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How stupid are the BBC’s ultra-woke correspondents?

(weekend blog)

In this weekend’s blog, I’d like to bring you a story from my own sad, boring, insignificant little life.

Water load of rubbish from the BBC

Most Saturdays I listen to Radio 4’s MoneyBox presented by Paul Lewis. Often I switch the radio on a bit early and so catch a few of the stories from the ultra-woke Kate Adie’s From Our Own Correspondent. On Saturday 7 March 2020 one of the items on Kate Adie’s programme was from a BBC journalist who was reporting about the supposedly devastating effects of supposed rising sea levels due to supposed Climate Change on the Solomon Islands.

Apparently, supposed rising sea levels are making many Solomon Island properties uninhabitable, destroying agricultural land and wrecking thousands of Solomon Islanders’ lives. As the BBC journalist listed all these supposedly disastrous results of supposed Climate Change he warned “The seas around the Solomon Islands are rising more than 10mm a year – three times the global average”.

Just in case there are some woke, Greta-worshipping, snowflake libtards reading this who don’t understand how stupid that statement is, here’s a very complicated scientific experiment I have designed specially for you:

A scientific experiment for BBC Greta-worshippers

Step 1: Take a bucket

Step 2: Pour a bit of water into the bucket. It doesn’t have to be very much – just enough to cover the bottom of the bucket will do

Step 3: Take a cup and put a bit of water in the cup

Step 4: Slowly pour the water from the cup into one side of the bucket

Now observe very closely what happens. There are two possibilities:

A. the water from the cup piles up at the edge of the bucket where you poured it, which would prove sea levels can rise more in one place than in another

B. the water from the cup spreads out evenly in the bucket, which suggests sea levels cannot rise more in one place than in another because water is a liquid

Anyone who believes that the result of my complex scientific experiment is “A” is either a brainwashed, Greta-worshipping idiot, a BBC journalist or a total moron or more likely all three.

Hopefully most of my readers know that the result of the experiment must always be “B”.

Kate Adie – does wokeness destroy intelligence and common sense?

Had the broadcast from the Solomon Islands been live, one might forgive the ultra-woke, Greta-worshipping BBC correspondent for getting a bit carried away with his awfully important assignment and ‘mis-speaking’ by accident. But all the items on From Our Own Correspsondent are (as far as I understand) pre-recorded and put together by either Kate Adie or Kate Adie and an editor. Did neither Adie nor the editor realise what a complete pile of crap the statement: “The seas around the Solomon Islands are rising more than 10mm a year – three times the global average” was?

Has the BBC never heard of ‘Tectonic Plates’?

Of course, what might be happening is that movement of Tectonic Plates may be pushing up some countries and continents and pushing down others:

And this would result in measuring gauges in different parts of the world giving different readings of sea level changes.

But my message to Kate Adie and all the other (IMHO) woke, Greta-worshipping, scientifically-illiterate BBC correspondents is – try my experiment and see for yourself if water really can rise more in one place than another.

My complaint to the BBC

I have made a formal complaint to the BBC about the ludicrous claim“The seas around the Solomon Islands are rising more than 10mm a year – three times the global average” and I’ve asked the BBC to issue an apology and a correction.

But all I got was a standard “F*ck off we’re busy” automated reply.

Or perhaps the BBC really is investigating my complaint and is actively trying to find a ‘climate scientist’ who will confirm that the sea level really can rise three times faster in one place than in another? If so, a great place they could go to would be the (IMHO) data-fiddling, Global Warming gravy-train-riding shameless fraudsters at the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit.

6 comments to How stupid are the BBC’s ultra-woke correspondents?

  • Stillreading

    Excellent blog. I too heard with incredulity that idiotic comment, muttered a few unrepeatable imprecations on the subject of the speaker’s abysmal ignorance, then mentally switched off until the pips indicated 12 noon. I then listened with appreciation to the ever eminently reasonable Paul Lewis. In my view he is one of the few BBC journalists who, through his regular exposes of duplicitous activity in the banking and financial industries and his support for the impotent “consumer” of their questionable “products”, actually earns his salary. On the subject of BBC salaries and idiotic leftie BBC reporting, since we are in future months to be served almost nothing by the BBC but endless repeats of decades old quiz, food, house makeover and gardening programmes, are we in fact about to see the end of the iniquitous TV licence? The reintroduction of payment by the over 75s, due to start in June, has already been pushed back to August, and as we’ve been told to expect as much as a year of isolated home incarceration for everyone over 70, will it be pushed back to this time next year? In such an event, would the BBC ever dare to try to reimpose the charge on the old? And were they to attempt to do so, would Boris or any other PM actually permit it? Should the BBC in fact continue to impose the charge on anyone?

  • twi5ted

    Could also be erosion and over development of low lying areas. None of this greenie rubbish stands up to scrutiny but is usefully complex although public seem less willing to trust which is a positive step given how corrupt it all is.

    Dare i say the massive overreaction to the current flu virus shares some of the same characteristics. With doctors, replacing the scientists, and whipped up by the media to predict the end of the world based on models.

  • Ed P

    Jakarta is sinking approximately 17cm per annum, due to excessive ground-water being extracted from under the city. Ms Adie would probably report this as, “Seas are rising near Jakarta at an alarming rate”. Twat

  • A Thorpe

    I’m pleased we have you willing to listen to the BBC. I switched but the fake news virus is spreading and now I watch Pie in the Sky News, but not for much longer.

    My background is thermodynamics so I understand the CO2 fraud. I haven’t looked at sea levels very much but I have failed to find a definition of what it means and without an understanding of the average, it is impossible to make sense of the change. An average temperature has no physical meaning, it is just a statistic, useful for deciding when to go on holiday. Take two containers of water at say 10C and 20C and put them in one container and you don’t get 30C. Put simply, no meaningful total, means no meaningful average.

    I don’t like the demonstration about water levels because the ocean levels are not like this. For example the trade winds across the Pacific result in water piling up on the Asian side. The wind force acts against gravity. When the wind drops, gravity forces the water back across the Pacific. Apparently the sea level on the Asian side can be 3 feet higher (from memory). There is a tide travelling round the earth changing local levels. I have no idea how that is taken into account. Land sinks, and sometimes it is because of the weight of buildings and sometimes due to water extraction. Land rises, sometimes it is because it is recovering from the removal of ice after the last ice age. I’m sure there is a very strong correlation between the amount of money flowing into island nations from climate policies and the amount the are sinking. Take away the money and they will bounce back. There is also concern about coral, but it survived the last ice age when there was a huge drop in sea levels. Some corals live near vents on the sea bed and the high temperature does not kill them. We should be panicking because truth and rational thinking is in very short supply and it does not get delivered, it has to be created by individuals.

    When systems are designed based on averages, they fail or do not work when a peak situation arises. A bridge based on average load would fail. An aircraft designed for average thrust would never get off the ground. A health system designed for typical levels of illness will fail when there is a crisis. People who ignore saving for a rainy day face a financial crisis when the rainy day happens. Plus, when people expect somebody else to pay for their crisis this also creates an economic crisis as well.

  • Munir Ahmad Khan

    Actually sea levels can and do change. relative to what people who know what they are talking about would call the “WGS 84 datum” of course. Without overly taxing my tiny mind i can think of a few reasons.

    Paramount among them would be the varying strength of the earths gravity at different points on its surface due to both the un-uniform shape of the planet and the un-uniform density of the earths crust.

    The second obvious reasons would be the rotation of the earth on its axis imparting a centrifugal force. Due to the mid latitude s having a greater distance from the axis of rotation from the high or low latitudes (0 at the geographical poles) the centrifugal force will be incrementaly greater as we go into the tropics.

    Perhaps water temperature and density has some effect too.

    I nust say it is quite peculiar to use such a reductionist methodology as using a bucket as a model of planet 21,600 nautical miles in circumference.

    As a long time occasional reader i feel it would be appropriate for you to issue a correction and an apology. After all the most important use of the scientific is to determine when we are wrong.

    If you still think that physics are either easy or tangible then read up on superfluidity and the dunning Krueger effect. Both phenomenon should expand your mind.

  • Khan I,Mustavabanana

    This Munir Ahmed Khan fellow above does make a serious point if only you spiritually bankrupt infidels would take the scales from your eyes and ask Allah to allow you to see the light.

    By Greta’s pigtails I thought, rising sea levels in buckets, this is the most important scourge facing mankind today except for no loo rolls which is why Allah gave us our dung hand. No so daft now
    was he ? Why the BBC not explain some more for me ?

    So me looks at the subject of rising sea levels for myself, I got hold of two buckets and tried to repeat the experiment in the comfort and safety of my own home.

    As I was pressed for time and without boring our readers, I should explain that I was completely naked at the time and due to my sister giving birth in the kitchen I could not for the devil inside me figure out exactly which direction in our broom cupboard faced Mecca.

    With not a goat in sight, quick as a flash I thought to myself ” Call Mamma” on the basis that I might connect with some like minded people , sympathetic to my religious needs.

    The call did not go well because the “”Call Mamma” people thought that me call was a wind up and when I explained that I was standing bollock naked in me broom cupboard with two buckets of water, trying to learn about rising sea levels, while trying not to freeze me bollock off as me sis screamed jihad in the background, trying to explain that it would help if I knew where Mecca was,the receptionist became distinctly hostile towards me and told me he hoped me wife would wake up wif the breath of a camel.

    ” I’m not married ” said I “and the orphanage is on lockdown just now, so I’ll be needin to order one from Pakistan ”

    ” Get one with her own teeth who can shoplift mate !” said da man from Mamma.

    Well, I was having none of that and so with the speed of one thousand gazzells I retorted, ” Look here sonny, don’t you dare speak to me like that , you genie’s cock, who has a mother with the eyes of ten scorpions ”

    At this, this moderate Muslim fellow, he wents bananas ands he screams ” I no sonny , you unclean dog, I am Shiite uncle Tom scum, I pluck out your tongue with a rusty spoon and feed it to small nocturnal desert mammals!”

    ” But me buckets are getting heavy bro,an slashin everwhere. Just cos you is a big shite don’t mean you haves to behaves like a big Shite !” says I “And my dangly moons of pleasure have rose up into me tum tum cos it’s bleedin freezing in here!, can yer not just tell us where this frickin Mecca place is ”

    ” Yea ” he say ” Go to the pyramids, follow the Nile upstream for quite a bit, many days on a swift horse, and turn left, that’s where Mecca is you flea bitten, dung sucking cockroach of little or no repute”

    ” Thank bro” said I and then I hung up.

    So, the result of my experiment was inconclusive and can only really be proved by betting on two lizards to see which one can climb up a wall fastest, god willing that my one has Mohammed’s lucky thumb shoved up it’s love button on that day.

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