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Two Chinese plague stories today

(Monday blog)

Story 1 – Virtue-signalling kills

At the beginning of February, the (IMHO) woke, libtard, moronic, virtue-signalling mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, suggested residents hug Chinese people to encourage them in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, a member of Associazione Unione Giovani Italo Cinesi, a Chinese society in Italy aimed at promoting friendship between people in the two countries, called for respect for novel coronavirus patients during a street demonstration. “I’m not a virus. I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice.” As could be expected, loads of woke, progressive, anti-racist idiots all rushed out and selfied themselves hugging a Chinese tourist so they could post the pictures on their social media accounts to show how unbelievably woke and tolerant they were.

Since that wonderful demonstration of libtard woke, virtue-signalling, Chinese tourists and Chinese migrant workers have brought the Chinese plague to Italy and more than 6,000 Italians have died from the Chinese plague that Chinese tourists and Chinese migrant workers brought from dirty, corrupt, disease-ridden China to Italy. And now in Italy crematoria are working 24 hours a day to try to dispose of the thousands of dead bodies.

I wonder if the woke, virtue-signalling idiots who told us to ‘hug a Chinese person’ would like to apologise to the families of the 6,000+ dead?

Oh no, sorry I forgot. Woke, libtard, virtue-signalling morons never apologise for anything because they’re convinced of their own moral superiority over the rest of us:


Story 2 – The Chinese plague that ‘didn’t come from China’

Linked to this story of woke stupidity in Italy is the absurd phenomenon of lefty, progressive, woke, libtards in the media hating President Trump so much that they’re trying to twist the narrative about the Chinese plague.

While it’s clear that the Chinese plague came from China, the lefties are trying to claim that saying the Chinese plague came from China is “xenophobic” and “waacciiisssttt”. Some are even repeating the lying, corrupt Chinese government propaganda claims that the virus actually originated in the USA.

Yup, the lying, West-hating, progressive lefty media luvvies, deluded by their Trump Derangement Syndrome hate Western civilisation so much that they’re prepared to lie and twist the truth to use the Chinese plague against Trump rather than facing the fact that the lying, dirty, corrupt, disease-ridden Chinese have just caused the greatest health and economic disaster to the world since the Second World War

Scumbags. Totally worthless, despicable scumbags!

11 comments to Two Chinese plague stories today

  • david brown

    Italy will most probably be the true epicentre of the spread of coronavirus in Western Europe. Out of the first 79 to die in various locations in Northern Italy only one was white. See the China virus came from China and Chinese people.
    Officially some 300,000 Chinese reside in Italy, many in the sweat shops producing Italian designer fashion. The locations of the fashion labels line up to some extent with the original out breaks in Italy. Fashion to die for .

  • A Thorpe

    I read that Lombardy has a high immigrant Chinese population that could have brought the virus here. Of course we are not told how many of them have the virus. I also read that some medical experts think that the treatments being tried in Italy are contributing to the unusual high level of deaths. I also read that a laboratory in the USA says the test kits are not fit for purpose with a 50% false positive rate.

    The media is an utter disgrace. I have seen many photos of the supposed mass outdoor gatherings all taken with telephoto lenses which make everybody look closer than they are. Boris could fit us all with some kind of chastity belt like to dog collars so that we cannot get closer than 2 metres to each other. What I really want to see is policemen everywhere keeping us indoors. I haven’t seen the police in my street in the 15 years I have lived here. Where have they all been hiding.

    The filming and interviews in Italian hospitals shows they have no respect for the dignity and privacy of the patients, or the potential risk of bringing the virus out with them. If the staff are under the pressure they claim, then why do they have time to give interviews?

    The overall risk if death is said to be around 1% but with higher rates in the elderly, usually because of existing health issues. The fatality rate for seasonal flu is 10%. These figures are based on people identified with the disease. It is clear that the risk of death from the coronavirus is lower than seasonal flu. Actual number of those infected is unknown, so the true risk in both cases will be lower. The response of the medical profession, governments and the media is disgraceful.

    This is the precautionary principle at work rather than proper risk management. The few deaths they will prevent will be insignificant compared to the deaths to come as a result of the complete destruction of our economy. Boris does not have a plan to restore the economy and repay the debt. The precautionary principle resulted in around 60,000 women being killed as witches. Only history will establish the madness and deaths from this self-inflicted crisis and the fake climate crisis.

  • A Thorpe

    To add to the above, Tim Stanley has written a piece in the Telegraph citing Florence in 1630 isolating the city against the plague and keeping people indoors with food deliveries. This has no relevance today because no UK city is self-sufficient in food and other essentials and even the country could not isolate itself. The death rate was 10% as a result. The death rate on the isolated cruise ship was less than 1%. When are we going to get credible reporting?

  • M.A.Khan

    Is admitting that you are wrong truly better than being a hypocrite DC?

    Oh no, sorry I forgot. Woke, libtard, virtue-signalling morons never apologise for anything because they’re convinced of their own moral superiority over the rest of us.

    You owe it to your 17 readers to issue a correction and apologise.

  • David Craig

    Dear Mr Khan

    Allahu Akhbar. May you smite the infidels with all your might.

    Regarding your comment, I think my 17 readers (actually it’s 7 readers) are intelligent enough to know when I’m writing rubbish.

  • david brown

    From Readers comments Telegraph 23/03/2020 to article by Tim Stanley. -“Its common knowledge among the people who worked in Wuhan prior to the shutdown and shopped at the fish market every day that how it was described as rare live animals dying alongside fish was not true and a ploy to hide the real story.”
    On youtube are plainly edited videos depicting the horrors of fish markets mixing animals and fish.
    Very occasionally a conspiracy theory is close to the truth. One being the Wuhan institute of Virology which is along the lines of our Porton Down a civil and military biological research base.

  • loppoman

    David, if I thought that your blogs were rubbish then I would not read them every day.
    Mr. Khan is on the wrong page – he needs to go where they write fiction.
    Carry on David, you’re doing a grand job!

  • Hardcastle

    David Craig is a must read for me every day along with Spiked,Conservative woman and Breitbart.It is the only way to retain my sense of perspective and sanity in a world that has lost its compass.Thorpe is always a measured and informed correspondent whose contributions I enjoy and learn from.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Thanks for you comment Hardcastle, but I have to say that David has inspired me to investigate more thoroughly and provides the forum for all of us to contribute. The worry is that we are a small number with no influence.

    I wonder whether this government generated crisis will result in people being forced to change when it all settles down, but the transition is not going to be very pleasant.

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