February 2023
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A stunning achievement for Andy Murray and his family – a stunning indictment of useless ‘British tennis’

Congratulations to Andy Murray, not just for his game at Wimbledon yesterday, but for how, through hard work and dedication, he has become one of the world’s best tennis players. All the media are blethering on about what a great achievement Murray’s victory yesterday was for ‘British tennis’. But, in my limited understanding of the situation, Murray’s success has little to nothing to do with ‘British tennis’. In fact, as far as I know, Murray has been successful because he, with the support of his family, stayed far away from ‘British tennis’ and took charge of his own training and development.

British taxpayers and tennis fans have given over £100m to the British Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) since the days of Tim Henman. This money was meant to go to developing a new generation of British tennis champions. Instead, all we’ve had are a bunch of serial underachievers who don’t have the skills, the motivation or the psychological strength to win anything and so (apart from some very rare exceptions) they tend to get knocked out in the first or second rounds of even the most minor tennis competitions. Meanwhile much of the money we have given to the LTA has been wasted on bureaucracy, big salaries for the head honchos and lavish expense accounts for Britain’s tennis bosses so they and their mates can hang out, wining and dining, at all the world’s major tournaments (flying first or business class, of course) without every having to pay a penny from their own well-stuffed pockets.

Yesterday at Wimbledon was another great day for Andy Murray and his family, but it was a stunning indictment of the greed, incompetence and parasitism of Britain’s self-serving, over-paid, over-expensed, over-pensioned tennis bosses.

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