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The new migrant invasion – don’t believe the lying bastards at the BBC and C4 News

(weekend blog)

I wanted to do a different story this weekend. But I think this one is more important.

If you’ve been watching the lying, rapemigrant-loving bastards on the BBC and C4 News, you’ll probably have seen reporters bleating on about the poor supposed ‘refugees’ trying to cross from Turkey into Greece as they supposedly flee for their lives from the nasty Syrian president Assad’s army. In particular, the lying, rapemigrant-loving scum at the BBC and C4 News managed to get lots of heartrending footage of sad-looking children forced to sleep out in the open without any food or shelter.

Well, here’s a shortish (5 minutes) video showing what is really happening. Not many children in this video. Just young men of military-fighting age from the usual hell-holes being bussed and/or transported by trains to the Greek border by Turkish forces, being given weapons and tear gas by the Turks and ordered to invade Europe by crossing into Greece. Our friend Mr Erdogan has even ordered opening up some Turkish prisons and bussing criminal migrants to the border with Greece. The migrant-hugging BBC and C4 News probably ‘forgot’ to mention that?

Anyway, I won’t write any more. The video speaks for itself.

This is the reality. This is an invasion.

So, don’t believe the lying, West-hating, rapemigrant-worshipping scum at the BBC and C4 News.


5 comments to The new migrant invasion – don’t believe the lying bastards at the BBC and C4 News

  • david brown

    media Caught FAKING images of Refugees in Peril – youtube

    Even the Daily Mail used these fake images

  • david brown

    watch youtube -Media Caught FAKING images of Refugees in Peril

  • William Boreham

    Wait and see, we are so feeble protecting our borders, they’ll all eventually get into Europe and many will cross Europe into Britain. Paradoxically, we had a Battle of Britain against the only world statesman who thought the preservation of the British and her Empire were essential for world stability, yet welcome in million who worship a creed that commands them to kill us. What could possibly go wrong? Found this interesting item from 5 years back from the Ludwig von Mises Centre:
    “What had here been no post-1945 mass immigration into Britain?”

  • A Thorpe

    The other invasion we have is the Coronavirus and the media are spreading more panic. The government says do not panic buy, so the media shows panic buying and the best products to buy. The true death rate is unknown but there is continual discussion on TV of poor information. Every case and every death is being reported, increasing the panic. We never hear anything for normal flu but there are thousands of deaths every year. It is finally dawning on people that self-isolation is impossible for families.

    On Question Time this week there was an obvious conclusion from the discussion. The masses now expect the government to have the ability respond to every situation so that they are not inconvenienced in any way. There has to be spare hospital beds, with doctors and nurses on standby to deal with their demands with the assumption that the state has the money to provide them. They are demanding the perfect communist world. The government is telling them that it can be provided because they dare not tell them the truth. The masses also think that houses can be provided for the homeless and every new arrival, and we can live in perfect harmony.

    This is what the easy life of the last 40 years or so has produced. Most young people have wanted for nothing and still want more. They look to the state as the provider of their needs. They should have been born before around 1950 when there was nothing. We got nothing from the state and survived by taking responsibility for ourselves. Now they are demanding state control of their lives. All politicians no matter what party are willing to take our freedoms away, helped by the media. We should be afraid of the people we elect.

    “ From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”
    ― Alexander Fraser Tytler

  • Eric Legge

    The 2011 census says that 3% of the UK population was black. It remains to be seen what that percentage will be at next census (2021).

    In 1961, the population of people born in Africa or the Caribbean was estimated at 191,600, just under 0.4% of the total UK population. By 1981, the black population in the UK was estimated at 1.2%.

    Why then do over 80% of adverts on TV and websites have one or more black people in them? Some adverts even have all-black casts. The TV programmes themselves are much the same in this regard.

    In my opinion, this is being done in order to get us accustomed to black people so that we don’t notice their numbers rising. It is not to counter racism, because the UK is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. It is also not done to target high-spending black consumers, because there are not many of those.

    The only way that this drive is ever going to be put paid to is if plenty of people put in complaints to the advertisers.

    Moreover, there is a drive by the liberal media – the BBC in particular – to make it look as if women rule the word.

    Most newsreaders and presenters are women and most of the current pop music played is by female singers wailing inanely repetitive lyrics to heavily-produced muzak, while an excellent library of pop music is ignored. Most of the rest is bargain-basement material.

    Moreover, most of the current pop stars are touted as singer-songwriters in order to make them appear to be more talented than they are. The reality is that there is a small number of songwriters and producers who are responsible for most of the output.

    The best pop music is not being played in order not to make the current godawful, feminised material appear to be even worse that it is by comparison with the best music.

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