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Blacks’ Lies Matter

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Yes, you read the headline correctly. “Blacks’ Lies Matter” and not “Black Lives Matter”. All the lies our coloured friends and their (IMVHO) weirdly mentally-deranged, mouth-frothing BLM-fascist supporters spew out about our supposed oppression of Blacks do matter. They matter because they are causing mistrust, division, conflict and violence in our extremely tolerant country.

Maybe Blacks are responsible for their own underachievement?

I have previously shown how an astonishing 75% of African Americans live in one-parent families:

And I have pointed out that it was the great Nobel-Prize-winning Saint Obama himself who warned that children from one-parent families were:

  • 5 times more likely to live in poverty
  • 9 times more likely to drop out of school
  • 20 times more likely to end up in prison

than children from two-parent families.

You can’t blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for that!

What do you say about that, world-acclaimed historian and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Prince Harry the bandwagon-jumping Hypocrite and all the other ultra-woke BLM supporters? Was Saint Obama lying? Please tell us. We really want to know.

We see a similar pattern in Britain to the US, though we are still far from US levels of single-parent families. But black British children are two and a half times more likely to live in single-parent households than white children.

The single parent statistics published on the site in 2019 show what percentage of different ethnic groups were lone parents according to the 2011 census. Within each ethnic group monitored, the percentage of family types which are single parents are as follows: black (24%), mixed (19%), ‘other’ and white (both 10%) and Asian (8%).

You can’t blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for that!

Black Wives Fatter?

Then I looked at another indicator of societal under-performance – obesity levels by ethnic group:

A slightly greater percentage of white men are obese than black men in the UK. But a massive 32% of UK black women are obese compared to just 19% of white women and 17% of Asian women:

You can’t blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for that!

I know these are just two sets of figures. But I could list many more pointing to the same conclusion – our coloured friends are largely responsible for their own under-performance. But they keep blaming us and our supposed ‘institutional racism’

Maybe Blacks are doing better than BLM admit?

There’s one big lie repeatedly vomited at us by the BLM fascists – Blacks fail to achieve high levels of education due to supposed ‘institutional racism’. Here’s a typical quote from some (IMHO) pig-ignorant, worthless, lefty teacher or lecturer: “The fact is, as anybody who works in higher education, as I do, will tell you. Higher education in this country is blindingly white and it is blindingly middle-class.”

But let’s take a moment to look at what is really happening.

Here are the achievement figures at age five by ethnicity:

The standard narrative is that British Blacks start their education at a massive disadvantage to us ghastly racist Whities. But these figures come from a lefty think tank and suggest that there isn’t that much difference by ethnicity at age five.

Now let’s look at what happens by age sixteen:

By age sixteen, both us supposedly ‘racist’ Whities and British Blacks have fallen much further behind other ethnic groups.

And then (if you can cope with yet another graph) here’s what happens with higher education:

Ooops! A greater percentage of black six-formers go on to higher education than white six-formers. How is that possible given the UK’s supposed ‘institutional racism’?

What I suspect is happening is that the black British community is splitting. Many black British realise there is no institutional racism (especially in education where the majority of teachers are lefty, progressive, UK-hating, democracy-loathing, Guardian-reading, EU-adoring dickheads who believe their main job is to indoctrinate children to hate their culture, their country and their history and to bow down to the false gods of supposed Man-Made Global Warming and supposed Institutional Racism). And so these black British are adopting the dominant culture of the UK that it’s best to get an education, get a decent job and raise a successful family.

But unfortunately there are many black youths who prefer the Third-World gangsta, rapsta culture of crime, drug-dealing, gang warfare and violence rather than getting a decent education and a decent job. They would rather spend their lives as worthless, uneducated, violent, criminal subhuman excrement causing utter misery for their (usually one-parent) families and for every single unfortunate person they come into contact with. After all, they can always blame supposed ‘institutional racism’ for their own failure to make any contribution whatever to society. And they’ll be enthusiastically supported in their claims of victimhood by the BBC, C4 News and the Guardian.

Blacks’ Lying Massively?

Claiming that “Racist police aren’t just in America” an apparently famous black British athlete called Linford Christie wrote this week:

The Met Police responded to Christie’s allegations with a lengthy statement with a quite different version of events than that given by Mr Linford Christie:

It said: “At around 1325 on 04/07/2020, officers from the Territorial Support Group were patrolling in the W9 area in response to an increase in youth violence involving weapons.

“A vehicle with blacked out windows made off at speed from the officers, travelling the wrong side of the road. The officers eventually caught up with the vehicle which was stopped in Lanhill Road W9. The driver initially refused to get out of the vehicle. The occupants, a 25 year-old man and a 26-year-old woman, were informed that they were being detained for the purposes of a search under Section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

“After a search was conducted on the persons/ vehicle, no arrests were made and the occupants were allowed on their way. Each stop is dealt with on its own merits at the discretion of the individual officers involved taking into account various aspects including behaviour and compliance”.

Of course, we don’t know what really happened. Mr Christie blames ‘institutional racism’ for the athletes being stopped. I would humbly suggest that issues like ‘blacked-out windows’, making off at speed, travelling on the wrong side of the road and refusing to get out of the vehicle when asked might have had more to do with the police’s suspicions of wrongdoing and subsequent actions than supposed ‘institutional racism’. But no doubt the apparently world-famous Linford Christie would disagree with me.

As for Linford Christie himself – from what I can see, his son was jailed for 15 months in 2012 for allowing his flat to be used for drug dealing and then jailed again for 4 years in 2018 for dealing heroin and crack cocaine. Just thought I’d mention that as it might be relevant to Mr Christie’s attitude to the police? Or it might not?

Blacks’ Lies Matter

I think a lot of people are getting fed up with the continuous barrage of claims about the British being “institutionally racist” when we know it’s a pack of lies.

Here’s a rather wonderful interview from Sky TV where the interviewer (a very fat Adam Boulton?) is completely confused when the interviewee, a former police officer, dares blame black British youths from one-parent families for the violence and poverty in British black communities. So Boulton seems to cut the interview short to censor the policeman’s ‘politically-incorrect’ views :

6 comments to Blacks’ Lies Matter

  • A Thorpe

    The ones doing the lying seem to be the academics, politicians and the media promoting identity politics and the lies relate to any group they claim to be oppressed. it has one objective which is to disrupt established culture and civilised society.

    The data presented here does not matter to them. It is the same in America and Thomas Sowell claims the single parent families, poor education and higher unemployment among black Americans are due to politicians and community leaders supposedly helping black families. They have done the opposite, by state dependency encouraging single parent families which he describes as black women being married to the state. He claims their education has worsened because they are being forced into higher education which they do not want. He uses unemployment and incomes to support his case. He also claims that the minimum wage laws and unionisation have contributed to black unemployment.

    Facts no longer matter to most people and schools are not teaching the importance of evidence in analysing problems. The great Thomas Sowell discussed this in an article about economics. He pointed out that in science when differences arise there are rules and procedures for resolving differences and experiments can be carried out to resolve differences. (I suspect this was written before global warming became an issue but he does discuss the inaccuracies of weather forecasting). He pointed out the measurements carried out in 1919 to prove that gravity bends light, confirming that Einstein was correct. He compares this to economics and social issues where experiments cannot be carried out to test a theory and so there is no mechanism to resolve differences. This is being used now to create conflict.

    The question is what can be done about this alarming trend? It needs political leaders to speak out but they seem to be part of the problem. Boris and his team are proving to be utterly useless.

  • William Boreham

    After what happened to David Starkey, imagine the fate of Joseph Arthur were he dare to publish his essay in our current political climate, on our knees to the BLM.

    Essai sur l’inégalité des races humaines (Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races, 1853–1855) is the famous work of French writer Joseph Arthur, Comte de Gobineau, which argues that there are intellectual differences between human races, that civilizations decline and fall when the races are mixed and that the white race is superior. It is today considered to be one of the earliest examples of scientific racialism.

  • David Morgan

    Well when the American rapper Snoop Dogg, advocates telling lies and being promiscuous in “It wasn’t me.” David Craig’s latest revelations are hardly surprising.

  • A Thorpe

    it is interesting that the Wikipedia entry on Gobineau says that he was an influence on Hitler. Sweden had a eugenics programme that also influenced Hitler. There are threads of influence in history related to the spread of socialism, or perhaps more generally, collectivist ideas, all of which are based on loss of freedoms and imposed state control. Socialism has been spreading like a pernicious weed throughout civilised society The socialists have been patient after they realised revolution would not work in the wealthy western societies. They have taken over our institutions and they created identity politics which sets communities against each other. Trump is the only western leader to see the threat of socialism at the present time but he will not unite the west against this. We can only hope that he saves America from the Democrats and that EU is weakened as a result of the coronavirus and new leaders emerge to break up this socialist nightmare.

  • Brenda Blessed

    With regard to the black Portuguese Olympic athletes stopped by the Met, who accused it of institutional racism and have demanded the resignation of Dickless.

    The mainstream media always trots out the figures for stop-and-search that says blacks are four times more likely to be stopped and searched than whites by the Met. However, the accompanying crime figures that provide the percentage of crimes committed by blacks and their percentage of the population, in London, are never provided.

    That is not news, it is propaganda.

  • loppoman

    David, it would be good if you could research the atrocities going on in South Africa.
    White farmers continue to be raped and killed but our MSM or the SA government don’t give a s**t.
    Clearly, white lives don’t matter.

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