself as a “decentralized network of autonomous youth collectives dedicated to direct action towards total liberation,” has issued a call to action for other Antifa cells across the country on Saturday – calling it “J25” (July 25).

Probably the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to mention this?

New York: And here are some really woke New Yorkers rioting non-violently this weekend supposedly in support of the Portland rioters. New York Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio blamed the riots on the police failing to act just weeks after De Blasio cut the budget for the New York Police Department (NYPD) by around $1bn and disbanded the NYPD plain-clothes anti-gun-crime unit. Incidentally, there has been more than a doubling in shootings in New York since the unit was disbanded.

Probably the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to mention this?

The polls all point to a massive win for the increasingly mentally-unhinged, senile Biden in November. But faced with Democrat-supported chaos, murder and mayhem or Trump’s law and order, maybe many Americans will prefer law and order to Democrat-encouraged violence, anarchy and civil war?

8 comments to How the Biden-adoring, Trump-loathing UK media never mention the new US civil war

  • A Thorpe

    Perhaps the more important issue is what is on USA TV about the riots. Unfortunately, Trump regularly gives the media ammunition to use against him. I’m not impressed with Trump but he does support the American Constitution and needs to be re-elected for America and the rest of the world.

  • twi5ted

    Biden reminds me of Corbyn. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Vote for kind gentle grandpa and get a communist state that will rob you and your children of liberty and opportunity.

    But why are the left so determined to cling to these failed policies of green, equality and war. Are they so in the pockets of the wealthy elite they have no choice and nothing will change until they lose time after time after time. These policies based on feelings, completely unsupported by data / reality, are unappealing to an informed electorate who have social media and the internet.

    The media and politicians want the electorate to behave the way they perceive they should behave and that they are dumb. Even the way the electorate have perhaps told them in panel groups and surveys.

    If that is true then they need to remember the old advertising saying. People don’t think how they feel. Don’t say what they think. And don’t do what they say.

  • William Boreham

    Part of an interesting article by a Philip Giraldi. At least they in the USA have access to weapons to defend themselves, unlike us, because I expect riots in this county next year when the full impact of our disastrous economic policies come home to roost – especially if we (as likely) cock-up our Brexit departure tactics. And the way we (and the USA) have been printing money out of thin air, one wonders how long before we reach a Weimar Germany 1923 situation. Look at the price of gold right now, glad I stocked up when Gordon Brown flogged off half our nation’s gold reserves at a knock down, give away price.

    “There are a lot of indications that the American stratocruiser is about to crash. My wife and I went to a local gun range last week for a refresher course. I knew how to shoot from my time in the Army and CIA but have not actually fired a weapon since 1978 and my wife learned how to use a handgun about fifteen years ago when we made the decision to have one available in the house “just in case.” To be sure, the current situation with deranged radical groups unrestrained by feckless politicians and a complicit media, our decision to re-arm as it were was based on the assumption that we can np longer rely on a demoralized and passive police force to protect either us or our property, particularly if there are any racial overtones to who is doing what to whom. So, we might have to be prepared to defend ourselves.
    The first thing we learned was that it was hard to get an appointment with a trainer at a licensed range. It took us weeks to make an appointment and we only got one when there was a cancellation. It seems large numbers of ordinary Americans are looking to defend themselves because they, like us, are shocked when they see politicians ignore looting, beatings and arson even as they kneel before thugs. Meanwhile, the media endorses the process, also throwing in a blanket condemnation of the white race, which suggests that there is nothing good that will come out the other end of what it taking place.
    We did our shooting training but the next hurdle was upgrading our weapons. We had a venerable 9mm automatic and an even older 38 caliber revolver. Modern handguns have better safety features and their mechanisms work more smoothly for ageing hands. We were looking for a new 9mm automatic and an AR-15 so-called assault rifle for greater reach if that should become necessary but the man at the sales desk shook his head and said “No, everything is back ordered for six months or more. Everyone is buying new weapons. Give me a deposit and I will call you when something comes available.”
    So “everyone” is training to shoot and buying new weapons, and it is even being reported break-ins to steal guns from sporting goods shops are increasing dramatically. Weapons are a hot commodity, which just might mean that the confidence among people that the state will keep them safe is at the vanishing point. Even the mainstream media has noticed the spike in gun sales, but they predictably use that fact to explain the surge in gun homicides across the country in the past several months. More weapons, per The Washington Post, means more armed racist white people are out on the streets raising hell, but it ignores the fact that the gun deaths have been overwhelmingly black-on-black, as has always been the case.
    I would also suggest that at least part of the explanation lies elsewhere, in less policing as cops have figured out that they have no one on their side and are best served by doing as little as possible when the shooting starts. Policemen have, in fact, been on the receiving end of much of the recent violence. Instead of seeking help from a cop, violent crime victims should call 911 and ask the operator to have Mayor Bill de Blasio send out a social worker whenever they get attacked by irate gang bangers. The NYPD cops are apparently too busy in any event as they are guarding the black lives matter paintwork covering Fifth Avenue in front of the Trump Tower.
    Another thing one is now having difficulty in buying is alcohol. People are depressed and are drinking a hell of a lot more than normal, which can, of course, result in impulsive behavior. I live in Virginia and our state store is constantly running out of everything. A cashier told me that they are selling 300% more booze than normal for this time of year. Last week I went into a large and well-known liquor store in Washington D.C. and bought the last few bottles of our favorite scotch The Famous Grouse. They had run out and didn’t know when they would get more. My wife and I are anticipating a Famous Grouse crisis and we have discussed setting up a still in the basement.
    Finally, a family member owns a construction company. He recently said that business is unexpectedly booming, in part because people are building panic rooms, safe havens and even 1960s style fallout shelters in and behind their houses. But unlike the threat of nuclear war in the sixties, the current fear is that with the wreckers being given a free hand by the authorities, organized home invasions penetrating prosperous neighborhoods cannot be that far away. Most of the construction work is being done as unobtrusively as possible because the clients don’t want their neighbors to know how scared they are.
    So, there we are. The United States is troubled by a pandemic that the government seems unable to respond to which has produced record unemployment and bankruptcies. Meanwhile, guns and liquor and even coins are in demand while frightened citizens are building home defenses. And much of the government at all levels acts like it is either on the side of or afraid of the destroyers. America certainly has always had flaws but it was once a land of opportunity where people could prosper and enjoy more freedom than nearly anywhere else. Those days are gone so just relax and turn on the evening news. Watch a once proud country with a resilient and hard-working people come apart before your very eyes.”

  • A Thorpe

    twi5ted, the second sentence of your second paragraph gets to the crux of every aspect of our life. Evidence and not feelings should be the basis of all our decisions. I hope you have discovered Thomas Sowell because evidence is the basis of every opinion he expresses. His book “The Thomas Sowell Reader” is a selection of his writings and a good starting point, at the end is a collection of random thoughts – there are some real gems in there.

    Sowell and others are questioning the motives of the intellectuals and he has this to say about them: “those who traffick purely in ideas- are wholly exempt from the consequence of being wrong. As such, they are free to make the same mistakes over and over again- each instance more proudly and obliviously than the last.” and “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatent that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” He has written a book about them and there are YouTube videos. Intellectuals have taken over all our institutions and in particular schools and unviversities. We have at least 30 years of people brainwashed into believing their feeling should guide them.

    My belief is that universal suffrage and democracy can only result in the slow decline of civilisation and it results in an increasingly socialist society and state dependency. It does not matter which party is in power, as Boris is proving. America was founded not on democracy but on limiting the power of the government and defending the right of freedom of the individual which goes hand-in-hand with personal responsibilty. The only British PM who understood the importance of this was Margaret Thatcher and look what the Tories did to her. Britain is now a fundamentally socialist country and the future is bleak.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just seen an article which I recommend especially to twi5ted. It is about Peter Ridd, an Australian specialist on the barrier reef. It is proof that evidence and truth no longer matters, and certainly not in universities, which I think we all know. The justice systems are just as corrupt.

    This is a conclusion from the article “ Today’s decision means that James Cook University, and other Australian universities, will continue to crush dissent and sack academics who campaign for the truth.”

  • Brenda Blessed

    In short, it couldn’t be any clearer now that the establishments of the white-governed western countries are terrorising their populations every which way they can devise. Dumbing-down, unnecessary wars, racism, sexism, feminism, feminisation (putting in compliant female ‘leadership’), immigration, transphobia, homophobia, immigration, migration, climate change, BLM, Covid-19, etc. Have I missed any? – If they are sane, they must believe very firmly that they (and enough serfs) will come out of the chaos alive to prosper as never before. Alternatively, they are just mindless decadents doing what decadents do – choosing the options that do the most harm to themselves and everyone else.

  • Brenda Blessed

    I forgot one – the subversion of the mainstream and social media into propaganda outfits that stifle alternative views, don’t report or block any news and information, no matter how factual, that runs counter to their agendas.

  • Stillreading

    Correct in every respect Brenda. I think you omitted just one more – fear of illness, which is being used throughout Europe and to a lesser extent in the States, to exert almost total control over every aspect of peoples’ lives, from where we go and how, to whether or not we are permitted to associate with our friends and family and even whether we may hug our grandchildren. The Chinese Plague has provided Governments with a marvellous ready-made tool with which to carry out an experiment in population control and it has demonstrated the ease with which this is possible. I am daily struck by sheer incredulity that in the UK around 60 million people are docilely acquiescing in permitting their daily actions, down to the most trivial or personal, to be controlled by the likes of our PM and a couple of clearly totally ineffectual Ministers.

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