January 2023
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Our greedy MPs’ 109 government ministers scam – and we’re paying

Probably not many people know this – we have 109 (yes 109) government ministers in Britain. This is about twice as many as they have in France or Germany or even a joke country like Italy.  About 90 of these ‘ministers’ are from the Commons and the rest from the Lords. This means that about one in every four Coalition MPs is a government minister.

Why so many? Do we need them all? The simple answer is ‘NO’. It’s just a scam used by politicians to pocket many millions more of our money while claiming that their MP’s salary of £65,000+ is really very modest. Being a minister ensures you’re actually getting about £100,000 plus your expenses, plus £30,000 to £40,000 for your wife, partner or whoever you claim is your assistant, plus the most generous public-sector pension in Britain plus the hundreds of thousands you can earn doing extra jobs.

Civil servants often complain that it’s difficult to find work for all these ministers and admit that they invent things for them to do, wasting millions, tens of millions, maybe even billions of our money on futile projects to satisfy junior ministers’ egos.

So next time those lying fools the useless coward Cameron and serially incompetent buffoon Osborne tell us ‘we’re all in this together’ or about the ‘difficult choices’ or ‘necessary cuts’ – remember it’s all a load of complete bollocks. Our MPs are ripping us off like there was no tomorrow, stuffing their pockets with our money. They’re all the same – lying, greedy, expenses-fiddling scum.

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