April 2024

‘Corrupt, unelected, pompous, lying, buffoon’ Barroso loses his cool in sunny Mexico

The (in my opinion) ‘corrupt, unelected, pompous, lying, buffoon’ Jose Manuel Barroso seems to have lost his rag during a press conference at the G20 meeting in Mexico. “Frankly”, he said apparently quite angrily, “we are not here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy”. So who is this Barroso? A minor nobody from a totally bankrupt small PIIGS country – Portugal. He is unelected and runs an organisation that does not recognise the results of elections. Whenever some lousy EU treaty is rejected by voters, then voters are just ordered by the EU to vote again and again till they get the ‘right’ result. None of the members of Barroso’s EU Commission are elected either – they are appointed by national governments, usually because of their sycophantic support of some leader or other. The 40,000 people who work for Mr Barroso are mostly idle, overpaid, over-pensioned, self-serving and thoroughly corrupt. About £30bn of the £100bn or so that Mr Barroso’s EU spends each year are lost due to waste, incompetence and corruption. The EU countries are dragging the whole world economy into a prolongued depression because of the economic incompetence of the laughable Barroso, the ludicrous Van Rompuy and the other jokes who supposedly lead the EU. Barroso’s EU has destroyed millions of European jobs because the flood of EU rules and regulations makes it almost impossible for firms based in Europe to compete in international markets. And the EU has foisted the lie of global warming on us and used this to push up our taxes and destroy even more European jobs.

The (in my opinion) ‘corrupt, unelected, pompous, lying buffoon’ Barroso may claim he doesn’t need lessons in democracy and economic management. I would disagree – it’s precisely the EU’s autocratic, undemocratic attitudes and economic incompetence which have caused the problems that are intensifying unemployment, misery and widespread social breakdown throughout Europe. Maybe it’s time for this worthless fool to be pensioned off (at our expense) and replaced by someone who can listen and learn.

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1 comment to ‘Corrupt, unelected, pompous, lying, buffoon’ Barroso loses his cool in sunny Mexico

  • PG

    I would agree , people like Barroso need to be silenced once and for all , and removed from politics . we have no need for third rate politicians today.
    Also the EU and especially the Commission need to be reorganised and become accountable to citizens directly . Without this there will be more and more opposition to the EU , and anti Eu parties will win more and more .
    Also the question of pensions etc for the EU has to be investigated , seeing the EU is pushing countries to reduce pension , health care etc . If politicians want massive large scale opposition to the EU , then they should continue with their current strategies and they will get what they deserve .

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