April 2024

If Trump found a cure for cancer, the BBC would accuse him of putting doctors out of work

(Wednesday blog)

Trump has done it again – another success for the Donald. A couple of weeks ago, Trump threatened the Mexican Government with increasing tariffs on Mexican goods entering the US unless the Mexicans clamped down on the flood of illegal migrants from the usual Latin American basket-case sh*t-hole countries. Immediately Trump was attacked by the mainstream media in the US and UK. All the pundits mocked Trump for his supposed “stupidity” and said his threats were hollow and would only increase prices for US consumers.

As usual, all the Trump-hating progressive mainstream media were wrong. The Mexican Government has caved in, has sent troops to the Southern Mexican border and is taking back migrants rejected by the US.

This made me think of using today’s blog to list Trump’s achievements since taking office. But I can’t. Why not? Because there are too many of them. Here’s just one list compiled in mid-2018 listing 289 Trump achievements:

But there are other lists with even more achievements of the Trump presidency.

Yet a study I came across revealed that around 97% of all press coverage of Trump’s time as President was negative. The media is so biased against Trump that if Trump found a cure for cancer, CNN and the BBC and C4 News and the Times and other media would accuse Trump of putting doctors out of work.

Below is a shortish (6 minutes) video of Trump speaking to Congress in his State of the Union address in February 2019 about economic growth and falls in unemployment during his presidency. In particular, he highlights record numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans in work. The Democrats in Congress listening to Trump’s speech look like fatally-constipated rats. They hate the idea of Blacks and Hispanics having jobs. If Blacks and Hispanics have jobs, they’re more likely to vote Republican and more likely to oppose the Democrats’ policy of open borders and increased immigration.

I accept that Trump’s style (and haircut) are somewhat disconcerting. But the man keeps his promises and gets things done. What other politician can claim that?

(you might have to click on “watch on Youtube” to see the video)


7 comments to If Trump found a cure for cancer, the BBC would accuse him of putting doctors out of work

  • Juliet46

    I wish we had President Trump leading our country. God knows, we need a man like him.

  • Stillreading

    The rapid response from Mexico over Trump’s intention to impose painful tariffs should be an object lesson to all our feeble MPs on how to bring Brexit negotiations to a rapid conclusion, satisfactory to the UK. State your terms, lay out unambiguously what the consequences will be if the other side fails to meet them (in the UK’s case withdrawal with immediate effect of ALL payments to the unelected Eurocracy) then wait! Remember – almost always the other side has just as much to lose. Perhaps the majority of our MPs’ brains are too fuddled with cocaine, crack, cannabis and presumably subsidized Westminster booze to grasp this simple concept! As for the BBC, I don’t think I have ever been as immediately enraged over a public issue as I was – and still am! – over the announcement to withdraw the TV licence concession to the over 75s. As an octogenarian on an income which is just above the level to qualify for Pension Credit, I shall withhold payment next year and am willing if necessary to be banged up in consequence. Not primarily on my own behalf, angry as I am, but for all those of similar age who, like me, live alone, but are inarticulate, not techno-savvy, have limited mobility, are fighting various illnesses, have no personal transport, and who were raised to comply with the Law. WHY should a widow (or indeed widower) of 80 plus, living alone on a diminished income after the death of a spouse, dependant entirely on TV for giving at least the illusion of human company, be required to pay the same licence fee as a couple with several children, probably with four or five TVs running concurrently, but who happen all to live at one address? Why should we pay on an individual basis for the BBC at all? Give the organisation a strictly limited budget from public funds and force it to make ends meet by withdrawing all the trashy, vulgar rubbish now broadcast and by firing obscenely overpaid “celeb” presenters. Then require it to be apolitical – which it certainly isn’t at the moment with its LGBT, anti-Brexit, anti-Trump, anti-Tory, leftie bias. As for hypocrisy, after all its fawning last week over the D Day veterans (which of course included nice little jaunts abroad for a lot of reporters!) this is how the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation’s management demonstrates its gratitude for the freedom those veterans fought for!

  • A Thorpe

    @Stillreading – I usually agree with your comments but I don’t agree with your view on “free” TV licences. The answer is to abolish taxpayer support for the BBC. Your argument also applies to council tax. Why should it be based on property? When Thatcher tried to introduce a sensible system we had riots. The problem with most people is they now expect somebody else to support their basic needs. This is socialism which will make us all poor in the end. Our government is set on bringing disaster on us with their latest climate policy. I have never understood the belief in god but ignoring science and believing we can control the climate by CO2 makes god seem real.

  • William Boreham

    I have great reservations about Trump. His childish use of Twitter, his tariff war which could produce another 1930 type worldwide depression, his apparent inability to build that WALL and the fact that Israel still controls US foreign policy. For all that though, just viewing the rabble that passionately oppose him, he must be doing something right even if that’s not directly obvious to us here in Britain.
    A Thorpe – ironically, were this country to disappear beneath the waves today, it would make little difference to world CO2 emissions as we only generate 1.1 % of the world total now. Toxic Theresa, having destroyed the Tory party and botched our dash for freedom and independence, has now condemned thousands, perhaps millions of our elderly a premature death, unable to pay the exorbitant energy bills her policy will produce, apart from most of industry fleeing this country for the same reason.

  • loppoman

    Trump’s doing what he said he would – MAGA.
    And, rightly, he doesn’t care about the moans from the rest of the world.

  • Stillreading

    Fundamentally I agree with you Thorpe. Ideally I would make the BBC a solely commercial TV organisation, which would stand or fall on the quality of its programmes, as the independant channels have to do. When I said some sort of strictly limited state funding, I was making the assumption that Auntie will never be cast from its privileged fold. As for the analogy with Council Tax and paying per capita, not per building (or TV channel!) I am total with you. I supported the Poll Tax from Day 1 and the riots were caused largely by those – mostly Council tenants – who were being asked for the first time in their lives to contribute realistically to all the services they had previously enjoyed at the expense of home owners. Of course every adult of working age should have paid – ought still to pay! – their share, but no government will dare to treat again where even Thatcher’s feet sank to the thighs in the mire! Personally I am sick of supporting the requirements of the millions who know how to manipulate the benefits system to their advantage, may of whom enjoy a significantly higher life style than do I. As for so-called “Climate Change” – well, those of us who have seen the anomalies of where, where and how the rain or the sun decide to appear call it Weather! Furthermore, given the over-population now of our nation and the almost intolerable road congestion, to imagine that ELECTRIC vehicles could possibly get anyone anywhere in a reasonable time is beyond ridiculous. And where will all the electricity come from anyway? Although I am all for reducing air (and vehicle noise) pollution at a local level, the overall carbon footprint – or the eventual nuclear waste contamination – will remain virtually unchanged. Or do politicians know better than Newton when he realised that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed?

  • A Thorpe

    @Stillreading – I agree with all you say. Earlier I read a comment made by CP Snow about science: “the majority of the cleverest people in the western world have about as much insight into [physics] as their Neolithic ancestors would have had”. It sums up why we have a climate crisis.

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