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We knew back in 2015 that China was developing a Coronavirus

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I’ll leave this up for a couple of days as it’s sort of important!!!!!!

China good! Trump bad!

First here’s an urgent message from the BBC:

“Everything China does is wonderful and all announcements from the Chinese authorities must be believed. Everything Trump does is bad and should be constantly ridiculed.”

Oh boy, the BBC really are enjoying themselves. Why? Because BBC reporters can constantly and gleefully announce that the US death numbers from Covid-19 have passed the Chinese death rate. At no time does the BBC ever mention that our Chinese friends have constantly lied about the Chinese Coronavirus plague, that our Chinese friends have tried to cover up their responsibility for the Chinese plague, that our Chinese friends tried to blame the USA for the virus, that Chinese figures may be more than suspect and that the number of Chinese dead is certainly way higher than the 3,000+ our Chinese friends claim and probably over 30,000.

Nope, the BBC are convinced that everything China says and does is good and everything Trump says and does is bad. More proof that it’s time to scrap the BBC

The Chinese virus programme exposed 5 years ago

Here’s a brief (about 2 minutes) clip from an Italian TV broadcast from November 2015. (No, this is not an April Fools joke!)

I’m afraid the broadcast is in Italian. The version on Youtube with English subtitles has mysteriously been removed. But here’s part of the transcription translated into English:

Chinese scientists have created a pulmonary supervirus from bats and mice only for study reasons but there are many questionable aspects to this. Is it worth the risk? It’s an experiment, of course, but it is worrisome. It worries many scientists: It is a group of Chinese researchers attaching a protein taken from bats to the SARS virus, Acute Pneumonia, derived from mice. The output is a super coronavirus that could affect man. It remains closed in laboratories and it is only for study purposes, but is it worth the risk – creating such a great threat only for examination purposes?

The debate about the risks of research is as old as science itself. Like the myth of Icarus, who plunged from the sky and perished in the sea, having gone too close to the sun with the wings of wax designed by his father!

Here is an experiment in China, in which a group of scientists has managed to develop a chimera – an organism modified by attaching the surface protein of a coronavirus found in bats of the common species called the Great Horseshoe Bat, to a virus that causes SARS in mice, although in a non-fatal form. It was suspected that the protein could make the chimeric hybrid organism suitable for affecting humans, and the experiment confirmed it.

It is precisely this molecule, called SHCO14, that allows the coronavirus to attach itself to our respiratory cells and to trigger the syndrome. According to researchers, the two organisms, the original and even more so the engineered one, can infect humans directly from bats, without going through an intermediate species like the mouse, and it is this eventuality that raises many controversies.

Just one year ago (remember this broadcast is from 2015), the U.S. government suspended research funding, which aimed to make viruses more contagious. The moratorium did not stop the work of the Chinese on SARS, which was already in advanced stages and looked relatively harmless.

According to a section of the scientific community, it is in fact not dangerous. The probability that the virus may pass to our species was insignificant compared to the benefits of the virus – an argument that many other experts rejected. First, because the relationship between risk and benefit is difficult to evaluate and second, because especially in these times, it is more prudent to not put into circulation an organism that can escape or be removed from the control of laboratories.

I rather doubt the sinophiliac BBC will be reporting this story.

Anyone really still believe that the Covid-19 Coronavirus came from the Wuhan wet market?

Or is it now blindingly obvious that the Coronavirus was accidentally leaked from the L-4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology when a lab worker failed to go through the proper decontamination procedures after being in contact with infected bats’ blood, urine or faeces?


9 comments to We knew back in 2015 that China was developing a Coronavirus

  • William Boreham

    This chap below is not alone, I’ve read a couple of dozen comments by those in the field, with credentials a mile long, who say that lock-down is NOT the solution and closing down our economies will lead to far more suffering, grief and unnecessary deaths than this particular form of virus would ever achieve. Let’s face it, this coronavirus kills off about 90% of old folk, (like me) and many of them with ‘underlying health issues.’ A country can survive that sort of pandemic in no time.–people-die-outcome/

  • A Thorpe

    Who can we believe anymore? Certainly not the mainstream media. They latch onto an opinion and then pull in “experts” to support and amplify the message. We never get any balance from them. It is difficult to find it ourselves if we have little background in a subject, but we can see there is a range of opinions. We cannot trust politicians to bring experts together to resolve differences in their opinions.

    The key question is why can’t we trust scientists and experts anymore. The past was a very different time because of lack of education and slow communication. It seems to me that scientists and mathematicians worked together, but what I don’t know is how research was funded in the past. Now with government funding there is no incentive to share work or resolve differences of view. There is no incentive to produce study results of this virus and climate change, for example, that say it is not a problem because income then ends. But preliminary results of studies have been released by Imperial College as final with no warnings about the uncertainty. The media gets them and the panic is created, just as it was with MMR and autism and that still rumbles on.

    At the centre of it all are our governments and we cannot even trust those democratically elected. Our government withheld the Cygnus study that proved the NHS could not cope with a serious epidemic. Blair lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and so the list goes on.

  • david brown

    Sweden is carrying on Business as usual. Large numbers of small and medium size uk companies will go broke. A knock on effect on the whole economy. It will lead to a run on sterling and the Chinese will be able to buy up our assets at a fraction of their value.
    Planes from China land at our main airports everyday with no checks on passengers.
    Actual uk deaths are only fractionally more than this time last year. Are our political elite like the heads of WHO covertly acting on behalf of China?

  • Roy Hartwell

    IMHO The ‘Herd Immunity’ solution would have been the most sensible route. If the vulnerable groups had been identified, elderly, high-risk, disabled, the majority of this group would be on pensions / benefits anyway so the cost would only have extended to the required additional care services to ensure they were all supplied with whatever was necessary. The remainder of the population could have continued with some level of precautions in addition to normal day-today living. The economy would continue. the relatively small number of the ‘normal’ population that did succumb to more serious effects could have been catered for by the NHS
    My thoughts anyway, but what do I know !!!

  • A Thorpe

    There certainly seems to be agreement today on this issue. I liked the report provided by William but it is coming to something when RT is the most trusted media outlet. In contrast Sky News is boasting about the Nightingale Hospital being built in 2 weeks. No, it wasn’t. The building was already there and it is just an emergency facility for one specific purpose.

    In a true democracy the views we have on this site would never be raised. This should be our main concern now. Parliament is effectively shutdown.

  • chris

    Just back on death stats. The method of assessing deaths changed yesterday. Previously only hospital CV deaths were counted but after yesterday all CV deaths are counted. This change was barely reported and yesterday 200 non hospital deaths were added instantly to the 187 hospital deaths. However, today the combined total is 563. This means we can no longer see the previous downward trend in hospital deaths. I suspect many of the non-hospital death counting is suspicious because they rely on a GP assessment of someone not getting proper CV care. More importantly, these deaths occurred over the last month and went unreported. Adding these non hospital deaths to one day gives a false picture. Adding future non hospital deaths to the daily count introduces opportunity for manipulation….up or down…whatever is the agenda!

  • Anonymous

    Please watch

  • William Boreham

    “This is one of the worst cover-ups in human history, and now the world is facing a global pandemic,”

  • david brown

    China has reopened the Wuhn wet market the alleged or decoy source of the Corona 19 outbreak . Having caused the deaths of many thousands of people around the world along with massive economic disruption.
    The west should be demanding compensation from China. Too many politicians are like the heads of WHO in the covert pay of China.

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