June 2024

Free speech that would now be banned in our once great country?

(Tuesday blog)

Sweden enriches Denmark

Good news! Most people know that multi-cultural enrichment has turned Sweden from Europe’s most boring, peaceful and bucolic country:

into a colourful, vibrant and ethnically-diverse paradise:

 And now this enrichment is spreading to Sweden’s neighbour – Denmark.

Following a series of bomb attacks and shootings in Copenhagen, carried out by ‘New Swedes’, Denmark has decided to institute border controls to try to stop the flow of heavily-armed and deeply-criminal ‘New Swedes’ crossing from Sweden to Denmark.

However, given that political correctness will probably prevent the border guards from using racial profiling to stop the ‘New Swede’ criminal gangs, one might wonder how effective these new border controls will be.

Well done Sweden. You’ve not only committed cultural and national suicide, you’ve also started inflicting chaos, violence and anarchy on your closest neighbour.

The joys of national suicide

And while we’re on the subject of countries committing cultural and national suicide, below is a shortish (6 minutes) video of a speech given in the French Parliament by a member of Marine Le Pen’s party.

Any politician daring to give such a speech in the British Parliament would be shouted down by our virtue-signalling, UK-hating, surrender-monkey, globalist, libtard MPs, vilified by our ever so politically-correct media as a bigot and racist, certainly have their political career destroyed and be ostracised as a social leper.

Free speech anybody?

6 comments to Free speech that would now be banned in our once great country?

  • Hardcastle

    What a superb speech and totally accurate in all respects.What is so sad is that what you say David is totally true.It is now impossible for anyone in Britain to make such a speech,anywhere! All our institutions and main stream media are controlled to such an extent that it is impossible to even question the immigration policies of our so called leaders.Expression of such concerns leads to loss of employment within any public funded body and probably many private enterprises also.This brought home to me how far towards totalitarianism we have fallen.Actually,we are there.That the French still have representation who are able to express such views and we are unable to,illustrates to me that we are longer. A democratic country,we are no longer the mother of parliamentary democracy.How far we have fallen in such a short time.The coming election gives us no alternatives to the status quo,it is a charade and we are being played.A vote for any of the main political parties will result in no change of direction because they all espouse the same Marxist,leftist philosophy once in power.I do not trust any of them,why would you after the last 20+ years of lies and deceit.That so many people appear to be able to vote conservative after what has occurred over the past three years,never mind the rest I find perplexing.Use your eyes.Do not listen to what they say but remember what they have done and will continue to do if elected.Another Conservative (false name) administration will finish this country,if we are not already.

  • daveh

    Agree totally with the above and with you David.
    What a breath of fresh air this speech was, his colleagues’ all knew he was telling the unsavory truth yet still they heckled him.

  • A Thorpe

    How depressing this is. It was only recently that I found out about the links between Sweden and the Nazis. It is now clear that the image many have of Sweden is far from the truth.

    I am more concerned about the our own governments than immigration. We are being destroyed from within. It is perhaps not surprising that Marx and Engels ended up in the UK since it looks increasingly likely that we will be the next country to head into the welcoming arms of the Marxists. It started with the nationalisation programme after the war and in particular the NHS which is effectively the flagship of the Marxists and has established a position where it cannot be criticised. Thatcher did her best to turn back the tide of socialism but the establishment brought her down when she went too far for them. The privatisation programme is a sham in many cases because our governments came up with the better idea of regulation, especially with the energy industries. They now seem to have tighter control of prices than under nationalisation. China has shown the Marxists that they need businesses to provide them with money, but unlike China we tie the hands of business with human rights and regulations. The UK is making business uncompetitive and this also applies throughout the EU. The USA is going the same way in spite of Trump’s efforts to prevent it. One look at our current account balance tells the story – it has been in the red almost continuously since the early 70s when we joined the EEC.

    We have fallen behind in developing new technology. Sinclair, Sugar and others gave it a go but lost out to the USA and now China and Asia. Now we are just a consumer society with an inflated sense of entitlement paid for by somebody else. Government support is becoming the norm and much of that is provided by debt. The rich and businesses will not stay to be fleeced by the government and both Corbyn and Johnson are falling over themselves to spend money they haven’t got. Ruth Davidson writes today about the possible deadly alliance between Corbyn and Sturgeon. I agree with Hardcastle; we are finished. It is just a matter of waiting for the death blow.

  • William Boreham

    According to U.N. forecasts, the population of sub-Saharan Africa, which was 504,000,000 in 1991 and is 1,066,000,000 today, will grow to 2,118,000,000 in 2050 and all the way to 3,775,000,000 in 2100. Meanwhile, white European/British women have given up having babies and each new indigenous generation is considerably less than the previous one, inevitably reaching virtual extinction. Added to that, apparently we European white voters also have no right to say no to the hundreds of millions of blacks and Muslims who will want to flee the messes they’ve made of their own countries and settle here where the streets to them really are paved with gold. Only a European leader with the same charisma, political and racial philosophy, willpower and ruthlessness as ***** ****** (who considered the survival of Britain, her people and her Empire as essential for world stability) could save Europe (and us) from the inevitable fate facing our great/grandchildren in the not too distant future – and there’s no sign of such a leader so far.

  • loppoman

    William, you paint a very dark and disturbing picture.
    You know you the media could hang you for suggesting we need another Adolf.
    I happen to agree with you but would hope such a future leader would not be as ruthless as ****** was, an **** **** would be ideal. That guy didn’t mess about – he just chucked all the undesirables out of ********** and good old Britain welcomed them with open arms.
    I do agree, the population explosion in Africa will be the end of the white race.

  • Landloper

    Ravier is spot on – and the French Parliament knows it too.

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