June 2018
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Gordon ‘Liar’ Brown gives Oscar-winning performance at Leveson inquiry

Our (in my opinion) lying former PM, Gordon ‘Boom and Bust’ Brown did us all proud yesterday. At the Leveson inquiry he gave a performance that even that great actor Tony Blair would have envied. How Brown managed to keep a straight face while making the most preposterous (in my opinion) claims deserves our admiration. Brown, not a man known for being calm, claimed he wasn’t upset when the Sun moved its support from Brown to Cameron before the last election. Brown, who could never hide his desperation to get Blair out and instal himself into 10 Downing Street, claimed he didn’t know his aides were briefing the press against Blair. And on and on it went.

This (in my opinion) fool, this incompetent, this financially incontinent buffoon, this idiot who almost single-handedly bankrupted Britain (while Blair played at being a great international statesman), this joke of a chancellor who wasted over one and a half trillion pounds of our money, this curse of a self-obsessed, self-righteous, pompous, arrogant, sociopathic, brooding, bullying knave tried to play the part of an honest, humble, well-meaning, kindly family man. Could anybody really be taken in once again by our supposedly prudent ‘Iron Chancellor’ and probably the worst PM Britain has ever had?

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