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Britain – land of hardworking Poles and drunk, lazy, obese British scum?

I wonder if my local public gardens represent much that is right and wrong with Britain today. On one side are the two bowling greens where those that have worked and paid taxes all their lives relax and play bowls. In the cafe, there are usually a few massively obese slobbish women with their noisy obese children eating a couple of burgers each. On the other side are the tennis courts, usually taken up by Polish immigrants playing tennis. Occasionally there are some British players, but it’s mostly Poles. But on the benches by the tennis courts there are always groups of drunk, lazy, swearing, foul-mouthed Brits, jeering and sceaming abuse as my wife and I and the various Polish couples try to play our tennis.

Firstly, I find it offensive that we cannot play tennis in peace without being harrassed by worthless, unemployed, unemployable British scum. Then I find it doubly offensive that I have to pay taxes so that the British human excrement have enough money to get drunk and then can then come and ruin my leisure time because they are too lazy, stupid and ignorant to find something useful and constructive to do with their own pointless lives. Perhaps I should move to Poland?

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10 comments to Britain – land of hardworking Poles and drunk, lazy, obese British scum?

  • Jason

    Unfortunately, the Uk has taken a massive nose dive in terms of social standards and society in general. The English have embraced capitalism, lack of good parenting, alcoholism and me me me culture and lack of morals or human decency. It sounds harsh but it is true. The UK can lie, hide and try to deceive everyone but one day the s**t come out. I feel genuinely bad for people that uproot their whole family and move to a different country finding it is socially and culturally worse than the country you left.

    I moved to the USA about 5 days before you made this post and i left for the reasons you described and the reasons I stated above. UK is the abyss of the European union and I would be better for you, your friends and family to leave. The Euro may not be in the best shape but as long as you have your health and you are happy it will be fine.

    The UK has always been a dark place full of slavery, poverty and the super rich living like dictators in similar fashion like the Gaddafi’s and Castro’s of the world. The place is so expensive you need to dodge tax and face jail in order to get by.

    I have visited mainland european many times and the culture and people are light years ahead of the Uk. Even the poorer EU member countries are safer, cleaner and more ethical than the UK. All from life experience.

    All the best in future and good luck.

  • James worby

    You get all your taxes back despite using our services such as education so shut your fucking mouth you prick

  • James worby

    And when you work it all out you europeans pay for fuck all i know lots who are on benifits too so fuck up

  • Jilly Jones

    That’s because we have to pay road fund, car insurance, VAT, income tax, Council Tax, TV licence, have families to look after. You come here and live ten to the dozen for a house meant to house a family of four. You use our NHS, We have to pay for interpreters, for Eastern Europeans, while your women act as prostitutes and gold diggers, the stupid Tony Blair let the Pols and Eastern Europeans in, as he probably needs an extension doing, not meeting British Standards. I am so glad I voted BREXIT! However, I have to say I do concur the govt we have do not live with the immigrants, they have them work in their farms, use them as cheap labour, but don’t want you in their area. Let their constituents have the issue of uncontrolled immigration. I also noted that Eastern Europeans do not want immigration in their countries, but wish to be welcomed by England. We don’t want you. At least the Indians brought in good food, great festivals, you just bring in ringworm and a spirit level which is not level like you!

  • Peter

    Definitely agree with the article. More and more Brits think they’re superior to everyone else and that being paid to be lazy is their birthright. It isn’t.

    As for the “this is my country” or “go back home” crowd, take a look at your own history? There’s no such thing as a native Brit, so follow your own advice and f off yourself.

    Lazy, no manners and no brains – a nation of white van man is your inspiration.

    Just about everybody else either born or settled here is smarter, earns more, can read and write English better and doesnt need to spout racist rubbish to mask their own failures.

  • Mario

    Exactly Peter!!I agree, British are lazy, dirty, stupid, fatty and swearing all the time!!! Is perfect article!!! I didn’t see the stupidest nation in my life as are Britons!!! They still thinking they are empire, and the best of the best but is not 18st century anymore!!! At the moment is only stupid, fatty and lazy nation!!

  • Mike

    The UK wasn’t always like this, but the decline has been definite, and it’s getting worse. The place is now an absolute toilet.

  • Marco

    Britain started the long slide down during the 70s and 80s. At least we had nationalized institutions then: railways, water, gas,and buses. We all made jokes about BR for example, but at least you could buy a cheap ticket to your destination without having to navigate the multi-tiered monstrosity we have today. The privatization of our national industries let in the chancers, the greedy, the corrupt, and the downright wicked. Look at how football has gone. The working man is now priced out of the game.

    The working class has been demonized and pushed onto the sidelines. Our once-proud manufacturing industry is gone and out places of higher education turned into profit-making mills churning out degrees that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Apprenticeships are a thing of the past.

    Don’t seek to blame the average person. Blame the leaders who brought all this about and their allies, the multinationals and big business.

  • Michael

    Interesting, my park is full of gangs of Poles, Lithuanians, and Russians all plastered off their face on strong lager. All scruffy fuckers, shaved or cropped haircuts, covered in tattoos, harassing passers-by and shitting and pissing openly in public.

    I guess integration IS working.

  • sam

    I absolutely despise the english and the uk. 50 years of living here has produced this result. I wish I could “f off” as you so eloquently put it, but no decent country will allow british people in. By the way, I am english, as are all my ancestors.

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