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Enrichment and Covid-19 – are they by any chance related? Of course not!

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What’s happening in Leicester?

As you’ll all know a lockdown has been reimposed in the lovely, multi-cultural city of Leicester. The BBC and C4 News have had plenty of interviews with the good citizens of Leicester insisting they’re victims of the Government failing to act fast enough while at the same time claiming that the new lockdown is unnecessary. But given that nobody is ever responsible for their own actions nowadays, it’s obvious that the Government is somehow to blame for the fact that Chinese Covid-19 Kung Flu infections in Leicester are rising about three times faster than anywhere else in the country.

One thing I don’t think the BBC and C4 News have mentioned is a strange correlation between the level of multi-cultural enrichment in Leicester and the level of Kung Flu infections.

In England as a whole, white ethnic Brits – those are the ones whose lives don’t matter according to an Indian professor at my college when I was at Cambridge University – make up around 86% of the population:

Our friends from South-East Asia made up only 3.5%.

These figures are from the 2011 census. So the percentage of white British would have fallen a bit since then and the percentage of our South-East Asian friends would have risen.

But in thoroughly-enriched Leicester, the ethnic breakdown is stunningly different:

In Leicester, white Brits are in a minority at around only 45% of the population while our friends of South-East Asian heritage are now probably well over 26%.

A local newspaper reported on the conditions in the city’s 1,000+ clothing sweatshops in sunny Leicester:

“We have also heard of workers – positive for Covid-19 – being required to work throughout their sickness in order to fulfil orders.”

Several local media have said they had “received reports that workers have been told to come into work – even when they showed symptoms of Covid-19 – otherwise they would lose their job”.

“We have heard of several incidents whereby workers who had tested positive were told to come into work, and of managers telling workers not to tell anyone else about positive cases”.

“We have received information which details numerous reports of furlough fraud, workers being forced to come into work while sick with Covid-19, workers wishing to isolate being denied pay, factories operating illegally throughout lockdown and of workers being forced to work in conditions of modern slavery.”

How nice it is that our friends from South-East Asia have enriched our formerly boring, mono-cultural country with their much more flamboyant business practices.

But anyone daring to suggest that there is any connection at all between Leicester’s Kung Flu infection rates and the city’s level of multi-cultural enrichment must be a racist and therefore must be cancelled and destroyed.

Here are the people of Leicester and the mayor of Leicester and a couple of ‘experts’ bleating and moaning and all blaming the Government for Leicester’s massive increase in Chinese plague infections.

After all, it can’t be Leicester’s multi-culturally enriching citizens who are responsible for their Kung Flu situation, can it?


8 comments to Enrichment and Covid-19 – are they by any chance related? Of course not!

  • Joe Bloggs

    I think that any risk of further infections leading to an increased mortality rate is more than off-set by the sheer vibrancy, colour and enrichment we now enjoy in Leicester.

  • A Thorpe

    I think there is a connection between those promoting lockdown and BLM. This seems especially true in the USA where democrat states are passing laws that ignore the constitution. The objective is to blame Trump for the problems and prevent his re-election.

    Here I think we have one of the most incompetent governments in years and the result is chaos which defies common sense.

  • twi5ted

    I think Leicester is not helped by wealthy Indians and Pakistanis flying to the UK to avoid the virus in their main residence. Then add to the mix high density multi generational homes. But at the same time deaths continue to fall so either this all means very little or we have killed off the most vulnerable already.

    I totally agree this is all about Trump. It only became a problem in the West after they stuffed up the impeachment. Prior to that Pelosi was dancing in Chinatown and calling Trump a racist for stopping flights.

    The UK state is really now an extension of the US democrat party. It has been implicated in Obamagate and supports Dem neocons, globalists and identity politics. Boris just could not say it but nothing has changed here – we are going over the same cliff albeit with Brexit. But unless Dom gets a grip and cleans the swamp we have to tolerate the omnishamble of big left wing government colluding to generate chaos.

    Presumably, this will all go away if Biden is elected. But given Trump is most likely to win a lot depends on the makeup of the house and senate next year.

  • William Boreham

    I noticed this article in one of our ‘quality’ newspapers:

    “Two populous island nations, both advanced economies situated off the coasts of major continental land masses, might be expected to have shared similar experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. Yet the UK and Japan have had completely different outcomes. Whereas this country has the highest death toll in Europe and one of the highest per capita in the world, Japan by contrast has been remarkably unscathed. (UK 44,216 deaths – Japan 977 deaths)
    Tokyo – with a population greater than London or New York – did not record any increase in overall deaths in April, though virus infections did not peak until April. If excess mortality is the benchmark for how well countries have handled the pandemic, Japan may have a good story to tell, with the fewest confirmed cases and deaths of any Group of Seven leading democracy.
    Yet Shinzo Abe’s government did not formally lock down the economy, though it did operate a state of emergency which had a similar effect with schools and factories closed, bars and restaurants shut and the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics. Nor has it embarked on a comprehensive test, track and tracing programme seen in South Korea and planned for the UK. The state of emergency is now being lifted in most parts of the country.
    There seems no obvious reason why Japan has escaped the worst aspects of the pandemic. If anything, its more vulnerable older population is larger than in the UK. The authorities have been accused of missing cases because they do not test but this would not explain low excess death figures. Has it to do with overall health, and especially obesity which in Japan affects just 4 per cent of adults while in the UK it is 29 per cent? We trust our scientists are trying to find out.”

    Notice it didn’t mention at all that maybe it is because Japan is still 99% populated by ethnic Japanese folk who virtually ban all foreign refugees, migrants and asylum seekers whereas England is now overrun by millions of third world welfare seekers, with all the third world health problems they bring with them, not the least from marrying their first cousins.

    I wrote this some years back, viewing how craven our white population is right now in the face of the BLM rabble, it looks even worse than I forecast:

    Were Miyamoto Musashi, a famous Japanese warrior of the 16th century, to be resuscitated and brought back to life in the Japan of 2100, he would instantly recognise simply by looking at the people, that he is in Japan and among his people – and his alone. Where would a Sir Francis Drake of a similar era also revived and let walk around England in 2100 imagine he had been brought back to live in? Despite some familiar landmarks, clearly this must be some alien, foreign land so crowded with totally unfamiliar races, with only an occasional sighting of a familiar looking white face, but clearly not English as they look so cowed and frightened. The fact is that Japan in 2100 will still be toddling along nicely as a relatively rich, well-educated, happy, socially cohesive island on the edge of Asia, maybe having to put up with the occasional natural disaster now and again, but still very much Japan – celebrating the same festivals, making sure its history is taught in schools, etc. There will have been no mass immigration – possibly just a steady stream of Filipino and Indonesian careworkers who stay for a while, then go home when the contract’s over.
    England on the other hand, will be virtually third world with a population close to 120 million and with the English people now living under Sharia and numbering that of the white population of South Africa today, but under worse conditions. Our womenfolk forced into the hijab, and regularly raped, beheadings, crucifixions, Christians hunted down and slaughtered, mass disease, honour killings – many here already, and so much more wonderful stuff to look forward to in the years ahead.
    Won’t it be great? Japan has and will continue to have its sanity and a sense of what it means to be a nation. We have lost both already.
    Pity, because being an island we could have chosen their path.

  • Hardcastle

    Spot on William and we were never asked our opinion.Glad I shall not be here to see it.Once the most civilised Continent in the world,sold down the river by treacherous politicians.

  • Try getting the fact that the black population of the UK was only around 3% according to the 2011 census into a comment on the Mail Online. It is a fact and the moderators won’t allow it to appear.

    Of course, that percentage must be higher due to the numbers of illegal migrants working in the black economy, but the 2011 figures can’t be very much higher. That said, it remains to be seen what the 2021 census figures will reveal.

    Why isn’t the 3% figure allowed to appear? – Obviously because the globalist liberals who own most of the mainstream media want us to have the impression that the black population is very much higher than it is. Moreover, there are blacks in 80%+ of TV and web adverts for banks, supermarkets, etc., which is also tending to create that impression. There are also moves being made to get as many BAME people as possible to visit the countryside, probably in order to help reinforce the same impression.

    Historian David Starkey gets fired from jobs and dropped by his publisher for uttering a mildly derogatory comment about blacks in an interview, yet a female Cambridge academic, Dr Priyamvada Gopal, gets promoted to a Professor for saying white lives don’t matter and advocates getting rid of whiteness.

    Dr David Starkey: Black Lives Matter Aims To Delegitimate British History –

    Cambridge University backs academic who tweeted ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ – and PROMOTES her to professor – after she received barrage of abuse and death threats –

  • Stillreading

    Many thanks for the link to the David Starkey interview. What an erudite, articulate, informed man! Deplorable that because of the the opprobrium heaped on him by the ignorant, bigoted, woke lefties, including the BBC, he has been dropped by his publishers, deprived of his Hon. Doctorate from Cambridge (although in view of his opinion of that once august, now discredited, institution, I doubt he much cares!) and ostracised by his own Alma Mater, Canterbury Christ Church. All for stating historical truths and daring to voice an opinion based on those truths. Free Speech no longer is possible in the UK – certainly not if you wish to keep your job and certainly not if, by publicly stating your opinion, you possibly might prejudice the professional positions of those associated with you. I venture the view that many tens of thousands read this blog but dare not, from fear of consequences when every single thing posted on line can be traced to its originator, respond in the manner they may wish.

  • I am a pensioner and self-employed so I don’t have a job to lose.

    If you want to evolve spiritually, you choose truth over the lie, courage over cowardice, generosity over greed and miserliness. The liberal has become what he or she is by cultivating exploitation, lying, stealing and cheating. These negative character traits go down a bloodline becoming ever more distilled. Each type is almost always attracted to it own type.

    As the Buddha said; “There is no evil that the liar won’t commit.” He also advised his followers to become homeless if they cannot find company that is their equal or their superior.

    This is because low-order people are weak and need as much company as possible. They will try to make you become what they are. The lower they are the more low-order company they need. They also tend to see superior people as being evil.

    We are seeing the lowest kinds of evil being committed right now by these soulless zombies.

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