May 2024

Are the treacherous, lying, incompetent, infighting Tories toast?

(weekend blog)

A month or so ago, I suggested the lying, treacherous Tories were committing a double suicide.

Suicide 1 – deliberately sabotaging Brexit (well done Mr Hammond and Mr Grieve, you utter assholes!)

Suicide 2 – plotting to prevent the only electable replacement to the worthless, UK-hating May – Boris Johnson – from becoming the next Tory leader.

But the situation now is much worse than back then.

It’s all about competence

Nobody likes the Tories. But we repeatedly vote for them because we believe they are more likely to display some kind of patriotism and managerial competence in government than the financially-incontinent Labour or the eco-idiot LibDems. But when the Tories are exposed for betraying their own country and total managerial incompetence, what reason is left to vote for them?

All we have seen from the useless Tories since the EU Referendum is servile betrayal of our country’s interests and incompetence after incompetence after incompetence

First we had the complete bungling/sabotage of Brexit as the lying scumbag May sidelined two Brexit secretaries while taking orders from her Remoaner civil servants and grovelling to Barnier and the useless Brussels Drunk.

Then we had the appalling farce of the pointless Tories and especially the supposedly ‘influential’, but actually laughably ineffetive, 1922 Committee failing time and time again to drag UK-despising Remoaner May from Downing Street.

And now we have the pathetic spectacle of the Tory leadership campaign to replace the vile bliar May. If the Tories had any sense, they’d choose between 3 or 4 serious potential candidates, get the thing over with as fast as possible and get on with Brexit. Instead we have at least 12 self-declared challengers – most of whom are (as one journalist wrote) “not even household names in their own households”. Moreover, most of them know they have no chance of winning. They are not putting themselves forward through any sense of what’s good for our country. Most are only standing in order to enhance their own political careers and their own earnings potential. At a time of national emergency, with the very real prospect of a Corbyn/Maduro (sorry, I meant Corbyn/McDonnel, of course) government, all these self-serving, arrogant Tory scumbags can think of is their own personal career and financial interests. To Westminster insiders, this may look like democracy in action. To most voters outside Westminster, this looks yet again like even more Tory betrayal, stupidity, greed and total chaotic managerial incompetence.

And once the Tories have lost any semblance of patriotism and managerial competence, what reason is left to ever vote for them again?

None as far as I can see.

So next week I’m going to donate £500 to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the hope that, if thousands more do the same, the treacherous, lying, incompetent, self-serving, Europhiliac, surrender-monkey Tories will be rapidly consigned to the garbage bin of history where they so deservedly belong.

13 comments to Are the treacherous, lying, incompetent, infighting Tories toast?

  • dave hancock

    Stout fellow !

    For all the reasons you state in your article, and many others; It’s not an impossibility or approaching fantasy that Farage could become the next Prime Minister….. a long shot maybe, but the establishment are starting to get very twitchy about the acceleration of the Brexit Party….just wait to see how much flack the remain cabal start to throw.

    Just sit back, watch, and enjoy !


  • adrian brewer

    Make that £499 so your name does not have to be revealed and they accused of being EXTREME RIGHT WING

  • William Boreham

    Our first past the post electoral system works against any new political party making an impact. I would be very concerned that the crackpot Greens and Lib/Dems might get an overall majority by default. As Churchill once remarked, the average British voter is as thick as a plank.

  • Julia Green

    Supporting the Brexit Party is 100% the right thing to do. UKIP under Batten has been a farce – and it’s set to get worse, if such a thing can be imagined.

  • William Boreham

    Good article of this subject by Douglas Murray in today’s telegraph, unfortunately the pay-for section:

    What is wrong with the Right? Why do Conservatives find it so hard to stand for anything? The vacant space where Conservative ideology used to be was evident during the Cameron years and became glaring under the May government. Now, with scores of Tory MPs running for the leadership with the same weak and reheated pronouncements, it appears that the whole Conservative tank is running on empty. It is worth reflecting.
    We are nearing the end of a decade of Conservative-led governments. Yet today it is almost impossible to identify a positive Conservative policy which could galvanise the voting public. Ask most Tory MPs to defend any identifiably Conservative policy in public and their response will resemble so much Left-wing pabulum. Even on the economy – the one area on which Conservatives used to be trusted – there is a sense that (contra the old, conceited mantra) the Right has not only lost the culture war but is also losing the economic argument. On “poverty”, food banks and more, they appease the arguments of the radical Left. As it is with Conservative words, so it is with their actions.
    Whereas the Labour Party whenever it is in power pushes every Left-wing bag carrier into every government appointment available, what exactly do we have to show for almost a decade of Conservative rule? The appointment of the distinguished author William Shawcross to the Charity Commission at the start of this decade has often been pointed to as a victory. But apart from that? Six months ago Sir Roger Scruton was appointed to an unpaid position leading a government advisory committee. And everybody knows how well the Conservative Party made that work out. Can anybody point to any other identifiable Conservative in any other position in public life? Things only appear to be going in the opposite direction. This week Philip Hammond appointed TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady to be a non-executive director of the Bank of England. When exactly will a Labour government return that favour?
    The reality is that, other than the brief period of Michael Gove’s school reforms, after a decade of Conservative rule there is little for the party to boast about apart from having kept Labour out of office. For all the talk of “fresh faces”, today the Tory party appears intellectually exhausted. The result is that on almost every policy issue they are able to be bullied by the ideological Left to a pathetic extent. And if there is one over-riding reason for this, it is that the British Right no longer dares to use any of its most powerful weapons.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Why single out the Tories? Parliament was given a clear instruction to leave the EU. The MPs have all failed to deliver for the simple reason that most of them do not want to leave and even those that seem to support leaving are probably too afraid of the consequences if we leave and it all goes wrong. Those that want another referendum are too afraid to make the decision and want us to make it so that can blame us if it goes wrong. They are all utterly useless.

    I blame the suffragettes. They mistakenly thought that having a vote would give them influence. That is the great delusion of democracy. All we have is an elected dictatorship rather than one imposed by force. The MPs have to reject the referendum results because it gives us power over them and that is the last thing they will accept. Bring back the suffragettes but let them march for freedom from state control.

  • TommyAtkins

    The degeneration of UK that is occurring day by day before our very eyes discussed at the

  • TommyAtkins

    Georgia Pouliquen courtesy of the describes the horrors Macron is inflicting on the French Yellow Vests.

  • Andyt

    Britain’s future defence arrangements with the EU are not part of Brexit. The European Commission has agreed with the UK government that security and defence should be a completely separate package of negotiation.

    Think about how clever this whole Brexit thing has been:

    By separating the ‘divorce’ from the ‘future relationship’, government can claim ‘Brexit’ in the full knowledge that deal or no deal there will be a ‘future relationship’ which will see is back into many, or all, the institutions we had left.
    By separating defence into a completely different negotiation, it can be kept out of the public discourse completely.
    These two bullet points define Brexit, which as I have said since 2016, is a completely fraudulent process. We will not leave, and Nigel Farage knows this.

    And so does Francois Fischer, Head, Intelligence Analysis Division, EU Intelligence.

  • ubbogo

    Yeah right!!!!!!

  • ItsAllOverNow

    What did the Tories do for you? I think every Bremainer should have at least 10 live with them and then 5 more each successive year for eternity.

    U.K. Hits “Open Borders” Highs – 600,000 Migrants Arrive In Just One Year.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    I am so glad we have so many 100,000s gimmegrants to find homes for and to add to the NHS welfare state overload. Its a good thing we are still in the EU don’t you think. The strong EU economy and all that you know Deutsche Bank the pinnacle of German strength.
    Oh wait a minute whats this Deutsche Bank shares are dropping like a stone and likely to destroy the EU’s finances and economy if not the Worlds. So glad we are bursting at the seams with Immigrants just as we head into the worst crisis, social economic and financial in living memory. Take a look do gooders who will take care of YOU and yours think of the children YOUR children, you just condemned them to a life of slavery.

    How Deutsche Bank & High Risk Bets Can Cause the Collapse.

    White Peoples and Their Achievements Are Headed for the Trash Bin of History.

  • tomsks

    I just dont get why the Cons not the Torys ( why do we always use the last bit instead of the first bit, the first bit is more appropriate ) have commited suicide. The whole lot of them. May still claiming she had a deal and was taking us out, yes pet yu had a deal but it wasnt taking us out. She told porky pie after porky pie. We need to be out before Lisbon kicks in. She had a cunning plan. Im sticking with UKIP , the original Brexit party, if they fold thne its English Dems, I cant do Tory Lite under the chancer Farage.

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