June 2024

Those ‘starving’ Palestinians need to lose some weight

(Tuesday blog)

1. Amnesty International

I’m a bit sad that just one person liked yesterday’s piece on how Amnesty International has lost sight of its original purpose and has become just another left-wing, Greenie, anti-West, money-obsessed monster serving its jet-setting bosses rather than the prisoners of conscience it was set up to support.

I believe it’s important to expose these fake charities and to encourage people to stop giving their money to them.

2. Peterborostan by-election

Next let’s revisit the recent by-election in a third-world country called Peterborostan. On your left I believe is the gentleman who was convicted of postal voting fraud:

The picture would suggest that he was also closely involved in the recent by-election success of Labour’s Lisa Forbes – she and Great Leader Jeremy ‘Maduro’ Corbyn are also in the picture. The gentleman, Tariq Mahmood, was convicted in 2018 alongside fellow Labour members Maqbool Hussein and former Peterborough Mayor Mohammed Choudhary for forgery over a scheme to fabricate votes for the Peterborough City Council election of June 2004.

Apparently Tariq Mahmood still denies his guilt over the 2004 postal-voting fraud and claims he had nothing to do with the recent Peterborostan by-election results.

I believe him. Don’t you?

3. More “Climate Crisis” bollox?

Last week 12 nature and conservation groups wrote to the Environment Agency’s chief executive, Sir James Bevan, warning that falling water levels are putting wildlife at risk after last summer’s heatwave and a dry winter. They urged him to force water companies to implement “restrictions and temporary use bans” now rather than wait for further damage to be done. No doubt they had been closely following the Met Office’s long-term prediction of a hot dry summer due to Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Crisis or Climate Breakdown or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this week.

Anyway, pretty much as soon as this important letter was delivered, it started raining and raining and raining with some parts of the UK getting a month’s worth of rain in just one day.

The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings for several rivers in south-east England. The agency said on its website: “River levels have risen as a result of localised thunderstorms. Flooding of property is expected imminently. Please take action.”

A total of 31 flood alerts – which mean flooding is possible – are in place across the country

The more the eco-loons and greenie-fascists scream their doom-mongering, the more ridiculous they look.

As for the Met Office with its great big new £97m super-computer with loads of knobs and flashing lights – I doubt the Met Office could even forecast the date of Christmas never mind the weather/climate months in the future.

4. Those Palestinians need to run around a bit more

And now let’s visit the Gaza Strip.

Listen to any lefty, progressive idiot and you’ll believe that the Palestinians living in Gaza are imprisoned by the evil Israelis in some kind of concentration camp. In fact, people living in the Gaza Strip are facing a new health crisis – obesity. The World Health Organization estimates that 26.8% of the Palestinian population (23.3% males, 30.8% females) are clinically obese. This is just below the level of obesity found in the extremely well-fed US.

During Ramadan, many gyms in the Gaza Strip were staying open till 02.00 am as Palestinian men tried to shed weight from eating too much. Over the past decade, the gym business in the Gaza Strip has boomed. There are now around 120 professionally-equipped gyms in the Gaza Strip according to the Palestinian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation compared to just 10 twenty years ago.

Meanwhile, as Palestinians become fatter and fatter, one of the main press agencies, AP, tells us “An Israeli-Egyptian blockade, imposed after the Hamas militant group seized power in 2007, and an intensifying political schism with the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, has thrown Gaza’s economy into free fall, deepening poverty and worsening humanitarian conditions”.

12 comments to Those ‘starving’ Palestinians need to lose some weight

  • Stillreading

    It’s not that we didn’t like yesterday’s post, any more than we don’t like today’s. It’s just that more and more readers probably feel as do I – that unless we are absolutely certain when we make any sort of public statement that we are not laying ourselves (and more importantly those associated with us) to accusations of anti-something-or-other and infringement of the law forbidding honest discussion of this, that or the other, it’s better to keep schtum. It’s not apathy though. From speaking with friends and family, I know that we are merely keeping our powder dry, forcing down the lid on the simmering keg – whatever metaphors you prefer – until the lid blows off, the stored powder is red hot. There is so much simmering anger – over the failure to deliver Brexit, over the gender “choice” and re-assignment, over the idiotic demands of the leftie snowflakes, over the multiculturalism which is being thrust down our throats and which we never asked for. I could continue, but that’s enough to be going on with. The angriest are those who do NOT march and shout the loudest – something it would behove the current clutch of aspiring Prime Ministers to take account of! (Just where do they think the recent EU Brexit Party vote came from?)

  • Wonky Moral Compass

    Even in the unlikely event that postal voting is not a fraudster’s playground, it’s still in urgent need of reform to preserve what little faith in the electoral process remains.

    There’s a petition up which, as always, will achieve sweet F.A. It might cause some mainstream chatter though, if well supported.

  • Ian J

    Please keep it up DG I agree with Stillreading and appreciate your efforts

  • William Boreham

    I see Boris Johnson has gone all ‘eco-loon’ extolling the virtues of ‘renewable’ energy in the form of solar panels and making Britain carbon free by 2040. The clown is obviously unaware of the recent report stating that Britain’s solar farms get more money in taxpayer’s subsidies than they make from selling the electricity they produce. ‘The system, which often guaranteed handouts for 15 to 20 years have been far too generous and skewed the energy market, leading to bigger household energy bills..’
    Much the same for all so-called renewable energy, we poor consumers pay to ‘change the climate.’
    They messed up ‘changing the climate’ this week, raining off the cricket world cup and the ladies kicking a football around.

  • loppoman

    Stillreading always posts accurate comments. A well educated person, with eyes wide open and ear to the ground, who speaks for the silent majority of us having no representation.
    I don’t give to charity so Amnesty, or any other such organization, are of no interest to me, so I’m not qualified to make any comment.
    Climate change ALWAYS happens so yes, it’s bollox.
    Palestinians would be much better off if they accepted the fact that Israel is here to stay. They have everything to gain by declaring peace.

  • Stillreading

    Petition duly signed, Wonky. Thank you for the link. It’s high time for postal voting to be abolished for all except the ill (as certified a medical professional) or the genuinely home-bound disabled (not including the grossly obese whose self-indulgence has brought their immobility upon themselves!) Being on holiday should be no qualification either – up to the individual whether they choose to be available on voting day. As for compulsory voting, please let us not go down that route! At least at the moment one assumes that people who make the effort to get to the ballot box have at least a slight understanding of what or whom they are choosing to vote for. I was at an event last week where the D Day Commemorations were being transmitted in real time on large screens, and as President Trump and the First Lady appeared in full frontal close-ups, a young woman just behind me asked her companions who they were? “Is it a woman called May something? Who is it?” “Dunno,” replied her female companion. God help our once proud nation!

  • Stillreading

    Never, ever, give to any of these large so-called “Charities”! The overwhelming majority of what hard-pressed members of the public give out of the kindness of their hearts goes to the enormous salaries of the Chief Execs and their minions or to the trustees, who collect huge fees for “administration” of accrued sums. How many charities set up for specific purposes such as lifeboat disasters others readers can probably think of, have NEVER been wound up, because it wouldn’t be in the trustees’ financial interests to complete the administration of the funds? On the news right now there is mention yet again of the sexual abuse of local women by Oxfam workers in Haiti. Who is to say they haven’t been at it in other undeveloped countries? Give money by all means, but give it to small or local charities, where the fruits of the giving are evident.

  • tomsks

    Oh Pallywood. I love it when they talk about the genocide Israel is carrying out against them and then I produce the stats of their massive population increase and the reduction of Jews in Islamic countries. I usually get caled a nasty name after that.

  • Fraudulent postal voting has been proven I the recent past particularly involving Asian communities so why would Peterborough be any different? It is a scandal that the Electoral Commission has done little to investigate or even to register concern.But are we surprised when one looks at the individuals which make up this body?Fully paid up members of Common Purpose.

  • How many times do you mess up before I stop believing in you Boris?? Bullshit never really got anybody anywhere so be yourself and be honest!!!!!

  • Paul Burke

    After we’ve covered every spare acre of the country in solar panels in an effort to supply what is in reality just a small fraction of our energy needs, where do we build the extra tens of thousands of houses needed to cope with the projected population increase due to immigration? And perhaps more importantly, where the hell do we grow food?

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